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  1. The MO the last two games was to put humphrey on shadow coverage of their best WR. It will be interesting to see how they threat Hopkins this week. The ravens will have to be careful with the Houston TEs as they have been playing well and under the radar. Hyde doesnt scare me much.
  2. Architect of his own destruction. He was one of the first to push advanced metrics and statistics. He created reams of reports to show his players deserved to be paid more. Then the clubs started doing it and more and figured out the economics of baseball could be broken down into a lot more than whether a player got a customer through the gate. Then they stopped paying his 35 year old players multi millions of dollars. He also jacked salaries up so much he created an economic system where half the league's best strategy was to shut it all down, strip it to the bone and rebuild for 5 years for a small chance of a 3-5 year window. The GMs told the owners and the owners signed off because they could make more money. No one to blame but the man in the mirror. And the corruption of baseball will continue until the league realizes that they need to level the playing field a little bit more.
  3. I hate this argument: "But he hasnt played any good defenses." 1. He has, NE and Pit. 2. I can guareentee that every MVP in the history of the league played bad defenses. I might even argue that in the majority of instances the difference between the guy who won and the guy who finished second was ease of schedule. The fact is, every QB, every team plays bad defenses, that is a part of the standard variation of a 16 game schedule. Somethings are also true... Not every good QB handles bad defenses. In fact, even great QBs have bad games against terrible defenses (ahem Drew Brees v. Atlana last week). The sign of a great QB is the ability to bury bad defenses, be better than average against average defenses and even shine against great defenses. Lamar has done all these things including burying Miami and Cincinnati. His command of the offense that put both of those teams out of the game by the end of the first quarter allowed the ravens to play their game, rest their players, and keep something in the tank for tougher games down the road. If a player got nicked up during the game (Pierce) that's okay, you can come out and rest it, we dont need you to win this game. That is a sign of an MVP to me. Making the players and team around you better by doing what you are supposed to do, yes, even against the worst teams.
  4. The ravens signed former Bengal defensive tackle Domata Peko and former Raider DT Justin Ellis Peko is 35 but has played well in the AFC North for years. He was never signed this off season but has a lot of solid experience. Even in his last year he provided similar value to Michael Puerce and he has added value in the ability to get to QB occassionally. Ellis, 28, was IR'd and cut by the raiders with an injury settlement at the beginning of the year. He is a run stuffer and all around big dude at 6'2" 350. He had a solid 2017 with 48 combined tackles. To put these into perspective Michael Pierce who also had a very good 2017 had one more combined tackle. He also is ten pounds lighter than Ellis. That 2017 raiders team (albeit with Kalil Mack) held opposing offenses to less than 100 rushing yards 8 times. Ellis suffered from the issue of having an injury at the wrong time near the beginning of the 2018 season. The injury lingered and that meant the Gruden didnt see much value.
  5. I am married to a steelers fan so I have seen all of Mason Rudolph. He is not good. She doesnt think he is good. He survives largely on short passes. He does not have an arm to speak of. The defense is amazing right now but they have not played a real offense. I think the Browns, Cardinals, and Bill's (as a team) will give them problems.
  6. The benefit of an emerging wide open passing game in the NFL. The fact is Joe was rarely in the quartile for passing yards and when he was it was based largely on volume.
  7. This is without a doubt one of my favorite aspects of PNC park. Being able to see the field as you are traversing the concourse really adds to the game experience.
  8. It has occured to me that there is a potentially concerning reason for Thomas to be added as well. In watching the most recent games it is clear Hollywood is still recovering. We have not seen that speed nor have we seen the ravens take shots over the top. Thomas was the national athlete of the year in high school. He was the top 200 meter and 100 meter sprinter. Whilenhis combine 40 was 4.5, dude is fast. I think he is a little bit of Hollywood insurance. He is not going to replace Hollywood, but the skill set is there for him to run some of the same types of plays in the ravens offense. Plays that are critical to create running space for the RBs and intermediate space for the TEs.
  9. I dont understand this move at all. Canady had outplayed Averett. If you are going to sign Thomas then waive Jones.
  10. So I was going to start a thread but this fits here. Lamar Jackson after his first 16 starts (includes playoff loss) 12-4 record: 3121 pass yards, 19 TDs, 9 Ints. 1247 rushing yards, 9 TDs To put those in perspective vs. 2018 full season stats. He would have ranked 21st in passing. Only Roesthlisberger, Mahomes, Ryan, Luck, Rodgers, Watson, Brady and Cousins would have ranked ahead in total yards (pass+rush) with the latter two being basically equivalent. Only Zeke Elliot, Barkley and Gurley (by 4 yards) have more rushing yards. Unconventional and impressive for a first 16 starts. I would imagine after next week we will see the first 16 regular season start articles. And his pace is certainly getting better. This past week Lamar passed his 2018 rushing total.
  11. How many Hall of Famers did Ozzie Newsome draft? Some GMs go their entire careers and get maybe 1 or 2. Yanda has been one of the great underappreciated lineman of the past decade.
  12. The defense deserved a lot of credit. I think the days of the Ravens 2001 defense stifling an offe se into submission are long gone, but maybe still expected by some. Rules changes have lead to more open offenses. The best defenses manage, but dont stifle the best offenses, and sure occassionally they can dominate the worst offenses (see Bal v. Ten 2018). Talk about balance, right now the ravens are on pace to average 200 rypg/ 200 pypg. They would be the first team to do that. That is balance. And more so, that is identification of a market inequity. In a league where a teams 5th and 6th DBs are prioritized over their 3rd or even their 2nd DT the ability to run is identification of an imbalance that can be taken advantage of. They also seem to be very much in balance on the field too. They have created an offense that can stretch the field on the perimeter with Hollywood, over the middle with Andrew's, and side to side with decent possession recievers Snead and Robert's (who should have had a TD). I would like to see more of that, I would like them to really turn the screws on teams and make them pick their poison and I think they are getting there. I would think this offense is about 85% of what it could really be with reps, health and understanding of team identity. It was a good win. And walking into work today (in CT with lots of Pat's fans) feels pretty good.
  13. You have clearly found the good stuff. With 1 minute left in the 3rd quarter the patriots run an A gap blitz that goes unblocked. As the blitzer's approaches Lamar he turns and hoes the other way only to find Kyle Van Noy in contain on the other side. They literally have him contained on both sides with additional pressure up the middle. The problem? Lamar is a fast dude, jokes past Van Noy for 14 yards. That is quite possibly the best run you will see this season by anyone running back or QB. Moments earlier he hit willie snead on a crossing route. Watch the replay, as lamar rolls out a DB approaches him. Lamar pump fakes the DB off the ground and then delivers a perfect strike on the sideline to snead. Highlights
  14. Stupidity will be the downfall here. Trying to catch a punt on the run. Not covering up the ball. Personal fouls.
  15. This is probably true. Keep in mind a lot of the Pats scores are defensive too. This is not a juggernaut offense, but it is a smart one.
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