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  1. Either there's a Space Jam talent steal thing going on here... or the Blue Jays are really bad
  2. Well then I stand corrected. Apparently I inadvertently forget everything Ubaldo touches.
  3. If we're going to win it better be big. Britton and Brach need a day off.
  4. On the phone so it's hard to look up, but as much as I hate Ubaldo I don't think even he has had a 6 walk game, and certainly not without utter disaster. That was the beauty of DCab, he would give up 8 walks and 2 homers but somehow finish with 3 runs over 5 innings with 8 Ks. He was always an enigma. Ubaldo just plain sucks.
  5. He loves that hair though. I can't remember a pitching performance like this since Daniel Cabrera
  6. Rickard to the 10DL with a finger issue Dan's last minute DL moves strike again just in the nick of time.
  7. JJ looks cooked at the plate this year.
  8. Oh Adam Warren, great. Nice soft side of the bullpen there...
  9. Thanks for not having us face Sanchez, Gibbons!
  10. Betances... Chapman... fully rested. So soft
  11. Looks like he finally locked in. Hopefully it's not too late.
  12. I suppose he can platoon with Mancini in Norfolk. But there's no need for him to not get at bats down there while he waits for someone to get injured.
  13. I think this is more injury insurance. If Davis or Trumbo go down with injury, we have a really good replacement ready to step in. Fantastic signing. Almost too good to be true.
  14. I feel like Dan is batting 1.000 this offseason. Just singles and a double every now and then, but every move a small positive.
  15. Yeah this almost sounds like a cheaper Flaherty. I wonder if they're actually replacing him on the roster.
  16. I hate the man... but I concede he would be a nice fit for the laundry I root for.
  17. Before this trade, we had exactly 1 spot in the Rotation+Bullpen that wasn't yet accounted for. Filling that with a mandatory rule 5 isn't very smart. Now they have 2 spots so it's a little easier to bury a guy but still.
  18. We have plenty of RH bats. I'm not worried about filling that hole.
  19. Cots has his SD contract with a 2017 club option for $7M. BR confirms.
  20. a LEFT HANDED bat, which is most important.
  21. I'm dancing. Terrific solution to 2 problems!!
  22. Another quintessential DDDD signing. I was always intrigued with that bat. This is shades of Delmon Young.
  23. Terrific addition if he's played as he has been recently: a platoon corner OF/leadoff hitter/pinch runner/terror on the bases. Assuming they don't pay too much, he beats the pants off Rickard, Reimold, or any of the rule 5 guys.
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