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  1. I would like to see what MLB does with a 50 game season. They need ratings, and I have real concerns how further unbalanced the schedule would get in an attempt maneuver the right markets into the playoffs.
  2. I agree. I think Helaire, Swift and Pittman have to be the early favorites. They all have good QBs in good to great offenses (both things the ravens have) but with no significant competition at their position. I see Pittman having a year very similar to Metcalf last year. Helaire and Swift could both be 1000 yard combined backs.
  3. I dont think it's the easiest schedule and I think its flawed logic to base it on last years results. That said, this a schedule with a lot of teams the ravens can make look very bad, but with a lot of trap games. I have confidence in 12 wins.
  4. Kevin Millar was never a union member if I remember correctly, crossed the picket line. I don't know if "right to work" (god I had that name) state status comes into play at all, although Janus changed everything. I would imagine once you are in they dont kick you out, thought it would suck to get your cup of coffee and they go back to years of a minor league career while still paying dues. As for why MLBPA would reject the draft proposal, I would imagine it has to do with the balance of power on the whole. The move to shorten the draft obviously fits hand in hand with MLBs desire to eliminate minor league teams. That would decrease the number of potential union members even if it did not reduce the number of actual union members and in that way it's the same as why the unions fought the janus case. Janus for those who are unfamiliar ruled that unions could not collect dues from non-union members even if they were in the union's protected working class.
  5. They did not. Thry declined his 5th year option. Players drafted in the first round carry a 5th year option, that must be picked up before the start of the 4th year so they player knows whether they are in a free agent year (and can step up their game) He is still a titan. Trubisky 5th year option was also declined, as was John Ross', which honestly suprised me. Ross reminds me a lot of Perriman. He has struggled to stay healthy but you can see there is something there. With a real coordinator last year he started the year as arguably a top 5 WR through a couple of games.
  6. Say they add Brown, now you have: A. Brown, M. Brown, Boykin, Snead, Thomas, Duvareny, Proche, Moore, Scott, Wesley, Modster I can see removing the last three, Moore or Thomas if Proche can handle special teams duties on either side. Duvareny is the Snead replacement but I wouldnt anticipate that this year. So you carry the 3 killer B's, Snead, Duvarney and one of the last 4? On top of having to carry 4 RBs. Injuries will clear some of this up but you start to get thin on roster space quick.
  7. Just saw this while I was cutting up some onions...yea onions. What an awesome gesture by these guys. And what a great motto to lend strenth to his effort.
  8. Which playoff game, the one where he was a 20 year old (Lamar is younger than Burrow) in his first 8 games in the league, or the one where the coordinator decided to shelve the best running game IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL? These players, including the draft picks, are not finished players when they enter the league. Tom Brady didnt surpass 4000 yards until his 6th season, had at least 12 INTs through his 7th, and didnt surpass a 90 QB rating until his 5th. In Drew Brees' first full season (like lamar just finished) he threw for 3,200 yards and 17 TD/ 16 INTS. I am not saying Lamar is these either of them, I am using them to prove the point that not every player is a complete player after 25 games of their pro career...but I do know one who is an MVP. (Well two TBH)
  9. He hasnt actually played that much with a healthy Watt. But yes, right now his asking price is too high. Also, there is no reason for him to sign and incentive laden deal, someone will pay him.
  10. All I keep seeing is how the ravens hit this draft out of the park, that they took maybe the most complete roster in football and added the best draft class in football. Should be exciting to see this team come together.
  11. Bad O-lines tend be infectious, as do good ones. I am okay with this signing though I also would not be suprised to see him beat out by one of the draftees. Also remember they kept Smith around.
  12. Keep him. If any team is going to devote four spots to RBs it's this one. Add in that it allows them to rest guys more throughout the year, still have to bruisers if one goes down, and there is likely to be a paltry return. Keep him.
  13. All of the people saying this was a luxury pick would be wondering in the middle of the 2021-2022 season why the Ravens didnt plan ahead with their RBs. 1) The running game is the most important aspect of this teams offense and arguably their team. 2) This is a complex run game, with options, crazy blocking schemes, etc. It will take time for anyone to learn. 3) According to EDC Dobbins was the BPA available at the time. While other teams were reaching for needs the Ravems were letting the draft come to them.
  14. I like what they did with their two WR picks, they added Duvarney who looks like a Hollywood-lite and Proche who looks like Snead with better hands. We all know LJ is a good QB but one of his weaknesses is his accuracy, whether being inaccurate or just throwing at his recievers from odd angles. The Ravens went out and got two guys with arguably the stickiest hands in the draft.
  15. This is one of the steals of the draft. He had a much higher grade then where he went.
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