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  1. With Nats up 2-0 and coming home for 3 games I got to thinking..... Washington in the World Series, that’s quite an event! Maybe the President throws out the first ball.... OMG the President might throw out the first ball! Alert, alert ...... get all tweets in ASAP, Twitter meltdown coming!
  2. I looked at Arraez prior and wonder if he is more of the real deal than our own Hanser Alberto? Does a contending team just hand him second base? Arraez has age in his favor, he is 4 1/2 years younger than Hanser, I’m not sure if that equates to athleticism but it seems Arraez was previously being groomed as super utility (2B, 3B, LF, SS) before supplanting Schoop. Twins also have some tender decisions with Eddie Rosario predicted at $8.9 and C.J. Cron at $7.7 by MLBTR. Combined they didn’t reach Villar’s 4.0 WAR. Arraez - 336 PA .334/.399/.439. Left hand hitter Albero - 550 PA .305/.329/.422. Right hand hitter
  3. The Orioles are limited in trade partners for Villar but two AL possibilities stand out, Oakland and Minnesota. Oakland has soured on Jurickson Profar all while he is projected at $5.8 million in arb per the same MLBTR article. He is considered a non tender candidate. Oakland is serious about contending and wants middle infield improvement. Minnesota just paid old friend Jonathan Schoop $7.75 million on a 1 year contract to watch him become a part time player. They are understandably pissed about their playoff showing against NYY and apparently have money to spend. Our return should be better than 2 Dominican youngsters from teams like this.
  4. I just completed my latest “Orioles Insight Panel” survey which concentrated on radio, TV and social media preferences. The survey also asked for opinions of radio and TV announcers. In terms of ability to watch or listen to games, questions included whether one would be more likely to listen to Mon - Thurs night games in April, May and September if they started at 6:35 or 6:05. There were also questions regarding how one “engages” with Orioles fans and receives news. ESPN, Bleacher Report, Camden Chat, Baltimore Baseball.com and others listed as options but not our beloved Hangout! There was a write in space for “Other”. I proudly entered Orioles Hangout! (But pretty upset it wasn’t listed!) If you’re a member be sure to write us in!
  5. It would have been a warm and fuzzy with the Davis HR putting us ahead and Hess finishing with the W 5 months and 22 days since his last W (in Toronto). But noooooooooo!
  6. After last night...... hell bring back BOTH Gausman and O’Day and stick ‘em in the bullpen! It would be just like the episode where the Yankees traded Aroldis Chapman for Gleyber Torres +++ right? 🤑
  7. The Orioles have a long history of not handling dismissals well. I remember the stories of Joe Altobelli wandering the halls of Memorial Stadium trying to find out if he still had a job. Mike Flanagan seemingly was treated like the character Milton in the movie Office Space, never really given any explanations what was happening to his front office position. Who knows, maybe Brady is being treated now like Flanagan was, no office, no locker in the clubhouse, no Asst. to the VP title..... don’t call us we’ll call you. I will give credit to Mike Elias for being man enough to pick up the phone and call BJ Surhoff personally. Look at the chain of command in any organization, the person at the top of the pyramid is usually delegating that task or maybe even just FedEx’ing a letter to a part-time, contract employee saying that their contract was not being renewed. I would say that personal phone call was Elias’ respect for “35 years of MLB”. From the article it appears it was the first time Surhoff spoke with Elias since he was hired in November. Whose fault is that? By the way BJ, people don’t call anymore they text, since it appears you were never asked to drive out to East Nowhere Ohio to check out the next Mike Trout at a game at Sweet Baby Jesus HS, you must have been at home all season. Were you watching every game? As a successful left handed batter could you have texted Elias offering to help Chris Davis? Change is very hard for fans too, we clamor for change but we cherish our history Would you rather this hangouters? GM - Cal Ripken Jr. AGM - Brady Anderson Manager - Mike Bordick, Bench Coach- BJ Surhoff 1B Coach - Floyd Rayford, 3B Coach - Luis Matos Pitching Coach- Mike Mussina, Bullpen Coach- Alan Mills (holdover, being groomed as the next Elrod) Of course I’m not saying anyone but Bordick and Mills would have accepted these positions but would it really have been change? No one said this was going to be easy but let’s stay the course
  8. Starting tomorrow night! Interesting, but I like out of the box thinking. Let’s see how it goes.
  9. Playing devil’s advocate... Elias was certainly happy to point out the improvement in the Orioles status within prospect rankings at a presser following the conclusion of the minor league season. Hays might want to be eligible to compete for ROY in 2020. Does Mason Williams get 2 or 3 starts to prove he’s OK? (Starting Wilkerson or Santander in CF at this point would seem a bit ridiculous).
  10. Great catch then a home run to top it off, Hunter said Hays pumped his fist rounding first. Hays has passion and since it has been 2 years since his last MLB home run I am sure he is excited to show he’s back. Doesn’t need to fist pump every home run going forward IMO. Question...... does a continued strong finish and a strong AFL return him to a top 100 prospect? In turn I assume that would improve the O’s overall ranking.
  11. Not sure if the decisions were W-L results based. Elias’ public statements emphasize the development system he and Sig are implementing. I think they want those graduating from Delmarva next season to continue developing within stated system with no variances. (Past generations would have considered this an “our way or the highway” approach) McGregor’s removal from Sarasota rehab position seems in line with this as well.
  12. So........ Kevin Brown called his last game “this season” for O’s radio. He has been teamed with Ben McDonald these last two nights for the first time this year. It was a good pairing, certainly better than his pairings with Gregg Olson and Steve Johnson. They signed off hoping to work together again next year and I assume they weren’t speaking of SEC baseball contests. I don’t have MASN so I listen to the radio crews and I grew to enjoy both Brown and Steve Melewski as play by play announcers this year. IMO teaming Brown & Melewski as a dual play by play crew would be a winner. Much as in the days of Angel & Manfra, Miller & Marr, Brown & Melewski bring individual and complimentary strengths to the booth. Yes, Brown has that more “homogenized” “national” tone, with a bit of the hipster ESPN snarky sense of humor but that’s OK. If it engages a younger demographic that’s a good thing although with radio?! not sure that’s possible😔. Melewski on the other hand is a Baltimore guy and carries with him a fans desire that the Orioles do well but with the acquired knowledge of the minor league pipeline that will keep the listening public engaged for the future. They both seem to have a grasp of newer statistical methodology and a willingness to use it. Not sure if either of them want full time gigs on O’s radio but I would like to see them used, and used together, as much as possible next year.
  13. JimGinSP

    Shayne Fontana

    Actually the Shorebirds put three players on the field who remind me of music industry veterans. Toby Welk - Lawrence Welk Shayne Fontana - Shane Fontayne (guitarist with Bruce Springsteen’s “other” band in early 90’s) Johnny Rizer- anyone remember old DC101 dj Buddy Rizer? (He’s now head of economic development in Loudoun County VA)
  14. I was at the Shorebirds vs my hometown Hagerstown Suns where 3,106 showed up for a Low A baseball doubleheader featuring a Mike Mussina bobble head for the first 1,000 fans (unfortunately I was in the 2,106 who didn’t get one). Of course game one also had Grayson Rodriquez pitching to Adley Rutchman. I will stick to attendance in this thread and say that the orange and black dominated the crowd in this Nationals affiliate’s park. Not sure how long the rebuild will take but there is definitely some excitement for the future out here in the hinterlands.
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