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  1. So life happened and I haven’t visited the site in a long time. Trade deadline lured me back. I logged into my account for the first time in over ten years tonight. Clicked on my profile and saw this was were I commented last. Glad to see my hatred of Taylor Hicks and head-on headache relief could keep a thread open for 11 years. Anyways, I still hate the Flo Progressive commercials. She’ll never go away.
  2. Those Gatorade or rather "G" commericals exude obnoxiousiness. It's not all about dynasties, greatness, speed, or anything else. It's a drink. It's just a drink. The Jackie Robinson look-a-like was horrible because Gatorade didn't exist back then and I'm sure if it did I'm sure they would have signed him to an endorsement deal. It's just a drink with electrolydes...let's not use a bunch of bells, whistles, and John Wooden to make it look like something more.
  3. The E-surance commerical with that guy singing has to be one of the worst sounds I've ever heard. "It's okay to be yourself...it's okay to be yourself.....it's okay to be yourself" I believe that song is the sound of insanity.
  4. In the words of the immortal Tim McCarver: "Fundamentals are the fundamentals of baseball."
  5. UGH:cussing: I loathe that commerical, but I do like those 89 cent burritos. That commerical and the Free Credit Report commericals are ones that I have to mute as soon as I see them. They make my brain bleed.
  6. Three more I hate.... *The Lowe's commerical with the guy asking the woman working there to pretend to be his wife and react to his gift ideas. Lowe's is one of the last places I'd shop for a woman. Then he ends up a buying her a Lowe's gift card. Yeah, that way she can pick out that sweet power drill she's been wanting. *Verizon with the guy giving his family phones. 'Saving the best for numero uno' Yeah, good for you. If you're buying phones, get yourself the best one. You don't have to brag to yourself (and your massive country sized network) about the fact. *I don't hate this one...It's annoying but mildly amusing...Life Alert and all I have to do is to quote C. Everett Coop "You can live alone without being alone...and that's why I wear one too." Merry Christmas everybody
  7. I'm not a Wendy's fan, but I do like the Frosty. I'm wondering why it took 50 years to add vanilla. The Dr.Pepper Touchdown celebration is another commerical I really hate.
  8. The Wendy's commericals have been creeping me out lately. A guy in a pippi longstocking wig yelling is not the best way to convince me to eat a square inferior (but never frozen) burger.
  9. After seeing this every commerical break, I agree. 1 2 3 4 I can't take her anymore. Also, the Travel Lodge commerical with the creepy dancing bear, the Texas Instrument DLP with the girl and the elephant (I've mentioned it before, but it must be said again...we get it already, it's the dang mirrors), and those cocky dyson vacuum cleaner commericals. On the positive side, I get a kick out the 'Messin' with Satchsquash' beef jerky commericals.
  10. I've been getting a kick out of the "Gold Kit" Commercials. I love the logic. Maybe it plays out like this... "I've got all this useless gold laying around the house, what am I going to do?" "Contact the folks at Goldkit.com and we'll PAY you for your gold! They'll send you a completely discreet mailing kit, complete with gold exterior and markings that read 'Attn: Unwanted Gold inside, handle with care!" "They're going to pay me for all my gold jewelry, candstick holders, and tooth caps? That's crazy!" Weeks later: "I got a check today from the fine folks at Gold kit for $22.47 for 40 lbs of gold that was literally rotting in my house. Thanks guys, me and the family will be going to the Bahamas with this moo-lah!"
  11. I live in SC, but I get MASN via Extra Innings. I hate the Maryland Lottery commerical. "She was standing there like you know who." The fact that it's on every break makes it worse. I hate it. At least that's how I remember it.
  12. Agreed, but I still saw it Wednesday...hopefully either the sale was 'extended' or...*shutter* they're getting a jump on next year's sale.
  13. I think McDonald's is trying to make the most annoying commericals around. The one I hate is the "Dollar Menuaries." The one where the dingy looking guy says "These people live like money grows on trees. Trees they can't find." Very funny. I hope I can't find it again.
  14. This is my first post in this thread, but after a cople beers and the beter half of a bottle of Dulpin musadine wine (which by the way, roks) I figured I'd go ahead and break the personal seal on this thread. Had a lady friend over and drank a bit... i can';t go on. my head hurts alreay. but you get the pcture. i drank tooooo much.
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