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  1. I think this depends on who the next owner is, and I think all the signs are there that we will be seeing one in short order.
  2. The OP information on amounts of vaccine is fantastic but there is a major problem with administration of the vaccine. There are just not enough people to administer the shots right now. Some pretty reliable sources I know have said that without a concerted effort to train more people have large scale mass vaccination events the general public should not expect to be inoculated until late 3Q, maybe. Baseball won't be able to delay unless they jump the line. They will have to figure out how to play.
  3. Tough to say. Bell's high level performance was MVP like and higher than Mancini, but his lows have been replacement player. Mancini is much more consistent very good player with better defense but coming off the cancer treatments. I think the Pirates sold too cheap on Bell but that is what I would expect if Mancini were traded this year. (I.e. a higher level but flawed prospect and a low level high potential ceiling prospect.)
  4. Split the difference. The Orioles went into a rebuilding phase right about the same time that questions about ownerships future surfaced. Both models want to reduce overhead and decrease future commitments. I think the owners are still figuring it out themselves. What tilts this for me toward sell mode is the lack of a stadium deal right now. Even a rebuilding franchise should want that (maybe even more to have the cost certainty) but a team in sell mode would not. If you want to maximize the sale price you make sure you are not precluding a large buyer pool (including one that may want to move the team). That said, even if the Angeloses are open to that buyer pool I don't think they will sell to someone who would move the team, they would just use those buyers to increase the price for a buyer who will keep the team in Baltimore.
  5. If these projections are accurate I question whether the Orioles have a single player on their roster who will be a part of the next contending team. That said, this projection system is pretty useless without the context of other projections and why they have relative differences.
  6. I dont know why Gonzalez is listed at SS for the Pirates. Two years ago Newman put up a .308/.353/.446 line. He was a slow starter in 2019 and I would imagine that has a lot to do with a disappointing 2020 in 120 ABs. That and the Pirates are cheaper than the Orioles. I would eliminate them from contention for any FA.
  7. I think I am done with this board for awhile. This post is first intensly rude, second twists my stance to create an indefensible strawman, and third, fails to engage on the merits of the argument.
  8. You are looking at the term of the deal and not the investment in the asset. Its a 1 year contract for return on investment. They only get value out of the second year so yes it is similar. $12.5 vs. 18.6, but the potential value of Bryant is a lot more than Ramos as well. Additionally, and more to the point, the Orioles need to use payroll flexibility to take chances and improve the roster. If there were a payroll minimum they would be doing exactly that. An approach of tearing the payroll all the way down, trading what few assets you have (for breadth of prospects no less) and hoping to hit in the draft is never going to yield a competitive roster even if you plan to supplement with free agents (which I have no faith the current Orioles ownership is willing to do.) The Orioles are bing run like a small market team. Hell, they are a small market team, so they need to take chances. The Rays do it. The A's do it. And those are small market teams that sustain success. The other ones, they get one shot, and it wrecks them for years afterward. See Royals/Brewers.
  9. Yes. Rebuilding teams (who expect to compete with large market teams like the Yankees or Boston), should use flexible payrolls to build talent pools (especially former MVPs) - provided the cost in prospects is extremely minimal (they almost didn't tender him a contract.) "But TB doesn't do this and they compete." Wrong. Tampa Bay completely does this. In 2017 TB paid Wilson Ramos $12.5 million on a two year deal, the first year of which was entirely rehab. Although he was not traded for much of value it shows the willingness of a superior run organization to take these risks. That said...they will not.
  10. Its another rule 5 draft and these only make waves once in a full moon but I am still struggling to find where Elias has added appreciable assets to the team. Swapping wells for Pop honestly feels like a downgrade especially with what we heard about Pop prior to the injury. Maybe Elias thought the ravens could use a backup TE (Wells in 6'8")
  11. Trade Means.... People seem to believe a contending team pops up out of nowhere. 25 prospects take the field and 1st place is magically won. A team is built. In 2014, Dallas Keuchel was in his 3rd year, and had his first good season with an ERA under 5.00. The Astros won 72 games, and were two more 80 win seasons (1 playoff birth) from becoming a true contender and winning the WS in 2017. If you really want a competitive Orioles team in 2023 (which is more than enough time to rebuild) why on earth would you trade John Means? Now I realize there are some different circumstances, the Orioles have possibly more pitching prospect depth than that Astros team, but not all prospects pan out at some point you have to keep the producers you have, unless you think Means was a flash in the pan. I don't. Given the "plan" I think Elias is wasting this off season but then again, maybe I am wrong, that 2014 houston team didn't have any appreciable free agent additions either.
  12. Would rather spend $10 million a year on a multi year guy than spend another $7 million on three parts of the roster who won't be here in two years. Its time to start adding to a competitive roster if there's a 5 year plan, because right now it looks like a 7 year plan and thats unacceptable.
  13. Re. Elias' explanation. TL:DR. "We're cheap."
  14. Elias needs to get his big boy pants on and go get some real major league players for this team. I dont want to hear that the teams finances are in flux. This is year three and a playoff contender isn't built in a year so if you had a five year plan its time to start getting meaningful players in here.
  15. 3 weeks of instructional league, not games, not team activities (its a subset of minor leaguers), not anything meaningful. You guys are saying skip finishing your college degree over 3 freaking weeks of instructional baseball... Good for him.
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