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  1. Hawk " The legions of White Sox fans are growing" Hilarious hyperbole from the master!
  2. For those that have never been to the Trop, don't bother. It's terribly depressing from the amorphous mascot to the droning cowbells. The team is boring and Kevin Cash has lost the clubhouse causing their uninspired play. The Rays will probably have a fire sale soon where everybody but Archer is vulnerable. All that said, I'm going tonight wearing my 60th anniversary shirt and hope to see many other O's fans.
  3. Here are some names that might be available at the deadline Duke may be interested in: OF: David Murphy Ben Zobrist Josh Reddick Ben Revere Carlos Gomez SP Aaron Harang Kyle Lohse RP Will Smith ---------------------- An upgrade in left field and another bullpen arm is what I think will happen again. I like Ben Revere for 2nd in order and backup CF. He eliminates Lough and frees up a roster spot.
  4. Here is the final conversation: BJ- We want Duke for a Cub like compensation - Carpenter quality PA- Demand is Hoff, Pent & Nay BJ - no, we will end the negotiations PA- Ok- I have another name but I am unsure why Yankee Randy Levine did not mention him to you earlier: Brian Cashman....
  5. If you look at the last 3 year production Smith 761 OPS Markakis 749. DD is waiting for the market to cool and will trade Smith/Matuzs. He will also sign D Young.
  6. Because this news is being reported by several other sources, we won't have another " Robert Fick big story" problem
  7. Granted that it was with two outs, but David Lough didn't even draw a throw home when he tied the game at 6. When he was about to cross the plate, the ball was still with the cutoff guy in shallow LF. As someone mentioned previously, that's why he's on the team. Was Felix Pie faster when he was with us?
  8. Who exactly is your source for this information???
  9. "We don't care," Jordan said. "I am not trying to be arrogant. We worked really hard, and I think our process is sound. This is the guy we decided to take, and we feel really good about it." The Orioles contacted Hobgood's agent an hour before Tuesday's draft and said if University of North Carolina first baseman Dustin Ackley was already taken, then the Orioles would select Hobgood fifth. Ackley went to the Seattle Mariners at No. 2, one pick after the Washington Nationals took ballyhooed San Diego State right-hander Stephen Strasburg. The Orioles' next two rated players, Hobgood and Georgia high school right-hander Zack Wheeler, were still on the board at No. 5. "It was a tough one," Jordan said. "In the end, there was something that told me to do this. I really liked the other player, but I settled on the one I guess I liked a little bit more."
  10. Correct. It would just the same if an accountant was let go after 4 years working with a big firm and not being able to regain employment for 8 years. Do you hire him to handle your accounting dept? You decide.
  11. Law has only 4 years of front office experience. If he were that good at evaluating talent and negotiating trades, wouldn't he have be rehired after getting fired by the Blue Jays? "Wanting to keep close to your family" is an euphism for no one will hire me. Let's move on from his "observations" and stay with Buck and DD's talent evaluations.
  12. 1. Zach Britton for Eric Hosmer 2. Sign Marco Scurato 3. Resign McLouth 4. ?????? feel free to add
  13. Also, a great not-get of Bartolo Colon! A few valuable prospects for a PED cheat is not what we need for the stretch drive. The shrewdness that DD has shown is uncanny so far. Hopefully our "confederate" dollars will attract some FAs this off season.
  14. Here's the best response from Buck: "The ball would have carried out of the ballpark if nobody's standing there. I don't know if it was somebody in midnight blue or black and orange there. I've got an educated guess, so our goal was to play well enough so they can't get a ticket."
  15. To our plugged in members. Is there any rumors to whom Duke is going to bring into the organization- how many and what job titles?
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