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  1. And as I have said before. It might be the end of my Orioles Fandom if they did this. I know, its a business, but you work on a 1 year contract, you put him on the 60 day if necessary, but you don't release a player who is going through cancer treatments.
  2. I think you are deluding yourself on AR. Barring massive injuries he gets less than 60 ABs next year at the MLB level.
  3. Doesn't mean the money was just spent more efficiently. Remember that Duquette upgraded a lot of facilities. Also Elias fired a ton of scouts whose salaries could have been shifted over to the upgrades we expected Elias to make.
  4. Okay @Philip good know that you aren't basing it on evidence, can't provide a link to an article or anything other than what your own eyes tell you. You are a mad at a player for not performing and equating it to laziness. Let me help you. Here: Davis works hard on hitting with Craig Gentry. Davis want to be a veteran leader. Davis puts on 25 pounds of muscle. Davis formulates an offseason plan with the general manager. This is what evidence looks like. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/jeffseidel/2020/02/29/chris-davis-of-the-orioles-has-started-well-in-spring-training/amp/ https://www.baltimorebaseball.com/2020/02/17/chris-davis-considered-retiring-back-2020-orioles/
  5. You are equating performance with actions until you can prove otherwise.
  6. There's no evidence and I hope we can be higher here than denigrating a player who brought a lot of fun to the orioles for many years because he didn't perform up to his contract. Dont try and make it okay because you think he wasn't trying. He obviously cared, he obviously worked hard. Let's not go to the he stopped caring, or thank God he's gone comments. Its not a good look.
  7. Mancini? Why would anyone trade for him right now? Why would the orioles non-tender a player they can just put on the 60 day DL if he is not ready? Also, aside, I would have some serious problems with the Orioles non-tendering a player fighting cancer. The steelers kept Shazier on the roster for 3 years and paid him his money. And Nunez has increased all his rate stats and has a 117 wRC+. He might be traded, he will not be non-tendered. I think going into next year you may see the orioles start to transition to the competitive portion of this rebuild, so I would expect the roster crunch will get even tougher.
  8. Its funny how people want instant satisfaction with MLB call ups and are unwilling to focus on very solid minor league numbers. Not every team is 25 stars, and you have to develop the role players as well.
  9. So this deal bought out 1 year of free agency. Great deal, and something the orioles need to be better at signing pre-arb long term pieces, but again they won't have Lowe around for a long time. And, in the off chance they crumble in the next 2-3 years this contract if Lowe keeps it up becomes an amazing trade piece ala Zobrist or Archer. This is absolutely what the Orioles need to do, but the TB fans still can't get too attached. In talking to some people down there its one of the reasons they struggle to maintain fans because even the most diehard like the ones I have talked ro admit they can't get too attached.
  10. To answer OP, don't get attached to any players. The dodgers do it with massive money in their scouting and player development with full expenditure of Intl pool. Small market teams get to trade their best players at year 5 or after a short extension. See TB.
  11. I think control can pretty easily be broken down into monetary value. Of course, a competitive team can as well, with ticket draw and merchandising. But I feel like control is one part an element of competition and one part an element of getting more value out of a player later into their prime.
  12. One of Elias jobs is to field a competitive team and win. A perhaps bigger part of that job, much to a fans chagrin, is to make the owner a lot of money. That is done by playing service time games. As a commodity analog, Apple doesn't roll out the iPhone 12 until they have adelvertised it, hyped it, put through a trade show or 50, and created a market where people are willing to pay a lot of money for it. Baseball is a business. Thats not even considering the competitive windows of small market teams in which multiple prospects need to be brought up during the same window before the wheels come off they make some bad decisions on multimillion dollar contracts that large market teams laugh off, and they are stuck signing massive numbers of waiver wire infielders to see which one can hit 10 HRs. I'm not bitter. I swear.
  13. Expectations are a hell of a thing. Ask Garrett Cole if its making him pitch a little tight right now.
  14. I said at the beginning of last year that I thought he would develop more power based on his development and you asked me why I thought that. I know it's a hot streak but I think we are seeing the development of a player with at least 20 HR potential. Now, that's not necessarily special in today's MLB, and he will need to show, IMO, that plus plus batting eye that got him drafted (.370ish OBP) to really make a run.
  15. The nice thing about a total rebuild is you can take time to evaluate players. Yaz was traded in March after getting next to no evaluation ABs in ST. He had an okay .753 OPS in the minors the year before but a very respectable .832 OPS in 2017. He always showed a good eye at the plate and decent pop in the minors. We know what happened here. Elias came in, saw a 28 year old minor league outfielder who wouldn't be here long and FAILED to evaluate the asset. What value we place on that asset is up to interpretation and is what you are getting at. But his failure was evaluating the asset. We can level that criticism given data and hindsight. I think we can level a similar crisis with regard to Bundy. He clearly had time to evaluate the player, but given the opportunity to attempt to alter his play the organization failed. And it was a simple alteration, with two players in Corbin and Boyd as models. I mean, I was advocating they go slider heavy in late 2018/ spring 2019 and I am not a coach. That path should have been evident. My criticism of Elias is that he has been slow to adjust, in evaluation, in maximization of player value, and in making meaningful trades. In baseball there is a fine line between GMs that succeed and GMs that other GMs quickly identify as a guy they can take advantage of, and the latter can lead to disastrous results for a franchise. I think Elias is still skirting that line through 1.5 seasons. It could go either way.
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