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  1. I'm guessing it's set based on DNA and what you said about Peter would make sense. And huh? Doesn't Nathan have the power of flight? Did I miss some point in the season where they explained he was injected with it or something?
  2. As usual, this is the absolute worst show on TV that I simply cannot stop watching. I'm compelled to keep giving it shot after shot but if Fugitives doesn't turn out as good as people are promising I'm done with it. They really need to narrow the scope of the show and do away with as much of the time travel as possible.
  3. rooter

    Tex signed?

    Just had to pop in to say Clarence is awesome.
  4. Um, if he was in the end zone catching it it would have broken the plane.
  5. Apparently it was just reported on ESPN that he's going to be at the Ravens game as well.
  6. If this doesn't happen I'm gonna be crushed :rofl:
  7. I don't know, I think they say in terms of the quality of his pitches he has big league stuff already but there's still an adjustment process from pitching in college to pitching in the majors. That's why he'll spend most of if not all of this year in the minors.
  8. Keep on posting guys. Tex signing is dependent on our posts in this thread. :clap3:
  9. It might have been a little harsh but it was dead on. I blame the internet, it fuels this kind of group hysteria and people just take it too far.
  10. After Roch's "guarantee" that Loewen would stay in Baltimore 2 hours before it was confirmed he was going to Toronto I take what he says with a grain of salt.
  11. Oh I agree, the backlash wouldn't be from me. I'm thankful for what we get.
  12. I believe Belkast but man if we don't sign him I expect some backlash.
  13. I'd rather Angelos give Tex 10/$250 then seeing the disgusting Red Sox fans sporting his jersey. I think I might just skip every Red Sox / O's game if that happens
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