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  1. Damn it. I have a presentation due in my Music of India class on Wednesday.
  2. This is great. It's development of any performance type skill 101.
  3. 1. He didn't. Terrible straw man. 2. The difference between most of these teams is still only a fraction of a run per game. 3. The Red Sox and the Blue Jays are significantly weakened given recent events.
  4. Because that's a :cussing: move. http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=18138
  5. Absolutely true, and I would certainly love for him to make me look like an idiot. And a few pitchers along the way. :beerchug1:
  6. Fun as this is to watch, do I get to spike the football and do a funky end zone dance after his next 0-30 with 12 Ks?
  7. Leitch


    For my money, this is Tillman's best start this year. Close game in a hostile ballpark, playoff atmosphere, huge offense. Dominated for 6+ innings.
  8. This still makes almost no sense. Can give some kind of example?
  9. You say he's a .750 OPS guy as if that is the low end of your expectations of Davis going forward, even though his career numbers are a hair below that and this season's numbers are eerily close to those, despite a fantastic start. .750 OPS is not good for a first baseman, corner outfielder, or DH. A .300 OBP is especially atrocious. I really like Davis and I'm kind of tired of bashing him. But I just don't think he's our first baseman of the future. I don't think he will start making enough contact to be a first division starter. I don't think he has much development left; maybe he starts making more contact one day and turns into Jay Gibbons, but it's much more likely he's Josh Phelps.
  10. I don't think he's showing all that much success anymore. He put up a really good .300/.350/.500 type line through the middle of June, and under .200 since. I look at Davis and see a one-dimensional hitter that the league has figured out. I don't see any better options for us this season, but I don't think Davis has really earned another full season's worth of at-bats just because he's hit 20 bombs.
  11. What you don't understand is that the reason Davis isn't an established player like Reynolds is that he had several chances to establish himself and failed. You keep harping on this "22 year old rookie" line, but not only did Davis play quite well as a rookie (.880 OPS,) but he lost the starting first base job in Texas after that. Twice. Before 2011.
  12. Leitch

    vs. TIGERS 8/19

    Well, that won't help.
  13. This just isn't true. Look at his gamelogs. He came up and took the 1B job at 22, and then was the starting 1B in 2009. He started all but 10 of the Rangers' first 77 games, getting 277 plate appearances. At this point, he was sent down because even though he was on a 30-homer pace, he was hitting .202 with almost no walks. He came back up 43 games later and got hot, hitting .308/.338/.496. So what did the Rangers do? They put him in the starting lineup for 2010. When he hit under .200 in April after starting every game, they sent him down again. Bottom line: Chris Davis has been afforded many opportunities, more than most. He hasn't hit at an acceptable level for a first baseman or DH since his rookie season. It would be a mistake to count on Chris Davis being our first baseman going forward.
  14. Davis has had 1500 plate appearances. In 2009, he was the starting first baseman until July, when he was hitting .202/.256/.415 and they sent him to AAA. He came back and hit .308, and so the Rangers put him in the Opening Day lineup in 2010. He went .188/.264/.292 in April and got sent down again. He's had plenty of chances, now with two teams. He's always been a hacker with a lot of swing and miss in his game, even in the minors. This season has been a tale of two halves. He started off fantastic, but he's been a sub-.200 hitter for two months now. Including the hot streaks he's been on. His overall line this year is .020 points of slugging better than last year's line, and scary close to his career numbers. Given that he's got low defensive value, I just don't think there's much here. I'm not against giving him the rest of the season to turn it on again, but he's not a first division starter 1B or DH. I have no idea why you assume he'll become patient enough to offset the contact issues at this point in his career.
  15. Leitch

    Melky Cabrera? Really?

    nvm everybody beat me to it
  16. To be honest, I don't think much of Davis. He's had some serious hot streaks, but I think the league has figured him out. Since June 15, he's hit .187/.249/.302. The walk rate is actually not even atrocious -- it's not just discipline with Davis, there's just too much swing and miss in his game.
  17. I hated the move, but I don't think it's an indictment of Markakis's "baseball IQ." We've all heard the expression "just crazy enough to work." Like Drungo said, if everybody's safe, it ends up on the 2012 Orioles World Series team retrospective DVD.
  18. Damn it. Come on boys, we need a rally!
  19. Nothing ruins a day quite like watching the Red Sox foul off eleven million pitches, get tons of strike/ball calls, and bust open tie ballgames with 2 out rallies. Time to go to work.
  20. At least we got an out here.
  21. I heard somebody else yell "last place" at him
  22. I had to talk bleep four innings ago. Like to strangle that "here we go boston" guy right now.
  23. No hitting guys in a tie ballgame with runners on.
  24. I think we can still score. Still only the 6th.
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