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  1. Having one down year? You take the upside of what you get next year. He is a talent for cheap. Just taking second halves and both are healthy who do you expect or gamble on who has better numbers?
  2. And the last three years and we are talking about one unfinished year.
  3. I don't think you know who you speak of Carlos Gomez is a Brewer who has never been paid by the Rockies. And is owed only 9 mill next year and had over a 4 war last year. So pssst he would be an upgrade.
  4. Besides when Machado turns 29 like Josh Donaldson is, Josh Donaldson will be out of the league.....
  5. Jimmy "rain on the" Paredes is my favorite because I made it up
  6. Falsification of medical records is a felony offense and you can sue them for basically defamation. My wife is a director of nursing at a facility and it's a big deal.
  7. Quick story I was 4 when the Colts made the move and thought they had moved to Annapolis not Indy and had no idea what the huge deal with it was......
  8. When part of the calculation is based on defense then an apples to apples comparison makes sense.
  9. The Atom is impossible to split. This means WW2 would have lasted longer. More American lives lost but it doesn't create the **** storm we faced in the 60's 80's 90's and now having to worry about North Korea and Iran.
  10. Now the good defense makes sense.. You know having three arms and all.
  11. I know I am late to this party but I have free time today.... My criticism of the team was offering arb to Matusz, Hunter, and De Aza and not just scraping those to go after Miller... Think about that. Second was kind of meddling around and not finding firm replacement for Cruz (We lucked out on Jimmy saving the day). I liked the Snider replacement for Markakis and was and still think that was a good move. If you look at how we are shaping up De Aza was DFA'd, Matusz is having an ok year and while I love Hunters attitude I would much rather have Miller. So my point is we just came off an ALCS we should have had a better plan to replace and firm up positions just my opinion.
  12. I still say 8 years 160 for Machado should be done today. He has had injuries but we buy out his arb years and take on more would be a win win for everyone. Plus he hits the market at still a good age for another big contract.
  13. Ding. ding. ding. ding. People like to manipulate stats the best way to fit their narrative.
  14. Which is why things like PER and Vorp matter. I agree if you do not believe in those stats then sure dismiss all you want which is why I kind of prefaced my second post as I am wasting my breath. You can change the circumstances of how players played but at the end of the day these metrics are used per year on baseline information. How you played the game is how played the game. The numbers are the numbers and Jordan's happen to better then everyone else. I agree you can accumulate stats just like Emmitt Smith accumulated rushing yards do you consider him to be the best running back in league history? No you check how many yards per carry and how fast were they accumulated and what the baseline competition in the league was at the time. (Kareem Abdul Jabaar)
  15. Judging by your response its really not worth the arguement because no matter what I say you will not change your mind. I will point out player efficiency ratings has Jordan over everyone and its not close also Jordans Vorp (value of replacement player) is higher as well. Russell was a hell of a player but maybe top in the 9-11 range. Kareem ranks top 5 though but in the lower half.
  16. With that nonsense I guess Robert Horry is also in your top 5. MJ is still the GOAT
  17. The treatment of Gausman is odd to say the least. Anyone remember when he was pulled up after having the flu to start a game. I mean I just don't think you treat one of your best prospects like that but who am I to question.
  18. Baseball lawyering 101, school is out sucka . Our system has been very top heavy for sometime. We graduated two and traded erod plus Hader had another killer season and he is in the top 100. Where would we have been without some of those trades though. I think its a fair assessment, the bottom half of the league.
  19. Yes a shame with a huge raise and complete control of all baseball ops. Royalty in BMore is much more
  20. Grass always isn't greener on the other side.
  21. Man if Zrebiec was going for a thumb in a suit look in his twitter pic he nailed it.
  22. Tttp you think that really was the cause or was it something else?
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