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  1. Hyde has a serious hard on for pulling pitchers at 4 2/3.
  2. Tickets still available even on website. No wonder MASN has been butchered of content. I wonder how many other teams had trouble selling out opening day?
  3. I think Mountcastle could at least play Smith level defense.
  4. I live in Boston area now but was born in Baltimore. I have to say I know tons of baseball fans that go to games down there and have never heard in 20 years one of them even mention crime. I honestly don't think anybody really cares or thinks about Baltimore crime outside of the closely surrounding areas.
  5. Well maybe if people actually attended the games they would not have to cut payroll and could get better prospects. Even when good, attendance has been really bad in last few years. I read constantly on here how people dont go to games or even watch on T.V. but I see them spend half their day taking about team on this site. I'm just saying. That being said they should have waited to trade Schoop it was much to rushed at deadline.
  6. Sorry to break it to Brach but he has another month at least of this. I see him passing through waivers.
  7. Seems more pronounced this year for sure though all Im saying.
  8. Seems like he is taking a active role in leadership this year. Contract year, fancy haircut agent induced I'm sure. Made himself extremely likable this year don't you think .
  9. I drove down to Baltimore with whole family, (including dogs), from Massachusetts knowing that they would win this game so I could see my first playoff game live in division series. I was not disappointed. Had a great time watching at the bar.
  10. Big win sorry to the people that wrote the season off. Please enjoy these games.
  11. Never knew Drake was from Worchester, Ma my gf works there shes gonna see if anyone knows him.
  12. Awesome win tonight. With all the negativity I think we need a thread were only positive post are ok.
  13. The old way of thinking is what kept baseball alive and well in Baltimore . This new way of thinking will get old fans to stop following and surely get team to relocate.
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