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  1. 3 hard hit outs that inning. Good sign after Anderson was mowing us down before that.
  2. As a CofC alum I'm excited about this guy. Stats look good and the post above about his FB hitting 94 w/ an improved slider is good to hear. Not sure if his ceiling is a FB/SL combo out of the pen or if he can crack the back end of the rotation one day. Luke - do you have any thoughts on him?
  3. Jim Callis is saying OF Zach Watson out of LSU.
  4. epic

    D.L. Hall 2018

    It's been fun to follow this thread throughout the season. Thanks to everyone for all of the updates. He's had a great year and positioned himself nicely for Frederick in 2019. If he keeps this up he'll be in Baltimore sometime in 2020. For a 2017 high school draft pick that's incredible progress, especially for a system that "can't develop pitching".
  5. Here's what Bowden said: Nice to hear his opinion I suppose but his write-ups are consistently off-base IMO. For example, he projects Bannon to be an everyday third baseman. I would love for that to happen but that's the first projection I've heard of him in that light. He also mentioned Cody Carroll as having a power spike curveball in a different article and projected him to a middle-relief role. Carroll doesn't even throw a curveball from what I can tell and scouting reports basically all project him as a back-end bullpen guy. Let me know if I'm off on this but I just find his writing very lazy.
  6. I'm not sure I understand how we can exceed the returns on the Herrera and Familia deals and do "really well considering the circumstances" but only get a B. His scouting report on Carroll also seems way off from everything I've read.
  7. Alvarez, Reynolds, Betemit... the list goes on.
  8. Diaz would be a very nice centerpiece. Love the BB to K ratio and ability to get on base. Sounds like he has the ability to put on a little weight and tap into his power more as well. If we could pry away Lux and a high upside pitcher as well I don't see how anyone can complain about this. Forsythe coming back to off-set some of the money and give us a 3B for the rest of the season sounds like a given as well.
  9. This rumored Phils return isn't bad. Medina is a top 80 prospect with good stuff - very solid. I like Gamboa as an athletic, high upside guy with good defense. We certainly need IF prospects. Not crazy about Franco but we'd have him controlled for the next 3 years and he still has some upside offensively. Sounds like this isn't finalized by any means though. Maybe they get the Dodgers to up their offer a little bit. Overall I still think we need to temper our expectations on the return. Manny isn't bringing us 2 top 100 prospects and another within a teams top 10. It just isn't happening. But the return for Manny coupled with the return for Britton should give us a nice shot in the arm for a rebuild (of sorts - you know we will never do a full one).
  10. Haven't seen the Sun article but I really hope we aren't looking at bringing Flaherty back. What an awful look that is. I like him for his defensive versatility but he's not some super star utility man a-la Zobrist or Forsythe. He's a guy that can make a start here or there at any IF position and not embarrass you in the outfield. I suspect his hitting will fall off dramatically when NL pitchers realize he can't pick up on a decent breaking pitch. edit: I see we've claimed Jace Peterson. I like the move.
  11. Pretty sure teams will have to use money from their international bonus pools to sign these prospects. I'll try to find the article where I read that. edit: Number5's got the source above.
  12. I'm really holding out hope that this is the case. DD has to know he's not going to sign here. If they say they're going to explore an extension now and they don't have one by the time 2018 rolls around it's clear to us and the rest of the league that he won't be signing here and lowers his trade value. Ugh that's a stretch...
  13. epic

    vs. RED SOX, 8/27

    The Sox blew a ton of chances today but we had guys come up big when we needed it most. Hell of a win and sweep.
  14. epic

    vs. RED SOX, 8/27

    Need a ground ball ASAP.
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