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  1. Yeah Sorry I realized that after typing, only the braintrust and some nasty weather..... they apparently had some good giveaways, not so sure if beer was available.
  2. Gunnar, Grayson & DL at the happy hours? Keep an eye on those young ‘uns! City fans, no crying in baseball, you had your chance back on Dec 14 at Camden Yards at the Winter Warm Up.
  3. Since I am playing with someone else’s money 🤠, I would rather bet a $3M ML contract on Scooter Gennett. Torn hamstring derailed his 2019. He will be 30 years old on May 1. His career OPS vs RHP of .816 would combine well with Hanser. Pretty much a 2B only, but has dabbled at 3B and some LF. The problem is he made 9M plus last year. How low has his stock fallen? Fun fact: Scooter is a Sarasota HS grad.
  4. “pies” ....... player shenanigans Manny at SS ....... lineup card shenanigans I will agree with you he was skilled at dodging pesky reporters questions about the above shenanigans!
  5. Well let’s see..... he apparently outlawed “pies” but allowed Manny to play SS.
  6. This! I know Crane might be having trust issues right now but Buck (of all people) won’t be able to help himself from shmoosing the owner. Actually Dan makes sense here as GM then you can see if Chaim would hire Buck in Boston. I think eventually the Mets job will come available as well.
  7. Here’s a conspiracy theory for ya. Stay the course with Mancini (playing him mainly in the OF) while the O’s are non contenders in order to suppress his future value. Is it really so much different than holding back the time clock on prospects?
  8. That’s probably the .05. 🤔
  9. Congrats to Mr. Elias for raiding Orioles Hangout and stealing away Luke-OH! Luke-OH, I guess you will get to know Ms. Rosenbaum now!
  10. Ya know that’s true🤔! Guess I liked that “structure” of six pre-set dates because I live in Hagerstown, the grandkids in Anne Arundel, so for me it’s not really a spur of the moment decision to go to a game.
  11. Enough of the firefight already, It’s the Jr Orioles Club! I’ve signed my 2 grandsons up for the Jr. Orioles Club for the last 5-6 years. Last year the adults accompanying the club member could sit in the upper deck for $8. In previous years it was $6. There was also an option to sit in the lower level left field sections for $15 for accompanying adults. Last year for $20 the child got a backpack, lanyard, cap, subscription to Jr. Orioles Magazine and vouchers to 6 preselected games. Last year all the games were Sunday afternoon games, in previous years they were a more random selection. Usually half were against prime opponents such as Sawx, Yanks, Angels, Indians. At each game there was also a giveaway table up in the left field play zone area where the child could show their membership card and get another gift such as a free Wendy’s sandwich coupon or a small pack of baseball cards. I really felt the program was an exceptional value that created great family experiences. That being said, the lack of energy, and fans, in the stadium last year due to the losing does make you notice how far you are from home plate. Never had a problem stretching out and putting your legs over the seat in front of you last year however!😃 Anyway I am sure I will enroll my 11 & 9 year old grandsons again this year and maybe my 7 & 2 year old granddaughters as well. The Orioles are telling me I can have 4 vouchers worth up to $192 for a $20 enrollment. So that’s four $48 seats. Sounds like a good seat and a good deal. The one thing I will miss however, is the thought that I had 6 opportunities to go to a game inexpensively and would look ahead to those dates on the calendar, letting the grandkids know when the next game was as well when I would drive them home. It would seem it would make more business sense for the Orioles to make it a habit for youngsters to go to six games in a season as opposed to the four vouchers that will most likely be used by a family all at one game.
  12. Can we achieve better value for Villar, Mancini, Bundy and or Givens by being the third team in on a Boston trade of Betts and/or Bradley? While the Sawx are looking to shed payroll I can’t imagine they are considering any sort of MLB rebuild. Based on this: https://www.bostonherald.com/2019/11/10/red-sox-at-gm-meetings-trading-mookie-betts-should-be-priority/ Sawx are in need of 1B, 2B, back end starter and relief. We just so happen to have all those MLB options available for discussion. The author compared the Betts trade to our trade of Manny. Would Sawx Nation be satisfied with 5 prospects? Or does Chaim Bloom appease the fan base by flipping a Diaz or Kremer type prospect in part of a deal for 1 or 2 of our MLB pieces previously mentioned?
  13. 37 y.o. Darren O’Day re-signs with the Atlanta Braves for a 2.25 M guarantee and 3.5 M club option for 2021 per a club release. When the trade went down in 2018 did anyone think that O’Day would be the pitcher extending their career in Atlanta?
  14. Last off-season they produced the show at Bunzzz sports bar in Gallery Place. First of all the name of the place sounds like a Hooters wanna be like the Tilted Kilt. Secondly anytime I heard any of the show it sounded like Jim Hunter was in an echo chamber leading me to believe the crowd was sparse. If they couldn’t draw 100 people at Bunzzz they probably just asked the flagship station to produce it on their own site. As for “squeegee boys” I remember driving up from downtown to Memorial Stadium and seeing the same. Guess those guys are these window washers’ grandfathers! Not sure they still exist in other cities. Maybe a Baltimore “thing” like the Arabbers..... (horse drawn produce merchants).
  15. They need to get rid of the You Tube TV commercial that starts off with the catch in front of the Fenway standings board which immortalizes Baltimore 47 - 115 on the bottom. Glad I chose FUBO for a free trial to watch the series. On the other hand the “hold my beer” Budweiser commercial with Charlize Theron.... best 30 seconds on TV!
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