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  1. Maybe he can be our 1st baseman next week once Davis is released.
  2. He pulled a Flacco. Has a career year, gets that huge payday, and does nothing afterward.
  3. Looked like he was around 94 all night according to the gun on TV. I thought he could throw a little harder than that. Either way it was a great Start. If he keeps this up and Miley does decently, our team would look A LOT better.
  4. Yay!! I can put the bobblehead back on display!
  5. If he ever cam to the Orioles, I would hope that there is a stipulation for him to trim those eyebrows.
  6. Beyond the financial aspect of the situation is the time that Davis robbed from the team. That is why we had to pick Gallardo off the scrap heap. If he had signed sooner and for less we may have had better pitchers. But since he put himself above the team we now have this glaring weakness. He talked about wanting to see if the team was committed to winning before he signed, but then he himself damaged the chances of winning. I'm convinced that we would been a better, more balanced team if we had just let him walk.
  7. But he handcuffed the Orioles throughout the off-season. The irony is that he whined about waiting to sign until they Orioles proved that they wanted to win. Remember that statement? The irony is that he himself has hurt their chances of winning.
  8. Davis put self way before team by sabotaging our off-season with his contract demands. It isn't fair but I do blame him for at least some of our pitching troubles. So to see him performing like this really infuriates me.
  9. Wow, what a deal for SD. I'm glad we did not top that.
  10. Happy for him, but Dan is just going to use him as a trade chip.
  11. Mike Mussina? Who was he?
  12. Did Wright have anything to say after the game?
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