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  1. Can we dispense with the "I don't see a player like X signing with us" Players in 95% of scenarios go to where the contract is biggest. And again, if Elias can't sign someone to a 4-6 year deal and convince them that the team willb be competitive during the term of that deal he probably should not be a GM.
  2. There are six recent all star SS's on the market this winter. The Orioles have to take advantage of supply, that exists this off season. Free agent classes like this rarely if ever come along. I this next thing I say with the utmost respect, but the notion that we can't block our infield prospects is utterly and completely asinine. You cant build a team solely through the farm system, and you cant worry about blocking anyone, save AR. You cant assume every prospect is going to make it, and certainly not as soon as they make it to the league (Mullins took 4 years). If you have
  3. Mateo should not stop the Orioles from getting one of the SS available this off season.
  4. If you think a farm system, and solely a farm system can restore a team to competitiveness then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.
  5. He has had two off seasons, if he hasn't tried to build a bullpen he should probably be fired. I see this a lot. "Its okay the Orioles are terrible because Elias has tried to make [insert aspect of team] better." Its a pretty lazy team building. The GM should always try and build more talent into the system and that doesn't always take free agent signings. While its great he has built a top farm system we also need to acknowledge that Elias has been fairly terrible at identifying additional talent. Maybe Wells, maybe Urias, maybe Mateo. Not much there.
  6. GMs that non tender promising young players based on years brought low by injury dont last long. Why nontender a guy who already brought his arb numbers lower with the injury?
  7. The only way Elias gets rid of him is if Elias is feeling the heat, which he won't with the farm system gains to fall back on. A new GM generally gets two HC's so why would we waste one before he even started trying to turn it around. IF he gives Hyde resources next year (or perceived resources) and the team struggles then Hyde "resigns". Elias says something about needing a veteran coach and brings in someone with some experience. This songs been sung so many times in MLB its almost cliche.
  8. I think its more about college athletes tying themselves to the machinery of an existing press and communications department than the organization. Its a good investment for the team because they already have all the processes, contracts and industry contacts in place and they can probably handle an NIL contract within existing staff. For a team in Atlanta getting the NIL contract for some SEC stud football player could be lucrative. If I were the Orioles I would be doing the same but for ACC basketball players.
  9. This is a really great analysis of how big and small market teams are different but I think there is one very important aspect that is worth mentioning. In a competitive team environment, large market teams can take larger risks without the same drawbacks. A $10 million dollar contract that is 5% of your $200 payroll is not going to hurt you as much as the same contract that is 20% of your $50 million dollar payroll. So a team like the Giants can sign Gausman last year as a throw away contract (good if it works out, okay if doesn’t) and reap the benefits when that works out.
  10. With 6 former all star shortstops being free agents and no prospects near ready it would be dereliction for the Orioles to not get one of them. The Orioles need to exploit supply and demand dynamics in free agency if they are going to ever build a real team.
  11. Well, he's not going to come out and say "We were supposed to be better than this, and i am disappointed my 2nd overall pick last year hasn't seen a baseball diamond in 18 months, and my pitching pick ups have been terrible, and I wish we had seen progress out of more than 3 players on the MLB roster." We knew we could lose is never acceptable. Even if you are the worst team in the league you should see progress out of more of the major league roster than 3 players. Absolute embarassment. I dont see how people think this is the system thats going to yield positive results.
  12. You think if I ask MLB TV for our money back I can get it? We are Orioles and Pirates fans...
  13. The Toronto model is not sustainable if it even gets off the ground (4.5 back for the second WC). Ray is pitching out of his mind and if they want to keep him it will be on a very tough contract to swallow down the road. Matz is on a one year deal. Stripling is borderline #4. Ryu is in year 2 of a 4 year contract he will be 36 at the end of. Barrios is basically the same as Ray. Short term with a big contract coming. If they retain Ray its unlikely they get a season like this again as he is outperforming peripherals. Its also likely Ryu starts to get worse in h
  14. Hard to be effusive about the minor league pitching when the Orioles just don't prioritize pitchers in the drafts under Elias. 2021: 9 of 20 picks. 7 of which were picks 14-19, and none of which were in the top 4 rounds. 2020: 1 of 6 picks. It was the last pick. 2019: Not a single pitcher before round 8, 9 of the first 20.
  15. Do people not realize that 1-2 innings as a reliever is completely different than getting shelled in the first as a starter?
  16. Its not the managers fault, but when the lens turns on the GM for lack of performance (inability to field a competitive pitching staff) then the manager is going to take the brunt of that criticism. I think Elias offers up this coaching staff for his failures this off season. And maintain that the Orioles will never complete a rebuild under Elias. Frankly I think the best thing the Orioles could do now is hire a real GM in the President of Baseball Operations, and shift Elias back to what he does best and has done best, which is create a top notch farm system. Is this a hot tak
  17. I'm sure you are going to cite the Rays... Or how small market owners are just jacking up profits in those down years and could be spending money to put a more competitive product on the field?
  18. These national writers need to highlight the disparity in the league between rebuild/competion cycles of large market teams and small market teams. Large market teams get to compete almost every season, and when they do have to "readjust" their rosters its for two years at most. We have seen this with the Yankees in 2016 when their "rebuild" resulted in 85 wins in 2016, Boston in 2014-15 and last year. They maintain payrolls in the mid $100 millions so even when rebuilding they can afford to buy prospects by taking bad contracts and take chances on short term high AAV contracts.
  19. I'm not going applaud Elias until I see a skill a GM must show that goes above and beyond a Scouting Director. He was already a good Scouting Director. Now show me something else.
  20. You have to balance the players wanting more money and guard against putting small market teams into mediocrity hell, and making sure the owners are happy. Under the current system the owners can take it in, the players suffer at the beginning of their careers due to control issues, the prime of their careers due to arbitration and the end of their careers due to better recognition of free agent player value. I don't like a hard cap. The system we have now is fine. I dont like a reverse draft. I do like a salary floor but it should still allow small market teams to do a th
  21. What evidence do you have that he "checked out"?
  22. "Stole $100 million..." gets three up votes. So in 2013 when he was worth 7.1 WAR, finished 3rd in the MVP race, lead the league in HRs and was making $3 million dollars...were the owners stealing from him?
  23. 1) We get to appreciate what he was to the Orioles competitive teams of the mid decade. We get to celebrate his career and how he made it from failed prospect to one of the most feared hitters in MLB. ....then all that other stuff.
  24. Chapman could get a QO because he was with the Yankees all season. Cashman told theo if you want him I want your best prospect.
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