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  1. The closest you have to quirky is Pac Bell or whatever you call the stadium the Giants play in. The Astros' park is a bit overdone. Petco....meh.
  2. Many of these new parks are just "new" with no real redeeming architecture. OPACY is special because of the warehouse. PNC with it's view of the city and bridge is a local treasure. Comerica is an abomination. New Comiskey is the same. These new parks in the flyovers aren't that special(except maybe Oakland's). Yankee Stadium is practically a renovation of the old ballpark. Gimme a Robison field or Washington park anyday. Quirky and original.
  3. The plan all along was to have Youkilis take over at third. That changed when Lowell came over and to everyone's utter amazement started to produce. They figured they could deal with his declining bat because he played solid if not spectacular defense.
  4. If he pitches for the Red Sox in game 7 of this series will Red Sox Nation be as optimistic as some posters here? That's a good question isn't it?
  5. Are you attributing the Lowell transaction success more to the unparalleled skill of the RS FO or luck? I say luck. Everyone in baseball didn't want him and his bloated contract.
  6. Admit it. It was more luck than anything. They wanted Beckett and didn't want Lowell, but had to take him. Geez the guy batted over .325 this year. His first time over .300 in his career. Who does he think he is Barry Bonds?
  7. I think it was Forbes that said that they actually lost money last year. So did the Yankees. They were the only two. That was before the Drew, Matsuzaka, and Lugo signings and Beckett's deal kicking in. John Henry's hedge fund business was doing a lot better last year too. Not so good now. Just another reason to root against them.
  8. You have to at least admit that that was luck. He put up career numbers this year and carried the team in May and June. He was the contract nobody wanted as part of the Beckett deal and you HAD TO take him. That was luck.
  9. You're over simplifying it a bit. Their free agent signings can be argued to be worse than ours. I'd be willing to bet that both of those teams lose money this year. Is there any possibility of bitterness by the RS front office that they might not get a good return on that investment? I think it's a good possibility. However in the long run he'll probably be a better signing than Drew, Lugo, and Clement.
  10. No, if you said they were smart at the time of the trade you would be misinformed. If you say they were lucky now you would be correct. Keeping you honest.
  11. Here let me ask the group. How many of you got a certain glee by hearing the primordial screams from the Boston fans after every single run-scoring hit in extra innings Saturday night? I surely did. BTW, my glee was extended last night when Lofton hit that homer and then Dice-K didn't make it out of the 5th. I also have some despair seeing die hard O's fans defending that signing with every fiber of their being.
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