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  1. I’d rather dream of Cowser leading off for the O’s with Mullins going 30/30/100 rbi behind him in the 2 or 3 hole! 🤫 BTW: Sal Frelich has been in Brewers A+ for 10 games and is being challenged, (OPS:580) after tearing up rookie(4 gms. 1.196) & A (16 games 1.085). Frelich also only has 2 minor league HR’s. Psychologically I think you should challenge Cowser before the season ends. Move him up!
  2. One night later..... Turn about is fair play they say. With an extra loss for us due to the dh sweep (ouch). I don’t root for the O’s to lose but I was intrigued by the idea of the Red Sox, Yankees, Blue Jays, Mariners and Athletics all ending the day with 64 losses. Looks like the east teams will be at 63, west 65.
  3. Three things: 1.) If everyone took their finger and ran it around the nacho carrier to get every bit of that cheese sauce we wouldn’t have a rat problem! 2.) The rat got free admission after getting it’s COVID shot. 3.) The video of the Ch 2 report reminds me how long it’s been since fans said “I miss Memorial Stadium. Camden Yards is filled with the wine and cheese crowd”. (Well at least the rat has a cheese connection) (Three strikes I’m out!)
  4. Yeah well us beating the Yankees and Seattle getting closer to the Red Sox and Yankees for the WC was worth it today!
  5. Roch had mentioned when the 2022 schedule was released that the O’s would have 14 weekend series next year (a rarity). The Sunday Williamsport game keeps the Sunday 13 game plan in order while the O’s still get the benefit of the extra Friday and Saturday home dates.
  6. JimGinSP

    Stiven Acevedo

    Can fit a 30 second commercial in that trip around the bases!
  7. Wait, What? Will the Chris Davis 2022 salary count towards next years floor?
  8. Amazing! On the same day, the hangouts two biggest lightning rods of the last decade, gone from the game!
  9. The Marlins are going to need to finish the season in Buffalo if this keeps up.
  10. 3.500 OPS is just slightly less than the combined total of the rest of the line up!
  11. JimGinSP

    Jonah Heim, Hero

    Great for Heim but certainly we wanted Seattle to win that game to stay ahead of the MFY’s in the wild card race! (Currently both are 2.5 gms back)
  12. The catcher “rivalry” that the future may hold could be exciting! Let’s hope it lasts longer than the Manny & Harper “rivalry”.
  13. Don’t forget Richie Martin who has just started his rehab with a game in Florida and another with Bowie. They are really testing him out too.... 4 SB attempts in the two games, 3 successful. I think he leapfrogs Leyba.
  14. Considering the Nats COVID issues this week they might be considered a super spreader! 😜
  15. I just wish Dan could have called him up after trading Britton. You think Buck had problems with cream pies after a win? 😂
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