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  1. Since I've been with the Birds since my father took me to Memorial Stadium in 1954 to watch Bob Turley, I'm not giving up now. But it's really, really tough. I think everyone in management needs to go before we can hope for a brighter dawn. May I still be here when it comes.
  2. Eleven, twelve, thirteen pitchers. Who cares if they can't get anybody out. The problem is much more fundamental. We have a roster full of position players and pitchers who "can't play this game". Fall back and punt. Trade Machado now while he is on a tear. Go from there including a complete management housecleaning -- top to bottom.
  3. I always thought right fielders were supposed to be able to hit.
  4. Today, I believe the Birds sent seven batters to the plate with averages under .200. Only two hitters(?) got singles. Nobody took a walk. Net result: 2 for 21. Very hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel. Also very hard to see why some of these players are on the team, much less given playing time. Meanwhile Travelin' Manny hit two home runs bringing his total to 8 so far. With 17 RBI's. Antone wonder why?
  5. The reason this annoys me so much is that there is so much in baseball that players can't control. But they can damn well run as fast as they can when they are lucky enough to hit a pitch.
  6. That's not what I saw.
  7. Maybe so. But if you don't know, you go.
  8. What is not irrelevant is that our veteran centerfielder failed to run out the ball. He slow-jogged to first and halfway to second before belatedly realizing the ball was in play. Definitely cost a run due to lazy baserunning.
  9. It pretty much is. Unions in public employment uniformly oppose efforts to reward workers for superior performance or to penalize those who don't do so well. See all teacher contract negotiations. Private industry pretty much the same.
  10. Yes, and there were fathead ballplayers, too.
  11. This was a little before my time -- but the official word in Boston is that Williams was too arrogant and stubborn to try to hit to left.
  12. Wade Boggs says hello. It can be done.
  13. Well, the rookie batting average is comparable. I'm certainly not suggesting that Mancini will have the same sort of career as the second best Oriole hitter ever .... but one can hope. What I've really been reacting to in this thread is the idea that forecasts of Mancini's future ought to be based at all on the assessments of various gurus who ignore his actual performance in favor of assessments on prospect lists.
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