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  1. Since 1871, there have been a total of 517 players who have accumulated a career offensive WAR of greater than 30% (per baseball reference). Of those 517, only 16 players have ever logged a BB as % of PA of less than 5%. Of those 16, only 3 have played since the 1920s: Pudge Rodriguez (1991-2011) 5.0% Mickey Rivers (1970-1984) 4.4% Adam Jones (2006-current) 4.4%
  2. I'm ok with him taking this long make a decision. I would rather he take the time to really see what he wants to do than to rush in, sign with us, and then regret it. He is doing the right thing by himself, his family and whatever organiztion he ends up with if he decides to play this year.
  3. I wouldn't have a problem with 30/100 either. Problem is, that is not what you are going to get with Cruz. Cruz has only hit 30 homers once (33 in 2009 when he was 28 years old) and never drove in more than 90 runs. He is now 33 years old (will turn 34 in July). Also, keep in mind he was busted for PEDs this year. In the event he stops using PEDs, his numbers will in all likelyhood go down. If he does not stop using PEDs, he runs the risk of getting busted again (and the next suspension is 100 games). If I had a vote I would stay as far away from this guy as possible.
  4. Here is a link from NBC sports listing the players linked with the scandal... http://hardballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/06/04/looking-at-the-potentially-suspended-biogenesis-players/ In the Al East: ARod and Francisco Cervelli from the Yankees Melky Cabrera from the Blue Jays It looks like that while Cano's name has come up in association with Bosch they haven't been able to dig up any dirt on him...
  5. What's Tippy Martinez been up to recently? How about Kiko Garcia?
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