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  1. I applied to that digital Communications Assistant job posted on Orioles.com a couple weeks ago. And today I get this email response to the application. Greetings. Thank you for your interest in our Digital Communications Assistant Position. Currently, the role is still open, but hiring for the position is on hold. We expect to move forward with the hiring process later this offseason. We will contact you via email if you are included in future consideration for the role. Thank you. -Baltimore Orioles Digital
  2. Schoop with an RBI single
  3. I’ll believe Sir Loin before our local media
  4. The orioles being involved and this close to landing a top international talent speaks volumes. Even if they do lose him to the Marlins.
  5. Does that mean we’re on the 30 - 10 - 5 yard line or goal line?
  6. My question for everyone on this topic is do you want John or Lou Angelos to make a public statement that they have control of the team? Or would you rather them not say anything and let their actions do the talking?
  7. well he just drew a walk. watch out! crush is back!!
  8. I'm now curious to see what the O's could get for Schoop.
  9. If Carroll can get to BWI by the time this Rain Delay is over he could go for the save. 😛
  10. Yankees twitter are saying the O's did well and are saying Carroll is "an absolute stud.'
  11. Who would you want from the Diamondbacks for Britton?
  12. I heard the interview and he said the Orioles should have waited it out until the deadline to trade Manny.
  13. https://twitter.com/jcrasnick/status/1019671013221597184?s=21
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