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  1. Saying it is one thing. Proving it another. Keep in my relative parity is not parity. Thats like saying there's less racism in the U.S. now than there was so everything is hunky dory.
  2. The response about TV availability is right on. The response about small v. big market teams is flat wrong. KC won a WS six years ago. Since then its been four large market teams (LA, Boston, Houston, and Chicago) and one mid market team (Was). Before KC it was SF twice and Boston. So you are sighting one year out of 10 as proof of health. Oh and it gets worse if we go out to the final 4. Also, let's get real about TB, because I see them cited far too often as proof of small market competitive health. TB is a year in and year out competitive team. They also might be the least
  3. At a payroll of $136 million the Braves are what I would hope the Orioles will be in 2024. A rising team, full of young talent, that the owner and GM have identified as needing some costly veteran talent to get over the hump to the next level of competition.
  4. Some guys he chose to keep over Pop put up negative WAR and/or may never be MLB pitchers...
  5. You mean Pop, who Elias then deemed not good enough to protect. For a guy who can build a good farm system Elias has a pretty spotty record on waiver claims. I have zero faith he will put in a claim here.
  6. I will keep saying it until people believe it. Elias isn't it. He doesn't have the ingenuity of Tampa's leadership, he doesn't try new things, he doesn't have an eye for underappreciated talent. People keep saying "lets follow the Tampa model!" But you have to have the Tampa intelligence. You have to be able to try new things and innovate. You have to be able to find underappreciated talent. Elias can build a farm system, and people think he's some savior. I dont see half of what he needs to be doing to get it done. Yes, the Orioles should be using the Tampa pitching model.
  7. I'm kind of tired of this thought that Orioles should and will continue to try and be the lowest common denominator in the sport. Enough is enough, you have to start building a winning team at some point and it doesn't happen with the flip of a switch. We don't get to next off season and go "Now is the time to compete! Nut, nuk, lets go get some free agents and replace all this drivel on the team." Thats asanine and if you look you will find any playoff roster is the result of years of building and taking calculated risks that heretofore I have not seen Elias is willing to do. If Elias
  8. Dombrowski... I agree not likely but if any GM is going to do that its Dombrowski.
  9. God a lot of the speculated FA targets are just sad. Emblematic of a team going through the motions and not really interested in improving the product they put on the field long term. There is not a lot in this list that really excites me. Harrison is about it, and frankly that mostly because I like him as a player, and not fotlr the statistical benefit he will bring to the team.
  10. Chris Taylor for SS? He can play SS and move around if pushed by prospects. Kind of a modern day Zobrist.
  11. Does power lead to increased OBP any more? I feel like the days of guys who could hit 40 in a season getting 10 to 20 points of OBP out of avoidance are gone.
  12. Yea I get it, WAR 162 is normalized and suggests some sort of linear proportional growth. I dont find much value in that. What was Alex Bohm's WAR 162 last year? Jake Cronenworth? Vastly different results based on their rookie year.
  13. Hard to be anything more than a 2-2.5 WAR rookie catcher when you aren't called up until May.
  14. Watching a lot of Pirates games I have to say that I LOVE Josh Harrison as a player. I always have since he came up in their system. The stats are always alright, not usually going to blow you away, but the heart and hustle are always top 5 in the league. Harrison exudes positive energy. He's a great teammate. I would be totally on board with this.
  15. This organization has been terrible at preparing pitchers for that transition from the minors to the pros. At the same time, we can't expect every player to come up and produce right away. Its good to see Lowther have a good start and be in a position to succeed.
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