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  1. Other teams did better in this respect, taking players signed last off season and turning them into prospect value. Pirates with Tyler Anderson Cubs with Jake Marisnick Hard to split out value (with Gomes included), but arguable the Nationals with Harrison and certainly their Schwarber deal which netted a nice Boston prpspect.
  2. Well, with how the Orioles went through this trade deadline they clearly think that they are closer than 4-5 years.
  3. My feeling is this, when the Orioles pass this trade deadline a switch needs to be flipped. This is it. Next off season needs to be about adding pieces to a competitive team not possibly trading away players like Means. You add pieces and come next years trade deadline if what you added doesn't get you into the lower level of contention then you consider trades. At some point though the Orioles need to start investing in competition, not a rebuild. This team can't be a blank slate devoid of veteran leadership when Hall, Rodriguez, AR and the lot start to come up.
  4. I agree. I understand the team is mad because they are in contention but if he can get Toro, and replace Graveman with someone who is even 80-90% of the production he should do that.
  5. Who has more trade value Means or Scherzer?
  6. This team should be adding talent wherever they can. Mazara isn't it.
  7. Just think of the BELOW SLOT corner outfielder THAT NO SCOUT HAD RATED THIS HIGH we can draft next year... Fixed that for you.
  8. I agree, the Angelos ownership has definitely been feast and famine, with far too much ownership meddling. I think ownership change is not only inevitable, but also more than likely to help the Orioles speed up organizational rebuild, than any other change that can be made. Then again I couldn't wait for Selig to go, celebrated his departure, but now wonder whether Manfred isn't worse in some ways.
  9. This is partly right. Sustained competitiveness is a mix of factors. The owner is one, and the current ownership certainly doesn't help. The farm is one, and Elias seems to be improving that despite what looks like less than idea (initial) draft returns. I question whether Elias has all the other skills necessary to build a sustain successful team. The Rays, Oakland and Indians succeed despite low payrolls because they do everything else right. The Yankees, Dodgers and Red Sox succeed because high payrolls allow them to take risks, write off failures and outspend on things like
  10. Go look at his fastball placement on baseball savant. The heat map looks more like a hitters hot zones than what a pitchers FB placement should be. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/savant-player/keegan-akin-669211?stats=statcast-r-pitching-mlb
  11. Send them down to single A (any of them) and tell them they have to earn their way back up. Send a message or something. Its embarrassing.
  12. There were a few articles earlier this year about how popular they are in England. Evidently a bunch of English boy scouts were in OPACY on a day Santander went off and became huge fans. They took it back to England and it has spread.
  13. Probably not the most popular answer, a championship for Bowie, and all that entails (AR, Rodriguez, Dorrian, Vavra stay).
  14. The Angels added 20... Eric DeCosta was not wrong when he said if the Ravens want better wide recievers they need to take more bites of the apple. The Orioles need to start following their fellow nesters and take more bites of the apple.
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