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  1. Is it cheating if the interpreters of the rule ignored it? MLB and by extension the umpires were not interpreting sunscreen as a foreign substance and were not enforcing against it. Pine tar, only if egregiously used. In fact it should throw up a red flag to everyone that despite defining some 50 or so terms in the rules, MLB does not define foreign substance. Is it cheating in basketball if the refs don't interpret half the dribbles in the league to be a "carry". They are by a strict interpretation of the rule but they don't have a strict interpretation. Words, and by extension
  2. Trading a catcher to the pirates is probably not a good sign for your desire for Soriano to be DFAd. My opinion is you don't call up Adley until you have put some money into the MLB roster and set a foundation for success. There are a plethora of free agent shortstops available this off season. Bring in some leaders who know what being a competitive team is all about. Vavra isn't ready. He has a great bat, but he also has some holes in his game. If you DFA Harvey and Lowther isn't ready? Also don't expose young pitchers to whatever the hell MLB has decided to do with foreign sub
  3. Major league baseball needs to provide an approved substance right now. And not the rosin bag everyone knows doesn't work. Make all the teams use it and level the playing field.
  4. Ask the owners. Not wasting the talent we have coming will be about where the owners are willing to stretch payroll to and fill in gaps with quality major league players.
  5. Released seems a little strong at this point?
  6. The problem is you have to have space to develop players. Given the depth at single and double A I think its fair to expect the Orioles aren't trading Santander for 2-3 "maybe" prospects unless they feel they have space for those players to play every day. And yes, the asking price should be high right now, that is how you negotiate.
  7. I agree that I think we are done with the breadth of prospects trades. One more 1 for 4 trade and things start getting very tight in the low minors.
  8. Depends, there are a lot of factors. When does Elias think the competitive window starts, what is the return (report is the asking price is "insane", what is their internal evaluation of Diaz?
  9. Keep in mind that it has taken Mullins parts of 4 seasons to get where he is. Means could have been a piece of a championship team last year but he is in year three. For those expecting that you can trade guys and replace them with top prospects you have to realize that for some prospects, even top ones, the finishing process that makes them valuable playoff team pieces can take 2-4 years. You aren't going to trade Santander, replace him with Yusniel Diaz, and not miss a beat.
  10. Thats in line with what Driveline teaches pitchers. As much as spin rate matters, the axis of that spin, as effected by arm slot, grip, etc, matters just as much if not more.
  11. I will say what I have said before on Means, there is little evidence in his movements charts that he has gained significant advantage from anything, other than the fact that he now throws a very good curveball that he did not throw his first two years in the league. I dont know how you measure the effect in the change in performance on the curve and attribute that to either 1) grip enhancer or 2) a guy decided to work on what had been his fourth pitch and improve its performance. Vertical movement in inches of drop (2018,19, 20, 21): FB: 16.2, 13.3, 11.8, 11.5 Change: 22.2, 2
  12. It doesn't at all, and thats a vast simplification of spin rates. It doesn't mean that the ball necessarily moves more, or in the direction the pitcher wants, or makes the pitch more effective. There are other factors. Sinkers with too much spin don't move, at a point increased spin on a curveball become negligible, changeups want less spin (most of the time). More spin means the potential for more movement but axis of the baseball, the angle of it being thrown, the drag from the laces, magnus force, are also really important. I recommend this blog post for a lot more information. T
  13. I watched the video and I think its half good reporting based on statistics and half terrible speculation without sources. What is interesting about baseball is the amount of information (statistics, metrics, measurements) we get out of the game. It is almost unmatched in any other sport. We know exactly where the ball is and we know how much it has moved. Baseball is also a sport with a lot of money, and a lot of highly driven, very skilled individuals. This creates a triumvirate: Money, Information, Drive. Given these three factors, it's not surprising that baseball playe
  14. Zimmerman is bottom 15th percentile in xavg, xobp, xslg, barrel% and K% with a below average fastball but above average movement. He is slightly above average in whiff% and chase rate. His success is directly tied to his ability to locate the ball. Early in the season he was catching too much of the plate and getting hit hard. Of late he has been locating his fastball high and catching corners with his breaking stuff.
  15. I can believe that. I was trying to remember what I had read in the book about those pirates teams and that was written 5 years ago.
  16. Russell Martin's move to the Pirates, replacing Ryan Doumit was worth, if I remember correctly, about 150 runs, about .23 per 100 pitches. Thats significant. That makes a real difference in outcomes.
  17. Matt Stairs had a fine career and thats where I would expect DJ to end up. 15-25 HRs, .330-.350 OBP, not much in the field.
  18. Haha. Lopez throws a sinker (3rd percentile - low) in spin rate. I suppose he could be using a substance to decrease spin but I highly doubt it.
  19. I posted in another thread ("Is Means cheating" maybe) some pretty extensive analysis about how his spin rates have not changed significantly since he entered the league. So to answer your question, not really at all.
  20. 1000 ABs establishes the stabilization point for many hitting metrics, a little less for some. So we have 250-300 ABs to get there.
  21. Watched the game in person. Some thoughts. Vavra struck me as a really good hitter. He had hits the first two times through the lineup and in both instances he was getting what the pitcher was giving him and he had very good control of the bat. Both were solid contact and well placed. Ferguson is a fire cracker. His stolen base was from second to third...on a lazy throw back to the pitcher. His double, was on a baseline to Short Left Centerfield. I'm not talking about a ball that got past an outfielder, but just a solid contact single. He busted his but out of the box to be ab
  22. As stated above I was in Hartford watching this game seated about 10 rows back from home plate just toward first base. The first thing I noticed was how effortless his speed was. Like crazy easy 99 with few over 100 on tge stadium gun. GR gave up hard contact early, the first time through the lineup and I was a little surprised, the Hartford team has two top 30 position prospects in the rockies system, its not a super strong line up. I felt like he was trying to get through the lineup once mostly on fastballs. When he really started to unleash his slider you could tell. Th
  23. Watching him in Hartford right now. Easy Cheese. Like effortless 99.
  24. Took tge survey.. The researchers should know that results from this site will skew some statistics. Are you okay with people criticizing the Orioles? - have you read the OH? Do you know that there is a thread here called "Orioles Win, Yankees lose." The schadenfreude is just baked in there.
  25. You are slightly correct. His walk % has risen since I last looked at it. Its 9.8% a little below average, but last year and the year before he was well above average (79th percentile last year), showing a pitcher capable of keeping walks down. You are correct that his BABIP is not an outlier, so I think you are probably correct there and looking at his hard hit % probably shows a pitcher whose grounders are even a little hot to handle (above league average). I will still maintain that I think he could be a league average pitcher with some small tweaks.
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