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  1. Overall Numbers weren't great but West looked great out there.
  2. How many cellphones and pagers does one guy need...... (I know they are recorders)
  3. You knew it huh :scratchchinhmm: So after 11 losing seasons you knew and predicted the O's to win ok.
  4. xKHx

    Ichiro 3000 Hit Watch

    I agree there. I don't think its fair to compare him to Rose in final numbers though.
  5. Seems like our type of pitcher. Getting worse every year.... Check Less Strikeouts every year..... Check Higher whip every year..... Check Never thrown 200 innings.... Check Shrinking Era+...... Check Most importantly better than Ubaldo.... Check Good enough to give up a good prospect most likely not.
  6. xKHx

    Ichiro 3000 Hit Watch

    So you think the NBP is major league caliber? Where players like Matt Murton, Leron Lee, and Bobby Rose hold records? If Pete Rose played against AAA talent for half his career he would have 1000 more hits.
  7. Depends if you want a excellent kicker in the playoffs and regular season or a kicker like Cundiff you blows kicks from 32 yards in playoff games. It also looks like 16.8 mil not 26....
  8. Total amounts mean nothing. Guaranteed amount is the important part of all football deals.
  9. Agreed we would have to add Schoop or better to be the center piece plus top prospects.
  10. If you want to pay the extra money this is a beautiful convertible suv..... http://www.landroverusa.com/vehicles/rr-evoque-luxury-crossover/convertible/index.html
  11. It is the best feeling in the world to realize a dream. Good job MSK.
  12. Yeah I don't feel bad or gross. They all put hard work in just like me. They just get compensated more and I don't begrudge them for that, or feel bad for contributing to it.
  13. I guess if you don't believe in statistics you could say I wear orange color glasses.
  14. Davis has a strong arm and is decent in the outfield. I need to check his stats they maybe SSS, but I thought he was fine. Edit. Numbers match what I saw. His range/glove/arm play above average in the outfield.
  15. That is awesome man congratulations. I'll pick one up for my boss at work.
  16. xKHx

    <p><p><p>Thank you!</p></p></p>

  17. 84-51 regular season 10-5 Playoff record SB win in 2012 Playoffs every year but 2 (including this one) You forgot to add the playoff win in your 22 win so he has 23. One year was a complete rebuild and everyone knew it I guess besides you. Keep trying..........
  18. Look at his other arm this looks to be photo shopped.
  19. Any chance of getting Van Slyke added to this deal? (I am a big fan of his and he owes one after the season his dad put up here lol)
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