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  1. I'll take Burnett on a short-term contract, three years maximum. I still have no confidence in our ability to sign Tex, but we could drive the price way up for the Red Sox and Yankees. That's the biggest victory I imagine we have in the battle for Severna Park's golden boy.
  2. Don't know. that K-rate is kinda slacking and his K:BB rate of 1:1 is completely unacceptable. Looks like a complete waste and we should all be bashing our heads against the table for another total failure on behalf of the Orioles organization.
  3. Yea, let's send Jay Payton and Kevin Millar to give the offense a boost along with Brian Burres and Jamie Walker to bolster the staff.
  4. Great find. When they said he would be a difficult sign, this proves they were right. While we didn't get Brady and Martin signed, it looks like nobody would have anyway, so I can't be upset. We still got a great haul, especially of young arms.
  5. This will never happen in baseball. The reason that the NFL is considering it is because draft picks are making more than the majority of veterans and are preventing veterans from getting contracts because the rookies have an immediate impact on the salary cap and the top team. This is not the case in baseball. Baseball has such an extensive minor league system and such a strong union that this will never happen. There is such a high likelihood that a drafted player will never make it to the bigs, so they want to cash in as much as possible when they have leverage. Good luck if that is ever taken away
  6. With so many players in the top 10, nonetheless, the entire draft that flame out, this could very easily be Matusz' one treu chance to cash in. Even if he truly believes he'll be an ace, that doesn't mean injury couldn't prevent him from reaching the big leagues. He doesn't sound like a dumb kid, so he will get everything he can now. This could be the only guaranteed money he ever sees.
  7. As a sophomore, his fielding percentage was just. 956, not very impressive at all. The offensive numbers are there, but that fielding figure scares me.
  8. I would not rely on this report at all. Knowing how cheaply run and inexperienced those at Digital Sports are, I find it very hard to believe that they have better sources than Roch, Zrebiac, Schmuck or Tony. The call the Los Angeles Angels the California Angels for God's sake. Joe DeBlasi doesn't exactly have the best rep among "journalists." I wouldn't rely on this at all.
  9. Power is so difficult to project and develop that I'm just as happy picking up Hoes and Avery early as both appear to be on the right track playing in the GCL. If they ink Brady, which I think is very likely with his performance and Dean Albany's association with him, this could turn out to be a fantastic draft. Matusz, Bundy and Brady are all first round/supplemental talents with Hoes and Avery on top, it has to be considered a success in the short term at least.
  10. I'm assuming that you are assuming Tillman, Matusz and Arrieta are all with the Orioles in two years time. Nonetheless, I love the Bundy pick, as well. Definitely a player for us to be excited about. I'm assuming he joins Hoes and Avery in the GCL?
  11. Until Brady started mowing people down in the CRSCBL, Bundy was the one player we drafted that dropped I wanted in the system. From what I've read, he's an all around great athlete, having hit .545 with 10 home runs as an infielder to go along with his sick numbers on the mound. If he and Brady sign to go along with Hoes, Avery, Matusz and Miclat, this has to be considered a successful draft at this point. We won't truly know if the draft was a success, however, until 2012 or so.
  12. If they could get Mike Jacobs, I'd be very happy. He hit two home runs today, and while his average isn't great, the power potential and his salary ($400,000) is attractive. With a short porch in right field and Jacobs' left handed bat, he could put up 35 bombs in a season. If we replaced Huff and Millar with Jacobs and Tex and leave Scott in left, or were able to move Mora or bench him and leave Huff at third, I'd be happy with the power we'd have in the order.
  13. That is a ridiculous line in any scenario, but when it's considered that he's pitching against hitters with 2-3 years of college ball experience, it proves that Brady is beyond playing in college at this point. He'd also likely be a pick in the top 3 rounds in two seasons.
  14. Thanks for your two cents. You can have it back if you want and give it to Cal for his Buy The Orioles Fund.
  15. I think there should be a ban on any discussion of players in Bluefield and the GCL until season's end, especially those who were just drafted less than two months ago. Thank god Andy McPhail isn't going to jump to any conclusions or else we may as well call this entire draft one of the worst in history due to 6 weeks of less than all-star performances. We all know Hoes and Avery were drafted purely on potential. That means they need time to develop. Hoes is learning a new position and Avery probably had football on the brain this time last year. I'd like to see both players in Aberdeen next season. At that time, we can start assessing their progress and status as prospects.
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