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  1. I think this is a good thing because it takes Means out of the All Star Game convo. Gives Mullins and Mancini better chances of selection. And lest anyone has forgotten how Orioles’ aces get treated in the All Star Game........ Cito Sucks!
  2. Confidence is hard to judge though. Mullins is currently exhibiting cool confidence playing at an elevated level. Exhibit A being the diving catch the other night. He calmly flipped the ball to Stewart after the catch. Compare to Hays and his exuberant chest beating after a couple of fence scaling catches last year. Cockiness and confidence may intersect but are not the same things.
  3. Bob Dylan just hit 80 and I think he could do something with that line! Weams, I don’t know you personally and though I joined the Hangout 15 years ago and check in multiple times daily year ‘round, I only have about 80 posts! I long ago realized you were “the man” here and truth do tell when you upvoted me on a few of my random posts it was a special thrill! Thanks! Thoughts and prayers for a full recovery! Here’s some Bob with The Band ...... https://youtu.be/P1fSVbBwVX8
  4. Well Norfolk is playing this guys’ team, maybe seek out his opinion. https://www.mlb.com/amp/news/david-hess-throws-6-1-3-no-hit-innings-against-jays.html
  5. Well if Hays can make it through his rehab (and I would max that out btw) McKenna will be back in Norfolk by July 1. It’s the managers job to put him in the right spots while he’s here. Hyde hasn’t buried him.
  6. Sorry, I’m not a MASN subscriber, is Hyde starting to get the deer in the headlights look Perlozzo and Trembley ended up having during the pressers?
  7. Kind of aggravating that the Red Sox were able to attach David Price’s bloated contract to Mookie Betts and still get back MLB ready Alex Verdugo in that deal with the Dodgers.
  9. None other than Brooks Robinson highly praised a young third baseman named Ryan Zimmerman way back in the day. Looks like he still has game.
  10. Remember when Mancini was struggling as a young player after some early success? He credited Trumbo with helping him out and getting back on track. Maybe Mancini paid it forward, and that would be great!
  11. After last night, scheduled for mandatory remedial baserunning training.
  12. “Bad read” = Dead duck” Twice in 8 days. My question here would be did Masolino switch up and say “go go go” upon seeing Soto overthrow the cutoff man? When Hays was told to stop, he did actually slow down and hesitate, shouldn’t it have become Masolino’s decision, not Hays’ to revise course? Hyde needs to be having a talk with one of the two and it needs not include the “I kind of understand” narrative fed to the press.
  13. At times like these it’s fun to see that the last pitcher the Orioles faced yesterday was named Head and the last pitcher the Orioles faced today was named Hand.
  14. Just a quick glance at playoff contenders who could use an upgrade at 1B/DH. Oh there is definitely “something to get excited about” for OH. Just not in the way this thread has been speculating. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/d/dalbebo01.shtml
  15. Bittersweet because Trey and the MLB Orioles seem to be on opposite trajectories, some team will want him badly in the next two months.
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