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  1. #34 is waiting for you Felix. Just like #34 was waiting in 1993 for a former CY Young Award winner and six time all star. He like you signed with the Orioles in February (the 27th) after not pitching in the majors or minors the year before. Two years prior, in 1991, he logged a 12.15 ERA in six innings of MLB work. Certainly it was assumed there was nothing left in the tank. Fernando Valenzuela, at age 32, came in and made 31 starts for the Orioles in 1993 and while it was no longer “Fernandomania” he did throw 178 innings. Those 178 innings included five compete games, two of which were shutouts! It was a different era of course, it is unlikely anyone today would get 31 starts walking 4 batters a game while striking out only 3.9. Fernando’s WHIP was 1.444, his WAR 0.5, his record 8-10 and ERA 4.94. The team itself was not bad, Johnny Oates brought them in at 85-77 for third place in the east. Oh yeah in 1993 there were starters aged 24 and 25 in the rotation. Mike Mussina was 24 and Ben McDonald was 25. This year we will have Dean Kremer at 24 and Keegan Akin at 25. Mike Elias was a 10 year old Alexandria, VA Oriole fan in 1993. Does he remember that year? Thanks for bringing in “King Felix” Mike. February is a great time to dream!
  2. Maybe just base the ranking upon each teams last 162 regular season games. Of course the Nats would be hurt since they got off to a bad start in 2019 until Gerardo Parra brought in the “Baby Shark”.
  3. Anyone who thought the Blue Jays shouldn’t play in Buffalo because it wasn’t major league.... how about the facilities staff of the reigning World Series champions! Since pot is decriminalized in DC maybe a dispensary could sponsor the tarp rolling ... “how to correctly roll”.
  4. My opinion, this is more an issue of Hyde not being more of a schmooser with the beat writers. Buck wouldn’t have just said “unavailable”. My speculation is that two issues surrounding the Orioles organization in the 48 - 72 hours prior to Wednesday’s game come into play. Davis’ role as MLBPA player rep required his significant participation in both the Orioles schedule change and proposed MLB rules changes. Secondly, the passing of Mo Gaba, given Davis and his wife’s charitable work, especially in the area of pediatric surgery, there might be some connection there as well. Be well Chris Davis.
  5. JimGinSP

    Mike Yastrzemski

    2 things regarding Mike Yaz. 1. I never quite reconciled the fact that Dan, given his past connection with the Red Sox and presumably some connection with Mike’s HOF grandfather, didn’t throw the kid a bone down the stretch in 2018. 2. Being that baseball players are famously superstitious, when you go 3 for 3 and 2 for 4 when you kneel before a game do you keep kneeling?
  6. Last year I went to a game at OPACY, I don’t get to as many as I used to since I moved to western MD so not sure if the following was commonplace during the season. Seventh inning stretch rolled around and This Land Is Your Land was played instead of God Bless America. I was thrilled and in my mind attributed it to John and Louis Angelos. I wanted to post my appreciation here on OH but I thought it would violate the no politics rule. This thread made me rethink my decision.
  7. Scores high as being personable and well spoken! Was also interesting during the “Texas History Quiz”, when he and Millar were asked to name one of the seven Texas born Hall of Famers, he quickly answered “ Nolan Ryan” (natch) but when neither he nor Millar came up with a second quickly, Chris Rose read the rest. Frank Robinson was one of them, to which Lacy commented “ I did not realize Frank Robinson was born in Texas”. (Almost like .... how did I miss that when studying up on the Orioles.... 🤔!)
  8. Great stories, but It made me think... if she’s truly been an O’s fan all her life and a SABR member since 13... who is she HERE. 😉 Good chance season ticket holder Dad knows the OH as well! Eve, we want you to do a good job and live our dreams too!
  9. Actually, a more apt comparison would be failing the Mayor or Governor for funding, planning and building a white elephant convention center and architecturally deficient hotel which actually permanently detract from “the ballpark that forever changed baseball”. Plus the MASN litigation is not in the GM’s realm, it’s not like he can come in and say “I know a better team of lawyers to handle this, let me get rid of yours”.
  10. Yeah Sorry I realized that after typing, only the braintrust and some nasty weather..... they apparently had some good giveaways, not so sure if beer was available.
  11. Gunnar, Grayson & DL at the happy hours? Keep an eye on those young ‘uns! City fans, no crying in baseball, you had your chance back on Dec 14 at Camden Yards at the Winter Warm Up.
  12. Since I am playing with someone else’s money 🤠, I would rather bet a $3M ML contract on Scooter Gennett. Torn hamstring derailed his 2019. He will be 30 years old on May 1. His career OPS vs RHP of .816 would combine well with Hanser. Pretty much a 2B only, but has dabbled at 3B and some LF. The problem is he made 9M plus last year. How low has his stock fallen? Fun fact: Scooter is a Sarasota HS grad.
  13. “pies” ....... player shenanigans Manny at SS ....... lineup card shenanigans I will agree with you he was skilled at dodging pesky reporters questions about the above shenanigans!
  14. Well let’s see..... he apparently outlawed “pies” but allowed Manny to play SS.
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