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  1. I know Fred is a favorite with a lot of people but he's really hard for me to listen to. Talks way more than Joe, and always seems about 15 seconds behind every play.
  2. They have good lobbyists they always win.
  3. They'll adapt by just charging us more for internet, and tier our usage.
  4. Is it not similar with the Premier League? I know lots of Liverpool fans who are miles from the stadium and can't watch Liverpool matches.
  5. Pretty good given the middle of our starting infield hasn't played together yet.
  6. Carragher laughing at the Collocini news....
  7. Not that I think this matters, but they're close...
  8. Seems the majority of Red Sox fans aren't so sure about the Michelin Man (panda)
  9. It's just Hosmer and Dyson that ruin them for me, and their entitled acting fans.
  10. He did say last night ''the D just keeps on coming" after Jones threw the guy out at the plate...
  11. gallden

    vs. CUBS, 8/22

    Does Jake keep going to his hat for something? That's what twitter says..
  12. Southampton really didn't look like coming unstuck against LFC, not getting a result that match was quite harsh on them. Not sure why Koeman took Tadic off, but glad he did.
  13. There was a thread like this last year, I think it was titled "we're the best team in baseball." Anyone remember this?
  14. But does he have an assortment of pitches? That's why I asked earlier how often did he throw the slider/curve? He needs one offspeed pitch that he can throw for a strike so hitters aren't sitting dead red...
  15. Did he throw the slider much yesterday I don't recall seeing it?
  16. I wonder what the television world in 24 would look like if there was no Jack!
  17. I agree with this, Liverpool players regularly have meetings with a sports psychiatrist and I think that's a large part of the reason for the well behaved Suarez during the premier league season.
  18. Those career ending tackles shouldn't be part of the game should they? I'm in no way defending him, don't take it as such.
  19. http://www.theanfieldwrap.com/2014/06/suarez-bites-man-think-words-write/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=suarez-bites-man-think-words-write
  20. The tackle the Italian got sent off for could have ended a career should he be banned for life?
  21. A straight red is only a one match ban?
  22. Bradley can be an unused sub for me the rest of the way. Completely useless tonight.
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