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  1. I think the best punishment is keeping him here during his 8th straight season on a rebuilding team.
  2. I didn't put any posters how am I postering:rolleyes:
  3. I am just thrilled he played with injury and showed his power. That was the biggest concerns I had going into the season. Lets see how he responds Iin ST.
  4. 2/3 of the people you quoted and responded to did not comment on the video, nice try.
  5. O no

    Boller's Final Exam

    Garbage time for who??? Are you suggesting our offense quit? The receiver stopped the route? Not sure how ‘its garbage time’ makes it ok to do a tap dance, throw like a flamingo and right to a defender. Boller was not a victim of the time left in the game or scoreboard. If anything, Boller was placed in a non pressure situation and he couldn’t handle it.
  6. 18 of your last 24 post on the subject have been the same. Most have moved on to raiding the Dodgers farm system and letting people vent if they fell the need. You just can't rest until you apologize for every player’s obtuse actions. I think Tony-OH was dead on in that regard.
  7. O no

    Boller's Final Exam

    Not sure if Bollers is the victim either, like I mentioned above we had the 11th ranked passing attack in the same system last year and J-Lew would tell you how good the line was. I think you hit it with himself.
  8. I think you have made you point well known in the threads. While some might disagree why not let then vent their frustrations or share their opinions with having to explain why they feel that way. Isn't that some of the value in fan forums? Everyone knows your side of the debate I am sure you changed some opinions, but let others have theirs.
  9. O no

    Boller's Final Exam

    . Boller's rating has never been over 72 in a season he was the OD Starter, never thrown more then 13 Td's, that yardage is a joke for this guy, but the Int are like his:) I am not sure what side of the debate you are on. I guess you feel Boller can lead us to a SB Victory if we have the best defense ever to take the field, allowing the fewest pts in history and the 5th ranked running game with over 2100 rushing yard, since you compare everything back to 2000, when a wild card team ran the table. Times have changes, teams have evolved, and we are trying to do the same thing over and over. It is imperative we have a balanced air attack, Boller can not provide this in anything I have seen so far. We saw this again on Sunday, no pressure the game was over and Boller does his happy feet dance, throws off his back foot, into coverage for a pick. These are mechanical and mental issues that he has yet to overcome and I have lost faith he ever will.
  10. O no

    Boller's Final Exam

    Its the reason the Baltimore fans are insane; we do the same things over and over and expect a different result. I have no problem handing it over to Boller, what choice do I have? But my expectations are low.
  11. A sign and Trade? Not sure about the precendent of that in MLB thats more of a NBA thing.
  12. Whats interesting is if PGA will pay a pitcher that much per season.
  13. I have a feeling AM handling of this situation will define his tenure here. Maybe thats a bit dramatic but its impact can not be understated. Bedard is a rare gem but its a team sport and he sure could accelerate the rebuilding.
  14. Peace do any of the guys at the agency now about OH? Just curious.
  15. O no

    Boller's Final Exam

    Isn't it already next year?
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