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  1. I don't know. If you could get the best CB in the draft and you have Tom Brady in your league...
  2. Switched 1st rounders, gave up their seconds and switched 5th rounders
  3. Turnbow is speculative at best. You couldn't say we would have gotten him in a trade. As for Speier, hes 33 and signed a 4 year 18m deal. Baez is 29, so a 3y deal is a much better value. Speier probably wont have any value late in his contract, and likely will be a type B freeagent at best. Whereas I think its likely Baez will still be a type A. So if we don't trade him he has better value when he walks. Plus Baez has exp. closing which allows the Orioles to make Ray expendable. I have to go with Bluedog here. Baez was the best deal.
  4. I think sometimes you have to pay a little to get better now, so you can attract better talent for cheaper later. I mean, provided the BP keep this up, what starter would not want to come here? BP that won't blow your lead? Check Great pitching coach who has had multiple CY's? Check A group of pitchers who have admitted to having great chemistry? Check If this pitching leads to winning then eventually the hitters will come. I think these will all lead to better signings down the road.
  5. That doesn't depend on Dunn, it depends on his agent. He might be perfectly happy accepting an extension. His agent might want him to test the market, especially after what I expect will be the FA market will be this offseason. Between Arod (likely, setting a market), Jones, Hunter, factor in Wells...OF talent may be very expensive in two years. I do think though that any trade for Dunn would start with Ray or Penn, and am happy if does start with Ray. I think hes expendable.
  6. Man would I love to see that: Roberts, Dunn, Markakis, Tejada, Huff, Mora, Hernandez, ?, ?. That is a sick lineup up top. And with 4 viable outfileders and fear of not being able to resign Dunn the reds might be ready to deal. That being said I think it is more likely they try and unload Griffy.
  7. The team should start investing in younger players and not 30+ players. If they sign 30+ players it should be perennial all-stars who will continue to perform or in the bullpen to an extent. This team needs to stay younger, and invest in the young talent that they have, especially the pitchers. The #1/2 priority in this Organization should be to rebuild the farm system to top 5 in the league and sign the young starters they have to nice long contracts (4 years or so)
  8. On the topic, I said last night to the people we were watching the game with in the 8th that this game ends when he brings in Birkins. This was some of the ugliest managing I have ever seen. You had to know that Leyland was sitting there thinking the same thing: This guy is using a reliever an inning. We just have to beat him out until he brings in the last pitcher in his bullpen, the guy who hasn't pitched for a week, the guy who is a lefthander, we were 3rd best at hitting them. This was a bad game for me for several reasons which have probably already been said: 1. Birkins should ha
  9. This is what I suggested 10 posts earlier, and I got blasted? Must be the rep.
  10. Saito is now, but they have Broxton in waiting. But if it were possible I would trade Ray for Loney staightup or with them adding someone else in. Parrish has looked beastly and may be ready to step up. I think this is pretty fair as well based on the Pirates/Braves trade earlier this year.
  11. They did. Their names are Dubois, Knott, Phelps, and House. Unfortunately Dubois got injured They already had 4 other Knotts They didn't protect Phelps from the Rule 5 And, House didn't play himself into a spot in ST
  12. I have to say though that Emil Brown may have a higher OPS, .815 last year, but he's horrible at hitting lefties, whereas Sanders was above .800 OPS against lefties.
  13. This guy is the next JD Drew. High potential, oft injured. The key will be getting him for the 2-3 years that he is productive. I don' t think that is this year, and I think athough he would help us he would cost too much. Maybe taking another crack at him at the end of the year when TB says enough and his value drops.
  14. I have to fall on the Davearm, Tony-OH side of the ball on this one. I think that it not smart to think that a player does not improve with experience. There is the rare exception that throws lights out and can not think too much and still be successful, but this is the rare case, and at the very least bringing them to the ML might increase the chance of injury. Look at Liriano. He comes to the bigs, and throws lights out. He's making the best hitters look like little leaguers. But to do it he is turning to speed rather than location. If he had stayed in the minors two things would have
  15. As much as I like Ray right now I think that strong closers are a great asset to trade and fiorintino and Gibbons are both expendable right now. I would love to see something like this happen, even as hard as giving Ray up would be I think it would really shore up the outfield. And if the FO got on the FA jump next year and added one of the top 3 CF I think you would have to consider a 2009 orioles OF that may be the best in the league.
  16. I think this trade epitomizes the idea that you would rather have SP over RP. Though I don't quite get this one like most people.
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