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  1. Only so much you can fit in under a 75m payroll. Tough tough "choices".
  2. Tell me about the Padres regional sports network that brings in tons of cash every year. Well they own 20% of a tiny market, I'm sure they are at least breaking even. Oh and I know the Angelos family definitely is poor and not billionaire status. I'm a one note charlie who has proven to be right about every single thing I have said about this ownership over the past 15 years.
  3. They ARE paying Machado 10/300. Not only one 300m deal...but TWO! In one of the worst markets in all of baseball.
  4. How in the world can a small market like San Diego afford such a contract? I was told it was "impossible" for a team with FAR more resources.
  5. Plenty of people who can do math, are very well off, (and educated) love to gamble......and to suggest the only people who take part are poor and stupid is absurd. I gamble because it is fun and any money I lose is just the cost of entertainment. That is how 99% of people look at it. People blow money on things every day that give them zero value, at least gambling you can have fun doing it. If I choose to spend my entertainment dollars gambling that is my choice. And TONS of people are making that choice every day, so sportsbooks will soon be coming to a venue near you. Not a question of if, but when.
  6. Might as well stop following all sports now then. There will be a sportsbook at almost every stadium within 5 years. Trying to appeal to that whole "fun" thing I guess you don't care for.
  7. Every single move this team has made (or not made) has signaled they are positioning themselves to sell. I don't know how much clearer it can be with this news. A lot of stadium leases are 30 years not 3. New owners want their own people, ideas and deals in place, and they are doing everything they can to make sure that is the case with all this maneuvering.
  8. Just looked at last 3 seasons since being a reliever......yikes.
  9. Wow so that leaves like 80m for "scouting and development" this season.
  10. I mean I think this is a totally reasonable thing. We all know how 20-30 yr old professional athletes in peak physical condition in the top .0000000001 percentile of all humans on earth with little to no pre existing conditions are who can contract covid and ultimately die from it. Could be the last time they ever walk out onto the field if they don't take this seriously. This is literally a life and death situation.
  11. Oh trust me that was just one of the 567 examples that came to me off the top of my head.
  12. Who said that? And since when is a middle of the league payroll for a team trying to win a championship anything to brag about. It went to 19th after that, when it should have been 8-10. And the results spoke for themselves. All because they were arguing over relative chump change, per usual.
  13. "Unprecedented" signs of penny pinching? Begs the question whether they will spend for a contender? Does the 2014 offseason ring a bell, for a team coming off 3 straight years of "contending" and 96 wins yet couldn't find the pennies in the couch cushions to get deals closed? Hopefully the new owners will be in place when we are "ready to contend". And if the same ownership is still in place, I wouldn't hold my breath on them finding any money laying around. They will just have another excuse after excuse after excuse.
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