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  1. Dominican Winter League is as organize as any other league in the world with the difference that the passion rise to a whole another level. And Offerman life suspension says it all. And no, they dont sharpen their spike down here.
  2. He's career is done!!! Before that happened i heard a lot of comment about him being causing trouble everywhere he went.
  3. rpicazzo25

    Luis Lebron

    Its a chage up that brake away from lefties.
  4. ESPN reminds me of spanish tv all they show is a whole bunch of mexican nonsense
  5. Smack steroid user Alex Rodriguez in jail, says WWE star John Cena. What do you think about that??:laughlol::clap3::rofl: http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/2009/03/25/2009-03-25_smack_steroid_user_alex_rodriguez_in_jai.html
  6. Here is the website where i fot the information from, plus every newspaper in Dominican Republic reaffirmed the news. http://www.impactodeportivo.com.do/?op=displaystory&story_id=5705&format=html
  7. The Dominican baseball league just announce that RP Ambiorix Burgos and INF Felix Martinez are suspended for life because of misbehavior in and out of the field during last year's tournament. Burgos: Was accused of intentionally killing two women in his hometown Nagua and was just sentence to a one year in prison by a new york court for domestic violence. Martinez: Has a long record of incident with umpires, players and regular people off the field being the last a shooting duel in Nagua's central park where thanks god nobody got hurt. Do you think MLB should do the same not only with them but whoever disrespect the game like A-rod, Bonds, Clemens, Tejada, etc.?
  8. I think a lot of people would be interested in knowing a player's real age. I would think that anyone who interested in stats would interested in knowing the age of a player for context. For example, if we were to find out that Markakis was 30 instead of 25 we might have a vastly different set of expectations about his future than we do now. If he wouldnt fake his age we wouldnt have the opportunity to see the second player in baseball history with 11 season of 300 AVG. 25 HR 100 RBI. Unfortunately in the Dominican Republic scout dont even look at you when you are older than 16 or 17 years old and i think this is where the problem is. Same happen in Venezuela but because of the political differences its impossible for MLB teams to access the government institution. For example i heard rumors that Moises and Felix Hernandez switch name to sign but that is pretty much impossible to confirm.
  9. That is a great one. LOL Tejada is a great person in and outside the field this guy is the heart of people with disabilities in his hometown Bani, but sometimes you make mistakes to learn from of it and grow up as a person.
  10. He was a kid when he was in seattle, use your common sense.
  11. I would trade Radhames Liz for Blackburn.
  12. You have to understand that pedro never been in that position his time in boston and new york were all about win not develop.
  13. Seing that the Orioles will have a group of young pitchers, do you think Pedro would be a good mentor?
  14. Good point, but with or without steroid to hit a home run you have to hit it.
  15. I dont think Snyder's power should be a concern rightnow some players just develop later than others and this guy still pretty young. Remember Rafael Palmeiro the Cubs got rid of him because of his lack of power and look at the end.
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