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  1. Ravens did not screw up this draft pick, that's for sure. We got Queen, the most powerful piece on the chess board.
  2. This guy is a beast! Congrats to the Ravens on another great pick. The defense is looking stout.
  3. Had to go with the obvious choice in Trout. My top 5 picks would be the following: 1. Trout 2. Yelich 3. Bellinger 4. Soto 5. Tatis
  4. I'm with you. I never like the idea of tanking - especially when the team has a decent shot at making the playoffs. I mean, if they decide they want to trade some veteran guys like Ariza and Green for whatever they can get, I'm fine with that. But purposely losing just to move up a few spots seems pointless to me.
  5. Agreed. Glad you mentioned Nunez. I've been enjoying watching him; that kid can swing the bat for sure.
  6. Good to see that the O's are getting some nice reviews on these deals. I'm pretty excited about getting the rebuild process going.
  7. Yup, I really wish we weren't stuck with that contract. Kinda throws a wrench into the rebuild.
  8. I'll say Adam Jones. Despite the fact that we're rebuilding, we still have to have to field a 25-man roster in the meantime. Jones would be a good role model for the younger guys. He plays the game hard, and is as reliable as it gets.
  9. Seems about right. I like the fact that they're stockpiling prospects with these deals. If we can get a few more of those type of trades (possibly for guys like Trumbo, Gausman, Givens, Valencia, etc), I think we'll be in pretty good shape long term. It's just that we have to be fully committed to the rebuild process, and hopefully replicate something like what Houston did.
  10. Let's swap Chris Davises. Sign me up.
  11. This dude's been putting in work lately. Unfortunately for the A's, their lineup is terrible especially with Khris Davis out.
  12. Not looking good. Lots of lightning flashes and the heavy storms are on their way.
  13. 1. Beckham 3B/R 2. Machado SS/R 3. Schoop 2B/R 4. Jones CF/R 5. Davis 1B/L 6. Mancini LF/R 7. Rasmus RF/L 8. Joseph C/R 9. Alvarez DH/L
  14. I went 87-89. I think this rotation will be the best O's rotation since 2014.
  15. Wow, filthy. Facing the Phillies' starters too.
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