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  1. This thread keeps popping up after every loss is funny to me. I for one want a top ten pick in the draft. If you thought at 2-6 we were making a run at the playoffs well good for you . Need to get healthy see what we have in terms for rookies and other players, get a good draft and off-season. Find a new Defense coordinator and be back next year.
  2. So we are replacing Davis with Leave it to Cleaver and Wieters..... That sounds like winning....
  3. Yeah I know. With his major league contract signed out of the draft I was wondering how long it would take for the team to give up on him. Maybe up until he is arb eligible? And Aristotelian if he is hurt we still have an open roster spot. He just goes on the DL.
  4. So this year he goes on the 60 day DL and never pitches we lose a year. How many left till we just give up?
  5. Heyward RF Span LF Davis 1b Greinke SP Upton DH/LF when Span gets hurt
  6. Titans defense has been terrible. Lebeau will be 79! I think his time is up. Sean Payton for Offensive coordinator. Record as coach. Sean Payton has been the Saints' coach since 2006 and in that time he's gone 84-52 and brought a Super Bowl trophy to New Orleans. John Harbaugh has been coach since 2008 and has a record of 74-46. With a superbowl and more playoff wins. That is a sideways move. We have a good offense. We need a good defensive coordinator coach though.
  7. I believe here you meant to say If not it It the matter is sent bank to the RSDC, no matter who is on the panel they will have just been a party to a suit they lost to the Orioles. Seems to me that would give the Orioles grounds to sue to... http://forum.orioleshangout.com/forums/showthread.php/150618-Orioles-wins-the-TV-rights-court-case-battle-against-the-Nats-and-MLB?p=3938878#post3938878
  8. Your nuts. I bet Heyward out wars all of those players combined at those draft slots.
  9. Don't forget the contract that Pitta was given right before he fell apart. I bet these guys saw that coming though.
  10. You may be joking but I am looking forward to a top 10 pick? Was our last one Suggs? I still feel this team might go on a mini run to push us out of the top 5 but there are some beast coming out of college in the CB position and WR position.
  11. Ohh I understand now. Because he only hits on some draft picks and not all, we don't have depth and are bad this year. Though most pundits picked us to have a good year but I bet if I look on this forum and back you predicted this as a bad team that would have a losing year. Not to mention our position in the draft every year makes it tough to get the no brainier can't miss guys.
  12. Hah ok nice nit picks lets reevaluate those drafts. You want impact players How about CJ Mosley rookie of the year runner up last year. Timmy Jernigan who grades out really well with PFF last year and Gilmore looked really good till he got hurt. Year prior we drafted the best NT in the game last year in Brandon Williams (Not Ngata, Not Suh). We also got the best graded out right tackle last year in Ricky Wagner. I'll give you Elam and Brown were disappointments but they were highly touted guys and considered good picks at the time. Now we are sitting at 2012 I like how everyone forgets about KO. A dominant guard slowed one year by a back injury. You then have pieces to fill out a team, like Upshaw, Pierce and Tyson. Fill ins for ohh yeah or superbowl year that year. 2011 You drafted one of the best corner backs in the league Jimmy Smith. (you can't predict injury) and he is building back up this year but prior he was the top back in the league. Then Torrey Smith and Phernell Mcphee if I have to tell you about them maybe I should stop typing. 2010 You had Dennis Pitta and Arthur Jones. Pitta top 5 TE. Jones was heralded as one of the best FA pick ups in the league when he left us and went to Indy with getting a top defensive contract that year. Now go compare drafts to the team you think drafted better then us. Compare where they slotted in the draft and what rounds and you will see Ozzie grades at one of the best drafters in football.
  13. So you want to get rid of a Hall of fame gm who rarely misses on a draft? Who has been able to get us the most draft picks in the draft over the past 5 years? Who's teams rarely have losing seasons and have been to more playoff games then anyone besides the Patriots? Do you call talk radio?
  14. Harbaugh would be on everyone's list if he left the ravens.
  15. Voted best thread for radio talk..... Voted worst thread among knowledgeable fans... Check his record. 2 losses boohoo. Leave it to SnyderRick to call for a coaches head. We have something in Baltimore that the Orioles and Redskins don't have that is continuity and a top run organization.
  16. But have you seen the behemoth known as Seamus? No really I want to know what you think?
  17. Because it offends you or because its used in the wrong context?
  18. Duquette's moves have been Schizophrenic of late is the title. Do you see where he calls Dan a schizo?
  19. Where is Casey Kotchman in all this?
  20. So did Brian Matusz. Gausman only throws 2 pitches? I know he has a 2 seam and a 4 seam fastball. The 4 seam hits in the 97-99 mph and the 2 seam hits 92-96 but with more movement. Are you just putting them as one pitch? He has a splitter and a change and curve right? Gausman reminds me of Arrieta and that high ceiling type of pitcher. Davies is a John Maine, BMat style to not even making it type of pitcher. I think Davies and Wilson are comparable and DD thought he could expend one. SOrry for the bunch of random thoughts almost end of the work day heh...
  21. So Span who has been injured this year non stop, Napoli who is hitting 204 and looks like Garret Atkins shell for 10 mil and Ichiro.... Are you serious? If not bravo, if you are it gave me the dry heaves.
  22. Lets face it the bottom half of our 25 man roster has been a huge disappointment and that can happen. You can not hit on fringe players every year and what happened we took sure things in Cruz and Markakis (contracts aside) and replaced them with use to be #1's and fringe players. Dan knew he was playing with fire but the last few years have been so good to him and Buck has been able to get the most out of his rosters but this year we are lacking enough talent. We all know who they are but Flaherty, Pearce, Snider, Norris, Parmelee, Young, Wright, Reimold, De Aza, Lavarnway, Cabrera, Lough, Tillman (to start the year) Miggy (since a few games before the break) Hardy has been BRUTAL at the plate, Parades since the beginning of June. It has been a tough year.
  23. There is more to talk about when things are not going well. Not to mention MSK has had the same stance all off season. When things are going very well there is much less dialogue on the board if you have not noticed.
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