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  1. I’d obviously be happy to add VVM to the organization from everything I’ve read about him. However, he adds another prospect to the one position we actually have depth in our system - OF. How does the organization plan on developing Diaz, VVM, Hays, Mullins, Santander, Stewart, and potentially mountcastle (if he gets pushed to a corner outfield spot)? I know we aren’t in a position to be picky but we are still weak at most other positions in the organization and now we may have redundant/wasted talent in OF. Either way, Im excited about the rebuild and it brought me out of my 2 or so ye
  2. This is a hilarious thread. Mallett gets you a 5-7th rounder at best as others have said. Also remember that he has had opportunities in the past and never taken advantage of them.
  3. If we combined all of our money that we have invested in mediocre veteran SPs and used it on a true top of the rotation pitcher, would we be a 1st place team?
  4. The Ravens TE situation is very interesting. If Watson was healthy I was wondering how they were going to use Watson, Pitta, Gillmore, and Williams (not to mention Boyle and Waller when they come back). Unfortunately, losing Watson hurts the most because he brought more speed than the other 3 that aren't suspended. Still, it'll be a very interesting group to watch. Pitta: can he stay healthy? Who knows. Gillmore is a poor man's Gronk. He bullies guys after the catch. If he can stay healthy, he is the best all-around TE on the roster IMO. Maxx Williams: I was rather unimpressed by hi
  5. Dixon and West have much more impressive than Forsett and Buck Allen IMO. Almost everything I've read on Dixon has been positive too. Not sure what you've been watching. Pitta broke his finger throwing a punch in practice but Pitta and Perriman are absolutely NOT cut candidates. Both will be on the 53 man roster as long as they don't get hurt again and IR'd.
  6. I sure hope so. 1) I don't think it makes sense for the Ravens to take a RB in the first round. 2) Elliot is good but I don't see him being good enough to be a top 10 pick in today's NFL. You have to be Adrian Peterson for me to think you're worth a top 10 pick these days. He isn't that.
  7. Osemele was way overpaid. He is very good but not worth what he is getting paid. Are you saying they should have franchised Osemele? That would have been worth it for the year but the Ravens would not have been able to come to a longterm deal with him for the type of money he wanted. Franchising Tucker makes sense since they will come to a longterm agreement with him and he is worth the franchise $$$ for kickers. Also, the Ravens didn't let their best lineman go. Yanda is still better than Osemele according to analytics and most commentators. The Ravens will be fine at guard with Urschel an
  8. Diamond Stone could really benefit from a year in college BUT he could probably get that same benefit by being a pro. Now that he has lost the weight he needed to lose, he needs to add muscle to that body. I think he leaves. Carter's work on 3 point shooting has been, in part, to make himself appealing at the next level since he knows he would be an undersized 4 in the NBA. He might not want to stick around and be 23 going into the draft. He will never be more than a late 1st round pick at best (and that's doubtful). I think he ends up staying but have no real reason to back that up. I'm
  9. Agree here. So many reasons I would love to see Stone stick around another year. One of them is how dominant he could be with another offseason of shaping his body. He has cut almost all his "baby fat" down and is so much leaner when he first arrived. Now he needs to add muscle to it. He still gets pushed off the post a little too easy by some of the big men in the big ten. With an offseason of working on that body, he could be truly dominant offensively and very good defensively.
  10. Lack of backcourt depth is really hurting this team right now. I didn't expect a ton from Brantley but clearly Turgeon doesnt trust him with anything. Nickens' regression is disappointing. I know Trimble's minutes per game are actually down this year but he looks tired.
  11. Lazy? I don't see him as a lazy guy at all. Worked his butt off all last year while redshirting and seems passionate. There just seems to be very little offense run on this team and we get beat on the boards too often. Trimble needs to find his groove again. His shot has been off and his handles have been a little loose. He definitely looks tied to me. Still playing very good but for this team to be great, he needs to be great.
  12. Connaughton is a better athlete than Redick. I will say I'm impressed with what Redick has done in the pros. While I hated him as a Maryland fan, I also objectively did not think he would be more than a three point specialist in the NBA. He has become a good overall offensive player with the ability to play a solid 30 minutes.
  13. How is Manny not beating that out?
  14. Indiana shot out of their minds but Maryland played awful defense. Add in Maryland missing some easy shots...blowout. Also, I easily found the head coach I will hate most in the Big 10. Tom Crean acts like a world class douche on the sideline.
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