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  1. http://mlb.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/news/article.jsp?ymd=20061205&content_id=1751300&vkey=hotstove2006&fext=.jsp • Adam La Roche's name continues to come up in trade talks. This time it was Baltimore that expressed interest in the Atlanta first baseman. The Orioles were considering sending Brian Roberts and Hayden Penn to Atlanta for La Roche and Marcus Giles, but the Braves weren't interested. So did we come up with this deal? If so there was alot of unwarrented posts about the FO not pulling the trigger... hmm?
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    Gammons on parity

    Baseball is the only sport pariety hurts money. For instance, there are more yankee fans in every state then any other club because they market thier team and the history. So if you knock them out of the playoffs a portion of there fans won't rush to watch it. Same with the Red Sox. Baseball will see a down trend of watchers of the world series if it is the tigers vs St louis, because of the teams. Now if it happens to pan out where this is the most watched world series because one of the same two teams is not in it then maybe baseball will look closer at the matter.
  3. We sign these top tier guys without putting a no trade clause in the contract. So when Teams like the mets and yankees need people we ship them off for 5 prospects. Signing top tier guys like Soriano or Schmidt just isnt about what they can do for you next year but potential and past history would make them great trade bait instead of sludging around waiting 5 more years to have a play off contending team. 1. They will be an improvement of whoever they replace. 2. It will create excitment again. 3 Excitement brings more people to the yard. 4. If they dont pan out and are relativly young like 28-33 then ship them off to a contender when the races get hot for 5 or so prospects. You dont mortgage the future through fa unless you go after stupid people like sosa or people in the latter part of the years and give them big contracts. If we brought Soriano here and he had a 28 homer 30 base steal season we could prolly get Santana and kotchman deal, without giving up miggy how much better do you think that looks? I dunno thats my 2 cents about free agents.
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    Not to mention the jays have not had 8 losing seasons almost 9. Jays thought they had the hitting so they went after the pitching. They thought they were alot closer then they were at competeing and looking at it they arent far. So they splurged. The guys they got are young and will be there then next couple of years lets see how they do in the next two years too see if they were wrong. From the looks of it two they maybe competeing for second place in the al east but not for a wildcard but still a honrable mention.
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    Mazzone for manager!
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