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  1. DirecTV/Sunday Ticket is worse than a blackout.
  2. And again, couldn’t have said it better myself.
  3. Great insight! We are naturally the worst team in the league. So the more baseball is dicked around with, the better our chances of ending up with a favorable outcome!
  4. I would have said no and would have been wrong. Who could predict his sustained success, especially in light of a positive steroid test at an advanced age. This is one you can’t blame on management. But kudos to Nellie!
  5. I have friends who can offer Manfred horror stories back during the Selig regime. Not accepting them blindly, but still, this man hasn’t proven to be anything brighter than a monkey with a pencil. And I don’t like him.
  6. Made me think of Fiorentino, myself. Again, just a guess since I have no idea who this is.
  7. Yeah I deleted my comment, but you beat me to the reply!
  8. Not top 200 on BA, not that means too much. So we are going to spend half our allotment?
  9. That argument is valid. We certainly did not expect CD to fall off a cliff after signing his name. Though there were warning signs since CD had a pitiful year separating two sensational years. The item here is Machado--we needed to be aggressive with him. And if we were not resigning Machado, IMO that should have been a rebuild--however, I understand my opinion here is not a slam dunk by any means. Just my perspective. At the time, I would have been happy had we got CD and Manny. And CD would have failed and I would have been wrong. But I can be wrong b/c I wasn't privy to things that decisions-makers should be. CD had easy easy power. I also wouldn't have been upset had we not signed him and took the picks. Again though, if we knew no Manny, don't sign CD. My $0.02
  10. CD is getting his money: the players, Tony Clark and his super union, etc. would be fine with any outcome whereby Davis collects his money. I doubt Elias is shooting straight right now--and that may be the right call for now *shrug*.
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