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  1. https://www.sbnation.com/2019/10/1/20891810/mlb-home-run-stats-2019-dorktown "And last but not least, I’d be remiss if I didn’t single out one team that warms the cockles of my heart: the Baltimore baseball Orioles of Maryland, who broke the record for most homers allowed in a season in game number 128, and also whom we haven’t picked on enough lately. They wound up allowing 305, with the gap separating them from everyone else large enough to drive a semi-truck through." . . . "My favorite part of their season, though, might be their stretch from July 29-Aug. 10. In that time, they played 11 games, and they allowed 5+ homers in six of them. Go take another look at that chart. Only eight other teams (Reds, Tigers, Astros, Rockies, Cubs, Rangers, Pirates, Angels) have ever had six such games in a season. Which means 70 percent of MLB teams have never had an entire season with six such games. Again, the 2019 Orioles did so in an 11-game stretch."
  2. Have you WATCHED the video? He sauntered, then he broke into a meander. There's no ambling in baseball. 😁
  3. The Premier Lacrosse League is doing something like that. It's a small league, so it's easier to manage. Six teams in the league, top four qualify to play in the playoffs for The Championship Bracket. The two teams that don't make The Championship Bracket start playing in The First Draft Pick Bracket. Teams that lose early in The Championship Bracket slide over to play games in The First Draft Pick Bracket. There's no obvious advantage to tanking. https://www.premierlacrosseleague.com/postseason-tickets According to seeding based on the regular season results, the number one seed has the easiest path to The Championship. The number six seed has a chance at The First Draft Pick, but still must win The First Draft Pick Bracket.
  4. Ruiz hit his home run tonight {Monday), with two outs in the ninth inning, to bring the Orioles within one run, on the tenth pitch of the at bat. He had fouled off four pitches after getting two strikes. To me, that's competition, and interesting. Each competitor, the pitcher and the batter, trying to out think, then out execute their opponent. Well matched for 9 pitches. I wouldn't like to see that go away.
  5. The Nation is watching https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mlb-scores-schedule-orioles-set-al-record-for-most-most-home-runs-allowed-in-a-season/ "And that means the Orioles have now allowed 245 home runs this season, a new AL record. It took them just 118 games to set that record. Oh, and 56 of those 245 home runs belong to the Yankees. Need more? OK: Thirty-two different Oriole pitchers this season have allowed at least one home run. Nine Oriole pitchers have allowed at least 10 home runs, including Tom Eshelman who's given up 10 in just 31 innings. Looking ahead the MLB record for home runs allowed in a season belongs to the 2016 Reds, who permitted 268. Obviously, the current Orioles model is on pace to surpass that figure by quite a bit."
  6. https://www.baltimorebaseball.com/2019/08/07/frustrated-hyde-says-yankees-way-better-orioles-continue-give-homers-stewarts-concussion/ “So, the other guys are hitting homers off our pitchers. It just shows you how long we have to go to be a competitive team in the American League East, to have the pitching to be able to compete. Their guys are just way better than our guys.”
  7. A cob is a male swan, like a drake is a male duck, rooster is ... etc.
  8. https://www.theringer.com/mlb/2019/7/2/20678381/baltimore-orioles-worst-teams-mlb-history Nothing much new here, just external acknowledgement.
  9. As of this morning, Chris Davis has 497 Plate Appearances, just 5 short of qualifying for the . . . batting title? As noted, his batting average is 0.174, below the worst ever of 0.179. There’s worse news. He’s going the wrong way. On Sept. 5th he got his average up to 0.180 (Yay!). Since then he’s gone 0 for 15 with 6 strikeouts, no walks. Power? His last extra base hit was a double on August 28th, ten games ago. Last home run was Aug. 24th, at least 57 at bats ago. His OPS for September, for 8 games, 31 At Bats, is 0.388. His OPS for the season is 0.553. That’s last among qualifiers for MLB first basemen. The next lowest is 0.700 by some guy named Pujols. Mancini is 0.703. It’s been mentioned that several players have had worst qualified seasons in terms of OPS than 0.553, but those players were not expected to hit for power. I don’t know how to research it, but how does an OPS of 0.553 for the season rank for qualified Major League first basemen? Similar question for OPS+, which is 53? WAR? Remember, Chris Davis bats fifth for the Baltimore Orioles.
  10. You could burn down the building.
  11. Sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand.
  12. http://www.baseballamerica.com/draft/mlb-mock-draft-2018/#xv2xXBsClpdsSKGu.97 Here's BA's mock 2018 draft, as of Oct. 2. They have Orioles picking #11.
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