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  1. I’m disappointed to hear where you guys rank him defensively. I was excited by this signing as I always thought of him as one of the best defensive shortstops in the league, but I haven’t studied the metrics and I guess I don’t know him that well.
  2. It doesn’t slow down the game. That fired me up. It was great to see an Oriole play with such emotion.
  3. Schoop’s 0-11 with 8 K’s so far for the Brewers. Hope he turns it around soon—want to see him do well.
  4. I think his point, or belief, is that if O'Day hadn't been included, we would have received better prospects in return. Assuming that is true, it makes sense, and we shouldn't have traded O'Day.
  5. He's an awful fielder though. Not sure he's the guy we want behind our pitchers.
  6. MLB shows he walked 2, Betts and Benintendi in the 5th before being removed? Just pointing that out.
  7. Agreed, and don't forget Rusney Castillo (currently making 11.7M in AAA).
  8. Boston Globe/Boston.com write Chad Finn piles on here: https://www.boston.com/sports/boston-red-sox/2018/06/04/red-sox-houston-alex-cora-andrew-benintendi "9. Dan Duquette has confirmed the Orioles have interest in Ramirez, and that move would be peak Duquette and peak Orioles all at once. A somewhat faded 30-something former star that has no defensive value and comes cheap after a contender decided he wasn’t going to help the cause much longer and dumped him before he became a problem? Sign him up! That might as well be called the modern Oriole Way. It’s a wonder Duquette never made Jose Offerman an Oriole."
  9. I'm glad too, and by the way that bunt was executed perfectly-- a hard bunt 4-5 feet to the fair side of third base. I'd like to see him to that every time there's a shift.
  10. Berrios looks like he's throwing a wiffle ball sometimes.
  11. I thought you were referring to Beckham at 3rd.
  12. Yeah he came out of his shoes on that first swing.
  13. That's only if it's going to be a championship season, which isn't too likely for us. (Just kidding, I assume that's their term for regular season? Just thought it was an odd phrase...)
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