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  1. I'm rooting for Hess. He started with 80 innings of really solid work before completely falling apart and I dont know what has precipitated that.
  2. The pirates announcer Greg Brown is one of the best in the business but their color guys have struggled as of late due to some retirement of guys like Blass, and ther second announcer has cycled the last few years since Lannie Fratare retired.
  3. I have laid out in another thread how I don't think that is remotely possible. The Pirates fans are being sold a proverbial bridge is Brooklyn by their ownership, whois trying to convince their fans a rebuild is necessary as a guide to make money off the team. Nuttings number one asset outside of the pirates...Seven Springs. How's that southern PA ski slope doing for ya? The pirates lineup has an MVP caliber player in Bell who put up a .900 OPS last year. Brian Reynolds, Osuna, Frazier, and Newman are all capable of .800 OPS. Their top prospects are near MLB ready. Kebryan Hayes is a phenomenal 3B talent. O'Neil Cousins and Cole Tucker are ready with minimal time at AAA. Pitching is an issue, but Archer started to rebound last year, Musgrove vastly underperformed his peripherals, Chad Kuhl should be coming back from injury, Trevor Williams has proven to be more than capable and Mitch Keller is a top pitching prospect (top 10 MLB). Put it this way, the only Orioles starter who would make their rotation is Means. Their bullpen has some very solid pieces. I think there is little chance this team is the worst in baseball barring a huge sell off. And if that happens the fans in Pittsburgh should riot.
  4. I think if the concerns over the virus continue into the summer you will probably see significantly decreased attendance. The Olympic Committe is considering cancelling the Olympics so this isnt really idle banter at this point. Given the cheating scandal and possible coronavirus concerns I think you might see a significant bad turn for baseball.
  5. Other than Means I think the Pirates have 4 starters better than anyone the Orioles throw out there. Musgrove is very good, peripherals back a better season. Archer should rebound. Keller is a top 10 MLB pitching prospect. Trevor Williams should normalize somewhere between the last two seasons. Their line up should have five .800 OPS guys (Reynolds, Bell, Newman, Frazier, Osuna) I doubt they are worse than the Orioles.
  6. For fantasy mostly, but also as a fan, the only spring number you should care about are the ones that change a players utilization. For instance, 10 spring Homer's dont matter if the guys is still going back to AAA. But if he all of a sudden becomes tour starting LF...
  7. As I pointed out before too Hess was better the second time through the order. But yes almost universally pitchers are worse the more the hitters see them and the more tired they get.
  8. I like Hess. 2019 was obviously a lost year for him but certainly no reason to write him off as some are suggesting. 2018 saw a lot of success for Hess. He went out and put up 80binnings of really good mid 3.00 ERA stuff. Showed strong ground ball tendencies, and to his credit actually got better the second time through the order which is no easy feat. He actually get better with men on base too. Again a solid quality to have. That third time though, those 20 innings were a nightmare for him. That trend continued last year through every situation. The great thing for Hess is that its not a velocity issue for him, he works around an average of 93 mph with his FB and that should be good. We saw what Means was able to accomplish at that speed. If he can make some of his secondary pitches work better for him I think you could see a guy who grabs the 4-5 rotation spot and puts up a 3.80-4.00 ERA. And I fully expect the Orioles to give him that opportunity because they, unlike a lot of fans, understand development takes years.
  9. I agree that they will at some point have to answer those questions, but if it's two or three years down the road it wont be as big a deal (people have short memories). As long as they didnt immediately come here and start those practices up (and they clearly didn't) I dont see a problem. That said none of the last will matter if Elias is just another failed executive. And unless he starts adding appreciable talent to this team through means other than the draft he will be a failed executive pretty quickly.
  10. We are the worst team. May not finish that way but the Orioles didnt even really try to add appreciable major league talent this offseason (not even when it could be had for cheap) outside of iglesias. They got worse by trading Bundy and releasing Villar. I predict they will trade Givens either before the season or early in it. I think Hanser turns back into an egg. They have no starters. Alex Cobb has one good season since 2014. They have no incentive this year to bring up any appreciable talent. Boston is still good without Mookie. The yankees are in a "buy a championship" year. The Ray's made very good offseason moves. And Toronto has a trio of INF prospects about ready to play their first full season together. I would put the Orioles over under for division wins at 18 and I think that may be generous. (24 last year).
  11. I can believe people think the Orioles can be competitive doing A, B, and C when their direct competition (the Red Sox in this particular situation) are doing A, B, C, D, E, F..... And before someone brings up Tampa, the Orioles arent half the organization that tampa is in a number of ways and on top of that the Red Sox are now being run by a central part of the Tampa brain trust.
  12. Okay. Independent of everything you posted let's address this terrible fault of logic. This line of thinking is so completely wrong and misguided in every way. Players get injured/ don't pan out (yes, even #1 draft picks). And in the fortunate situation that you do end up with AR being a stud generational talent and you have someone like Campuasano coming up behind him as a stud prospect, you can then trade campusano to fill other holes in your now (hopefully) competitive roster. Not to mention your own post mentions that the Padres are able to use these prospects to fill holes because there previous prospects had entrenched themselves. 2019 WS winner: Nationals. With hits on prospects like Gio, Strasburg, Roark, etc. the Nationals were able to trade three highly thought of SP prospects (Lopez, Giolito, Dunning) for Adam Eaton who put up a 2.3 WAR and scored 100 runs. 2018 WS Boston: With Devers progressing as a top talent were able to ship Moncada for Sale and put a cheap Ace on top of their rotation. I could go on but the point is, this line of thinking should never be part of your calculus.
  13. I mean...read the post. I provided a specific situation in which we have a contender, the Padres, looking to salary dump, with specific prospects reported in the media as being part of the conversation.
  14. Don't know where you get $45 million from.
  15. Reports are the Red Sox are still talking about trading for Wil Myers and are talking about possible prospects Luis Campusano and Gabriel Arias coming back with him. If the Orioles could take half of Myers Salary ($30 over the next 3 years), they would essentially be paying what the Red Sox paid for Moancada for a potential high level A ball prospect. At some point you have to add prospect through means other than the draft/international spending or waiver wire dumpster diving. They dont have many tradeable commodities so this seems like a viable path toward more prospects.
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