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  1. Griffy - by a long long margin

    Ichiro/Iwamura - they have very similar swings and it is amazing how their set up leads to amazing contact. If I were teaching kids to hit I would want them to emulate this

    Matt Holliday - One of better young power hitters

    Is Jay Buhner still in the league? I realize he has retired but he always had a great swing.

    Sheffield - I know its not sweet, and I know its jsut to mangle the ball, but I think there is something to it.

  2. Given how good refs are at spotting fouls I often wonder when I see blatantly bad calls. I wouldn't be suprised if it was a much deeper seeded problem, spanning a few different sports.

    To me it makes sense that the NBA would be the first league they found this type of corruption in.

    Anyone for Jerry Crawford as the first guess?

  3. I would really like to see this FO get innovative. I think that is one of the things that the FO has not done the past few years. Whether its sticking themselves into another teams trade or making some moves that we didn't see coming, I would like the FO to make a trade that didn't look like it came off of MLB trade rumors.

    I would be happy with that.

    Getting bad contracts off the books is second.

  4. I don't think it matters that he is jewish at all. Until you said it I didnt even know. I think since there is no persecution/ discrimination here then it will never be that big of a deal.

    FWIW, most other current Jewish Players

    David Newhan

    Kevin Youkilis

    John Grabow

    Scott Showenweis

    Brad Ausmus

    Jason Hirsh

    Mike Lieberthal

    Jason Marquis

    Adam Stern

    The famous ones are Hank Greenberg and Sandy Koufax

    Source: http://www.baseball-almanac.com/legendary/Jewish_baseball_players.shtml

  5. The thing that gets me is this. They made it count. Then they did away with switching leagues each year. How stupid is that. Make it count and then take away the parity of venue, when the whole reason you made it count is to stress the importance of venue? Someone, anyone explain this one to me.

    As for the lack of players problem. It seems simply expanding the rosters is the most obvious solution.

    Fan voting needs to change. We were close this year to having another non deserving big market player at the game. Its fairly obvious that the voting needs to change to eliminate the big market population advantage.

    I am adamantly opposed to eliminating the one player from each team. I think if you do that you "disenfranchise" many people across the country. I also think you would get rosters made up of players predominately from 2-4 teams. Certainly the managers choices would be skewed toward their own team/ division if they don't have "quotas."

  6. Was it illegal and against the rules then? If not then I have no problem with it.

    Is it even against the rules now? Never seen that listed. Does Barry Bonds know? Because I think I saw him at a cattle auction the other day.

  7. What? No one thinks Tino "mumbles" Martinez was any good?

    What about "KY" who sounds like he was on roids at some point?

    I agree, with very few exceptions, the list is a sad one.

    I would love to see that show actually be about baseball. Right now it really should be called Yankees Tonight and air on the YES network.

  8. I think the problem the Cubs have is that Pinella doesn't like Murton, but the Organization does. Same thing is happening with Pie.

    I also think the organization is low on Jones and obviously would like to move the contract.

    I think offering a Payton/Ray deal could net you Jones and Murton. A Lowell type deal, where we take the Jones "baggage" is the only way I see getting one of their young prospects.

    Another consideration making deals with the cubs sticky is the new ownership group. This year the cubs will be quite handcuffed by new ownership that doesn't want any drastic changes before they get in.

  9. Bedard has to have a lot more value than Crawford right now...

    I am sure that Crawford would get a tremendous contract, but Bedard on the open market right now would be worth a mint. With the price people are paying for pitching right now, even 2 years of pitching would be worth more than Crawford.

    Though I think you have to factor in time under control and age. Though you could factor out the difference in age by saying that pitchers generally pitch at a plateau whereas batters peak.

    Even factoring that in, I have to give the edge to Bedard as having more value. The market sets the price, and the price is high.

  10. He'll be a lot cheaper than Hunter, Suzuki or Jones and probably as good for a longer period of time. Money is one thing we can afford to spend. We have no CF is our system. We need to get one to last a few years.

    I would agree that the money will dry up somewhere, even Cameron is expected to get a 3/30 range deal. That will probably make guys like Rowand good deals, much the same way that the money dried up on catchers (Molina) a few years ago. But I don't know that Rowand is going to continue to perform how he has.

    I think the best course for CF is go after a big name, and if the money goes to high, to the point that it is a bad contract) then wait until the market bottoms out on a guy like Rowand or Cameron.

    I also think if Patterson rebounds that he is still #6 or 7 on the CF chart of FA's. There are just so many. Supply and Demand...if the Orioles are smart they will get a good deal.

  11. While I expect to have a few retorts concerning trading within the division, if DCab/Olson/Reimold nets Alex Rios, we need to do it. And yes, I would trade all three to get him. Rios is becoming one of the premiere young outfielders in the game and would fit beautifully in LF for us for the next decade or so.

    He is really the guy that intrigues me the most, especially because they are willing to give him up, but I still think that is too much.

    What was their asking price this summer? It has to be higher now right?

  12. Personally, I don't trade a pitcher (Starter) without Leo's blessing. We did the impossible. We kept Leo and got rid of Sammy P. I think despite what some might think, that there is little doubt as to the effectiveness of Leo. Leo has said he will stay BECAUSE of the young talent. So I don't trade that young talent unless I get his blessing, or risk losing him.

    IMO a few years of Leo as the pitching coach could right this organization back to the pitching it was once known for.

    Right now that means I don't trade Bedard, Cabrera, Guthrie, or any other young starter unless he thinks they are hopeless (he may be there with Cabrera). I also think trading one of these guys is thinking too much of the rest of the UNTESTED young talent. Even Cabrera is a great value for the next few years.

    Actually on the topic though: I don't think there is the LF talent in FA (1 or 2 guys) that the Orioles need long term. I agree you have to trade, but find that tough to do right now unless you are getting one of (Kemp, Quentin, Rios, or a few others.) I also doubt you get those guys for what this Organization can give up.

    If you can't get one of them, then I say lets see what in organization talent can do. I do not see LF being a primary necessity until 2009 at the earliest, at which point we should know if Bedard will stay.

  13. All I can think is that Knott is still injured. Did he even get and AB up here. Also, with the front office giving a lot of time to Gibbons right now to increase his trade value I think Knott was an odd man out. At least for the time being.

  14. I think you are right SG in when you would trade Bedard in a 1 for 1. If you trade Tejada or Roberts for two solid hitting prospects, and maybe you get someone who might pan out from Mora, Millar, Trachsel, or other trades then maybe you are in position to trade Bedard straight up.

    Right now the Orioles are not in position to trade Bedard 1 for 1. Maybe down the road you will be in that position, but not now. I think this further emphasizes the need to wait on a Bedard trade.

    What happens if the team in a year has traded Tejada, Millar, and Trachsel and now has a LF and a SS of the furture - solid good young guys who will be anchors. To go with that Bedard has turned into a bonafide ace, but has recently stated he will not sign an extension with the O's. Then it would be nice to trade him somewhere for an upton type talent 1 for 1, but the Orioles need to get somewhere before they trade Bedard.

  15. Upton has been compared to Griffey Jr. and ARod, as far as talent level. Not many players have had that sort of praise heaped upon them.

    Urton would likely move to LF and Byrnes may then get dealt. I wish the DBacks would do Bedard straight up for Upton, but I have to believe they'd turn us down.

    I think trading Bedard in a one-for-one no matter who you are getting back is a dumb trade. I have stated that it is too early to trade Bedard, but if you did the Orioles better get 2-3 solid close prospects. The Orioles have way to many needs to trade in one-for-one trades, and way too few good trade commodities to do it.

    Now I realize someone is going to say what about Bedard for Vladdy...you wouldn't do that? I would say that 1) you wont get the type of major league talent you want and 2) if you do get offered an upton type prospect I still think you are putting too many eggs in one basket. Bad injuries happen...and if one did after the trade the Orioles would be in an even worse position.

  16. I think Bedard stays at a high level and only has the potential with his K rate to break out even more. With two years remaining on his contract I think trading him now is foolhardy. We need to wait a year and here is why:

    1. Gives him time to really break out to what we saw in ST. His trade value only goes up. At 28 there is definitely room for improvement.

    2. Gives our prospects that we will need to compete more time to sort themselves out. There is no point in going after Salty if Rowell goes to 1st and Wieters signs.

    3. We will know more about Bedard's intentions regarding an extension. He may not even know right now if he will sign an extension in 2+ years.

    I don't think it is the right time to trade Bedard unless the orioles are offered 2 or 3 top prosects in a trade.

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