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  1. This'll be 495 and I've got 737 rep points as of right now. That's a Q of 1.49. Whoooooo, what does that win me? I'm guessing the list was reserved to Plus Members and that's certainly fair. I'll be a Plus Member soon enough!
  2. Gotta love this board, nobody seemed to want anything to do with Damon, and if he was mentioned, he was quickly dismissed as being a bad option. Suddenly, the Rays sign Damon and all of a sudden he's a bargain of a move. The Orioles Hangout at its finest.
  3. It's a Wonderful Life is my favorite. It's a classic and I can't picture Christmas season without having watched that movie. The Home Alone's (1 and 2, not 3) and Jingle All the Way are up there. Christmas Story too of course. But an underrated pick of mine would be Muppet's Christmas Carol. It really is hilarious, I still enjoy it, even though I'm far too old to watch the Muppets anymore.
  4. Wow, JTrea really knows how to duck and run, doesn't he?
  5. I know he usually tends to vacate threads like these after he's started a fire, so I doubt that he comes back to read this....however the Sox have had one season since 2000 with a winning record against the Yankees. And the season where the Rays went to the Series they had a combined record against the Sox and Yanks of 17-19. You don't HAVE to dominate them. You just have to be good enough to kick the crap out of everyone else. Which means you'll beat them more just because you're better overall.
  6. Here here, I actually agree with you completely in everything that you've said in this thread. What I'm saying is, is that I see a scenario in which MSK gives a bunch of quotes where he's like "Well, see, here they MEANT that they don't think any improvements are necessary." That's what I'm trying to say. Because I don't ever remember seeing someone saying "we don't need to make any improvements" I'm guessing that MSK is going to paste some posts that he's made inferences on and that will likely lead to disagreement about whether or not they qualify for "we don't need any improvements."
  7. Let me just point out the obvious here: If the posts that MSK presents don't exactly say the Orioles don't need to make any moves (which I suspect they won't, but I've been wrong before) then it will be a matter of interpretation as to whether they are saying that or not. MSK will obviously (because he's posting them) say that they are, but I can easily envision a scenario in which Lucky Jim (and others) will think that that's not at all the intention of the post. So... How are we (well, not we, because I'm not a part of this, Lucky Jim and MSK) to decide who "wins" this argument? A poll? Maybe we could get ChaosLex to post said poll?
  8. Uhh yeah, you basically just twisted around what rshack said and said the same thing. That was the whole point of the fun house mirror exercise. He was showing that none of them show the real thing and that you come to conclusions based off of a combo of things. The whole damn crux of the mirror point was that there is no normal mirror, as you essentially repeated. That was his point. Sorry that you didn't pick up on that.
  9. Good point. Couple years back, Rate on Baseball Prospectus was the stat that everyone used as much as people today use UZR and UZR/150. Everyone used it to shoot down observations and it was regarded as truthful as UZR is today. Well, for BP Rate, it has Adam Jones at 105 (meaning that he had an above average season). So there's that.
  10. Nothing wrong with looking at the menu, just don't eat the food.
  11. Yep. And if the Orioles ever take a similar approach to what JTrea advocates, I promise you, I will burn all of my Orioles stuff and never go to another game.
  12. Keep in mind, NMS is the same guy that has predicted success for Ponson in all of his stops after the Orioles. How's that working out for you... Those who live in glass houses...
  13. You and me actually do agree on something! The Phillies spring training stadium is the best. If the Orioles' stadium in Sarasota is half that, I'll be ecstatic.
  14. Clearly, MacPhail has a terrible eye for talent. I mean, he dealt Bedard and Tejada for a bunch of bums but I mean LOOK AT WHAT WE COULD HAVE HAD WITH THE B-ROB TRADE!!!! I mean, they're so good, the Orioles found other ways to acquire them! ZOMG
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