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  1. Yes to both. You can Franchise then work out a long term deal and lessen the cap hit. You just lose the 1 franchise tag you get.
  2. I don't see how you think it could be out of the question when an athlete goes from Cuba the 95th largest economy in the world. To a top 10 and is able to make a pay check and supply his own food. Hello Check this article out they do not get paid very much. "it is certainly not money that has kept him in Cuba. His standard salary increased by 26 times as a result of the new policy, but it is still only 13,000 Cuban pesos (?300) a month. Even with an additional $300 (?184) hard currency payment, he earns less than 0.5% of what he could make in the Major League." http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/dec/18/cuba-baseball-players-pay-rise Now the pay rise did come after Hank left.
  3. Funny you correct me on grammar when you post stuff like this. "Like...how your premise that better nutrition directly correlates to more medals is neither factual nor does it built on scientific method. Yep, sometimes straight facts do, indeed, suck." Its fun going in circles with you. Just keep posting and you may eventually be correct.
  4. Wait, what? This was built on about your so called "American diet". Health has a direct correlation with diet, fitness and exercise. Unless your reading health books from the 50's.
  5. Yeah straight facts suck!
  6. I am going to add to the bickering on this thread but to say the athletic diet of Americans is somehow worse than Cuba I will leave you with this. USA since 1896 has medal 2681 times. Cuba 208 medals. If we were an over weight in our sports we would not win so much. By the way China has more people if that will be your argument and has 526 total medals at the Olympics.
  7. Agreed but the O's "just getting a pick" for CD in his walk year is not a bad thing either.
  8. I don't think Brob was mentioned in the report at all. It was Bigbie and he said he used with Brob. Refer to Mitchell report section. http://www.baseballssteroidera.com/bse-list-steroid-hgh-users-baseball.html He was also named in the Jason Grimsley Affidavit or was he? Brian Roberts October 2006 Reportedly Used: Steroids (Non-specific) The Story: Roberts was one of the redacted names from the Affidavit filed by IRS Agent Jeff Novitzky describing Jason Grimsley’s admission of his steroid use and that of others. Grimsley said specifically that Roberts, Miguel Tejada and Jay Gibbons used ‘anabolic steroids.’ Roberts’ name was revealed in an Oct. 1, 2006 Los Angeles Times Article entitled Clemens Is Named in Drug Affidavit. http://thesteroidera.blogspot.com/2006/08/list-of-steroid-hgh-users-in-baseball.html#brian-roberts http://thesteroidera.blogspot.com/2006/10/steroid-era-news-clemens-pettitte.html By Jeff Zrebiec Sun reporter December 18, 2007 Orioles second baseman admitted last night that he used steroids "once," in 2003, but said he hasn't used them or any other performance-enhancing drugs since. He was silent for four days after his name appeared in former Sen. George J. Mitchell's scathing report on steroid use in major league baseball. But last night Roberts issued a statement, which was provided to The Sun, that read: Related Hard to believe Roberts Latest O's blow hardest to accept Roch Around the Clock: Do you believe him? Photos Photos Orioles named in Mitchell Report Orioles named in Mitchell Report "I would like to address the allegations that were made against me in the Mitchell Report. I will begin by saying that I have worked very hard to develop a good reputation both on and off the field. I have always taken pride in being a man of integrity and values. I know that by being a professional athlete, I am held to a very high standard. I never have and never will take that for granted. However, I am also human and I have made mistakes. Read more: http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/bal-te.sp.roberts18dec18,0,769248.story#ixzz2p65L6yhJ
  9. If Steelers get in I am going to be pissed!
  10. Did anyone think Valley Fever was a sickness Corey Patterson and likely Ike Davis suffered from by trying to hit a home-run every at bat?
  11. I like when people "Redskin Fans" compare Fletcher to Ray Lewis. Ray Lewis last year SB #2 along with a great run and an improved defense going through the playoffs also coming back from a torn triceps which usually ends people seasons. Fletcher last year he plays team goes 3-12 team has one of the worst defenses in the league. Fletcher 0 SB's.
  12. Can I just say the Sele contract is a bad point. After the second year he never pitched more than 135 innings and his era was in the 6's. His arm was hurt every year. Our contract was for 4 years. The o's correctly sniffed that one out.
  13. xKHx

    Nelson Cruz ?

    Yes because Balfour deal was 2 years 10 mil... Oh wait.
  14. xKHx

    Nelson Cruz ?

    We need to go after 2 of these guys to make it worth losing a pick over. Morales and Jiminez would be a good duo. I do not think just one is worth losing the pick over.
  15. See it goes right back to how much money we can afford with most of you. I am sure DD is smart and knows his budget and works with in it.The problem I see is they have not and are not preparing well for it. Every year we hear about the market and every year it gets higher. Its very high now because of the 27 mill that all the teams have decided to spend albeit not the O's. All teams knew about this and could have predicted salaries being higher and should not be surprised by the up tick in the prices of FA. Poor planning by not signing a head of schedule last year, or clearing some of the books for this year did not take place. Teams reload all of the time and win. I agree with the people who say the O's just try to plug and play instead of really looking at the future markets and predicting how they should play the market. They always seem slow and left behind when it comes to the offseason and they should not be. They know their budget (we don't and it drives us nuts) so they should know what they have to do year in and year out to get the players they need or need to get rid of to have a very good offseason.
  16. This discussion could use its very own. Ok so DD has confines to work in. Right around 100 million. You can be mad at Angelos or whoever you want but I would like to discuss why they are not taking advantage of the money that is afforded to them. 1. DD had the chance to trade JJ last year for much more then he got now. We all knew what his arb year was this year so why was this not planned for better? Instead of getting very good talent he strapped himself within a month deadline and pulled a bad catcher and Weeks. Point is if you have a budget to work in you have to make tough decisions. While we are on this do we really need to reallocate those funds for 2 years of Balfour? Does anyone else see the nonsensical of a move this has become when three other teams are going for him? Trading your talent for cost controlled prospects (that can be within a two years or less of service time) should be the plan. Not players close to the end of arb or big contracts. 2. Why keep mid tier contracts and dead weight on the roster. Shields, Huff, Price, Garza all need to be examples of dealing players while their stock is high because you can not afford to keep them to far into arb. 3. Stop with the over price second tier players. Why look in to Nelson Cruz? 4 years 60 mil is way to much. That would account for 15% of our payroll and way to much for a payroll in the 100 mill. Having a few stars on the team along with growing your Starters/bullpen through minor league cost controlled talent. Seems like gms want to max out the payroll here with half a team hold on to the stars to long and be invested way to heavy with bad contracts. The meddling between the two theories drives me nuts.
  17. I think people have a right to be upset. Writers locally now have written they are upset and pointing to things, which has never happened. Even Steve said we should hold the team accountable for spending Jim Johnson's salary and 120 million should be doable for the Orioles. "I think it would be great PR for the club right now for someone to come out and say the O's are willing to spend $110 or 120 million on players for next year. Increasing the payroll to that level seems reasonable to me." http://www.masnsports.com/steve_melewski/2013/12/as-the-winter-meetings-approach-some-os-fans-are-becoming-impatient.html This is a guy getting paid by MASN. Why can't people be upset with ownership? We all agree Angelos is one of the worst owners in all of sports. He has made some comments in the past when we get close we will go for it. Who cares no one should say not one negative word and we should just expect the worse every season.
  18. I'll get excited over what I choose. I see a defense that is killing it and an offense just waiting for Pitta to get back to open up the run game intermediate passing game. We already are hitting the deep game very well. Joe played awesome Thursday. We just need Pitta to get back and help us open up the short throws to Rice and get the run game going. Patriots look like a different team with Gronk and thats what Pitta does for us. He just opens up the defense.
  19. I guess these guys aren't so sucky afterall. Sorry had to do it
  20. Yeah like eat Vicodine like tictacs to get over all his injuries...... PS Favre's vicodine addiction is well documented.
  21. I want to see the end around reverse from Tyrod to Jones. Betting that first one gets a big gain. Who wants a qb that does not want the ball in his hands?
  22. Its a good thing they picked him he is such an inspiration, 0-2 since they have got him.
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