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  1. P.S. At that time (2008), the Orioles's farm system was getting better, and would continue to get better in 2009 and 2010.

    At that time (2008), I knew that the Orioles were at least 2 years away from being a contender (it wound up being 4 years), and although Bradford was our best relief pitcher at the time, he was a 32 year-old veteran who was not going to be part of the Orioles' return to respectability in 2010, 2011, 2012, and beyond.

    So giving the D-Rays a player that might help them stave off the Yankees and the Red Sox for the division title (they did), and who also might help them beat them should they meet head-on in the playoffs (they did, with the D-Rays beating the Red Sox in that year's ALCS) was something that I liked. If they had given up somebody like Wieters, Reimold, Tillman, Bergesen, Matusz, etc. that had a good chance to be a part of the Orioles' future, then I would not have liked it at all. Giving them a veteran pitcher who was in the twilight of his career was considerably different than that, though.

    You knew it huh :scratchchinhmm: So after 11 losing seasons you knew and predicted the O's to win ok.

  2. I don't think anybody would say the NBP is major league caliber, but consider this: Ichiro hit .353 in his 9 Japanese league seasons, and .333 in his first 9 Major League seasons. It's pretty reasonable to think that Ichiro's 1278 hits in the NPB would translate into something like 1205 hits in the same number of at bats in the majors, and that's not factoring in the fact that they play a shorter season in Japan. He's a first-ballot major league Hall of Famer, and if he'd played his whole career in the U.S., he'd probably be considered Inner Circle.

    I agree there. I don't think its fair to compare him to Rose in final numbers though.

  3. <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Watch Andrew Cashner closely next 24 hours. Rival execs believe <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/Padres?src=hash">#Padres</a> GM A.J. Preller wants to move him before Thursday start. <a href="https://twitter.com/MLB">@MLB</a></p>— Jon Morosi (@jonmorosi) <a href="
    ">July 20, 2016</a></blockquote>

    <script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

    On the clock.

    Seems like our type of pitcher.

    Getting worse every year.... Check

    Less Strikeouts every year..... Check

    Higher whip every year..... Check

    Never thrown 200 innings.... Check

    Shrinking Era+...... Check

    Most importantly better than Ubaldo.... Check

    Good enough to give up a good prospect most likely not.

  4. He had 1278 in the NPB, and another 80 in the Japanese minors.

    That goes along with 2994 in the US majors.

    Total right now of 4272 in top level leagues, 4352 total. And remember, the NBP played a 130-140 game schedule when Ichiro was there (146 now). I think a 15-20% shorter schedule pretty much makes up for the degree of difficulty.

    Rose had 4683 including the minors. That's likely out of reach, but would have been right on pace if the NPB had played 162-game schedules.

    So you think the NBP is major league caliber? Where players like Matt Murton, Leron Lee, and Bobby Rose hold records? If Pete Rose played against AAA talent for half his career he would have 1000 more hits.

  5. Babe Ruth made $5,000 more than the President when that quote occurred (about $69,000 in today's currency). If Davis eventually gets a contract that pays $20 million per year (or more), his salary will be about $19,600,000 (or more) than what the President now makes.

    The issue isn't just that celebrities and athletes make "more" or "a lot." The issues are "how much more" and "what constitutes a lot"?

    IMO, we should all feel a bit gross for contributing (directly and indirectly) to a system that gathers and redistributes such massive amounts of money for the sake of "entertainment." There are far worse things, of course, but the cash flowing into/around the entertainment industry is just laughable.

    Yeah I don't feel bad or gross. They all put hard work in just like me. They just get compensated more and I don't begrudge them for that, or feel bad for contributing to it.

  6. I would rather not risk messing with Davis's offense by putting him in the outfield. He was fine out there for a month in 2012, when Markakis was out and little was expected of him. Now he's three years older a big star with an ego to match. For a day or two, fine. For an entire season, pass.

    He played last year 460 some innings.

  7. I think Davis wants 1B and perhaps a guarantee of playing there the vast majority of games. You don't take your highest paid player and put him in a position he doesn't want to play. Those that think the man is an average outfielder have orange colored glasses. His arm is decent that's about it.

    I guess if you don't believe in statistics you could say I wear orange color glasses.

  8. I don't want any of the three in the outfield except in case of emergency.

    Davis has a strong arm and is decent in the outfield. I need to check his stats they maybe SSS, but I thought he was fine.

    Edit. Numbers match what I saw. His range/glove/arm play above average in the outfield.

  9. What is a better metric for a head coach than wins. And it's not like three years is an arbitrary number, it's the amount of time most coaches are given to establish themselves on a new contract. It establishes a trend, and is a significant period of time in the NFL.

    Your nihilism is great though. Offer an alternative.

    Look, I am not saying fire Harbaugh, or else I would have labeled the thread "Fire John Harbaugh." I am merely asking the question of whether he will be the best coach for this team going forward. I think there are legitimate questions about that. A lot of the same mistakes are still being made from when he first started, particularly in game coaching, and I have seen a regression in the overall skill and intelligence (read stupid penalties) of players on the roster. Can you hang some of that on Newsome? Sure, but if Newsome goes then it's likely already too late for Harbaugh whether he is a good coach or not. New GMs simply do not keep someone else's coach around.

    84-51 regular season

    10-5 Playoff record SB win in 2012

    Playoffs every year but 2 (including this one)

    You forgot to add the playoff win in your 22 win so he has 23.

    One year was a complete rebuild and everyone knew it I guess besides you.

    Keep trying..........

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  10. http://m.mlb.com/cutfour/2015/11/23/157907812/yoan-moncada-lifts-in-weight-room




    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">New Blog: Yoan Moncada's offseason workouts seem to be going well: <a href="https://t.co/IMOy09p2jT">https://t.co/IMOy09p2jT</a> <a href="https://t.co/0tyqMji4VL">pic.twitter.com/0tyqMji4VL</a></p>— Jared Carrabis (@Jared_Carrabis) <a href="

    ">November 22, 2015</a></blockquote>

    <script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

    Look at his other arm this looks to be photo shopped.

  11. This thread keeps popping up after every loss is funny to me. I for one want a top ten pick in the draft. If you thought at 2-6 we were making a run at the playoffs well good for you :). Need to get healthy see what we have in terms for rookies and other players, get a good draft and off-season. Find a new Defense coordinator and be back next year.

  12. Exactly. You platoon Wieters and Joseph, one way or another. You play Clevenger at DH or 1B, and use him as the emergency catcher. Every once in a while if you get the itch, or a good looking matchup you might play Wieters at 1B or DH, as long as you don't make a habit out of it. The "problem" seems to be that you lost a little bit of wiggle room in the budget. Figure something out.

    So we are replacing Davis with Leave it to Cleaver and Wieters..... That sounds like winning....

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