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  1. The prima facie answer to this question must include some consideration of ownership and their level of commitment. Right now that question simply can't be answered at best and that there will be little to no support for free agent acquisitions or extensions at worse. Given the on the field product and farm system without much in the way of free agent acquisition I would say 3 years on the close side and possibly never under the current leadership even if given a hypothetical 10 years. The trades are too hit and miss and we have yet (due in large part to a lost year) see much of what th
  2. Today's lineup has 4 players with OBPs over .300. Two of them are former prospects (Mullins and Stewart) who most of this board had identified as not being a future of this organization. I believe I have even seen people suggest they should be released before. The other two are two free agent acquisitions who are clearly not a long term part of this organization. This is not sad, its pathetic.
  3. There is one constant over that period and until it is gone I hold no hope.
  4. I realize its starting from a very bare pantry but how long will you realistically give Elias. You are already saying that the end of 5 years is not enough time. And by meaningful I would include major league or even AAA players who you would identify as pieces of a competitive team, realizing (on my part) that a competitive team is not filled with all stars. Do you see a player he has traded for as being a piece? Waiver wire pick up? I dont really.
  5. Bad fastballs. Getting through the order twice is about showing the batters something you haven't the first time. The old adage was get through once with your fastball then show them the breaking stuff. And while advanced statistics have blown up most old baseball adage, this one actually seems to be backed by some of the advanced stats. Baseball savant has a lot of resources. Harvey: His fastball is a little slow, gets hit hard. .308 average, .481 slugging. 14% Whiff rate is way off previous years league average of about 23-25%. He has tobuse breaking stuff early and doesn't have
  6. I just don't see it with this rebuild. I realize it doesn't happen over night, and I realize that Elias has focused on the draft and performance improvement which has raised the perception of the minor leagues but I would challenge anyone to this question, realizing there are some unknowns: By the end of the 2023 season (5 years for Elias) I expect the following players, brought into the organization by Elias, to have made a meaningful impact and be identified as part of a future competitive MLB team: Ruschman, ...
  7. So in three years Elias has somehow taken this team backwards. There is less offensive depth, less consistency, less power, less on base skills, and outside of AR I dont really see a prospect I am excited about offensively.
  8. Stage 3 Ass Kicker. Didn't think he would have this much power so quickly.
  9. I think this thread is the first time I ever realized that his initials are M.E.H.
  10. A lot of people think "we are rebuilding" can cover a lot of flaws in an organization, when the reality is when a team is rebuilding the flaws are magnified. Failures to trade, draft or develop correctly are the difference between a 5 year rebuild which I think a lot of people are hoping for, and a 10 year rebuild with multiple GMs which I honestly think we are a lot closer to right now than the former.
  11. Take a lot of young inexperienced players, add analytics that push a lift swing, deaden the ball allowing for more break on breaking pitches = a lot of strikeouts.
  12. I live in Connecticut and I always wanted make up a T-shirt that said "Yankees Suck" on the front, and "Don't worry the Sox suck too" with a big Baltimore Orioles on the back.
  13. I'm pretty quickly going from "what is hopefully elias' final tankathon season" to "what is hopefully Elias' final season". I just don't see it. I honestly think we see another 2 years of very mediocre team play until he is fired or the team is sold and he is fired by a new owner.
  14. Tampa does this tho they are very selective. They signed Lowe last year. They have signed Longoria and Archer in the past and thats just off the top of my head I am sure there are more.
  15. This looks like it could possibly be another miss from the Orioles. Teams that operate the way the Orioles want to operate dont really have the luxury of too many misses, they have to be able to evaluate and squeeze value out of every asset in the organization. They need to sell on the high and buy on the low and I have yet to see Elias show me that skill.
  16. We don't need a guy who can't hit a 51 mph pitch. /s
  17. I'm starting to be surprised anyone thinks Elias can evaluate talent. It seems to be his biggest blind spot. The defense on this team has gone backwards, the best parts of the major league team 3 years in are still products of the last leadership group.
  18. They don't have the okay from this ownership group to sign anyone to an appreciable extension so he will be gone. Its too bad but they are cleaning the pantry still and not interested in competing despite this being year three. No pitching. No defense. A very thin lineup.
  19. For a young bullpen this guy just not the starter this team needs. Maybe start him after a two inning opener.
  20. This entire thread kind of seems like debating over whether you should drive the Accord or the Altima when you have a Porsche coming in on back order.
  21. Yea, and the Yankees prospects are always the second coming of murderers row. Sometime you have to be your own hype man.
  22. Yaz has become a solid regular if not better. Bundy was a cy young candidate last year. Pop wasn't protected (we will see). He devalued players that were here. We can keep make excuses or just admit that he didn't value these players correctly, give them chances, try and make the appropriate adjustments (i.e. it was extremely evident Bundy could follow the path of other successful slide dominate pitchers.)
  23. If you get the same results with another cog in the machine that means the cog is fungible...no value added. You are disagreeing with the premise that we got the same results or that those results are significant, which is fine. But if you believe we would have gotten the result with any other GM...thats not great. Obviously its not that cut and dry. We have to see how his traded for assets perform in the minors this year. I just don't like his breadth rather than quality approach of trading or his devaluation of the assets left to him when he came in.
  24. This deal makes me sad. Not for Lindor, good for him. Its just that, its increasingly clear to me, that young fans in Baltimore will never have a Cal Ripken Jr to rout for. Someone who is the best in the sport and spends the majority of their career (realizing no one spends the entire career with one organization anymore) with the Orioles. Maybe new ownership would change that, but somehow I doubt that it will ever happen again without significant changes to the structure of baseball.
  25. I was going to post this. I think its actually a significant indictment of Elias to be honest.
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