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  1. I'm a Chargers fan, 30+ years now. My hatred was mainly based on the Raiders. Now it's just in general Oakland fans.
  2. Is enjoying their free fall. Didn't care for Oakland fans before the Machado incident. Their comments after cemented my hatred. They were happy when he got hurt, wished it was career ending, called it KARMA. Funny how karma works! LOL
  3. They replaced him with Fuld and Gomes. Dunn doesn't play the field and came later on.
  4. He's posting his preference. You're telling him he's wrong. You're comment came off as you telling him he's wrong that you know something we don't about what Hardy personally will be wanting. Which I'm pretty sure you don't.
  5. Only 2 on that list I would consider. Headley and Cabrera but I think their price will be as much or more then Hardy.
  6. Not much of an improvement at SS or 3b for a discount. Shortstops Mike Aviles (34) ? $3.5MM club option with a $250k buyout Clint Barmes (36) Asdrubal Cabrera (29) Stephen Drew (32) Rafael Furcal (37) J.J. Hardy (32) Jed Lowrie (31) John McDonald (40) Nick Punto (37) ? $2.75MM club/vesting option with a $250K buyout Hanley Ramirez (31) Third Basemen Alberto Callaspo (32) Jack Hannahan (35) ? $4MM club option with a $2MM buyout Chase Headley (31) Kelly Johnson (33) Donnie Murphy (32) Nick Punto (37) ? $2.75MM club/vesting option with a $250k buyout Aramis Ramirez (37) ? $1
  7. So you tear apart his post/opinion. Then post your own opinion as if you have some inside knowledge on Hardy. Have you ever spoke to Hardy? Are you his agent? Are you his wife? Have you heard or read somewhere that he is looking for a 3+ year contract? If not, isn't your opinion just as much of a guess as his?
  8. Glad Buck and DD have patience. Glad they didn't send him down when so many others here were calling for it. Something about him regressing.
  9. Sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry. Here blow your nose.
  10. Yeah, if he gets it right we runs around naked telling everyone he told us so. When he's wrong he hides behind reverse jinx.
  11. You're negative about just about everything. I will say you're not alone.
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