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  1. I think the National did pretty well considering all but Turner is a rental, although the Dodgers jump back to the top with Sherzer personally. Sent Hudson to Padres for Mason Thompson, Jordy Barley Sent Turner and Sherzer to LA for Keibert Ruiz, Josiah Gray, Donovan Casey, Gerardo Carrillo
  2. If Mariners are trying to to go for it and maintain a controllable player Fry makes a ton of sense, along with some other teams.
  3. It would be nice for Orioles if they continue to deal their prospects. If the Yankees get under the tax this year they reset and likely go well over next year?
  4. still hopeful they miss out on the playoffs!
  5. From mlbtraderumors: The Rangers are acquiring a group of prospects in return. Trevor Hauver, Glenn Otto, Ezequiel Duran, Everson Pereiraand Randy Vasquez all seem likely to wind up as part of the return, report Adler, Weaver and Ken Rosenthal of the Athletic (Twitter link). Jeff Passan of ESPN (Twitter link) reports that Josh Smith is also part of the return. i have no idea how great of a return this is but saw something about Duran being the best and everyone else 2nd tier prospects.
  6. Yankees just got Gallo, so Hosmer to Texas for package with Gallo coming back didn’t happen. I’d love to be in the 3 team deal to buy a good prospect. Hosmer obviously would veto a landing of Baltimore. This won’t happen though. But Gallo, Judge, and Stanton in the same lineup is crazy.
  7. Padres seem like they are trying to stay under luxury tax (source to the Athletic) While I don’t particularly want Homer at $59 million over 4 years (especially after Davis) if they brought the deal down to $8-$10 million/ year and added a top 5 pitching prospect (Lange type) it would excite me a bit. I doubt the Orioles would ever be interested in “buying” a prospect, but I’m not sure what else would interest SD
  8. I feel like there has to be a philosophy to not drafting pitchers this year. Is the data not valuable because of the increased spin rates and understanding how you can artificially increase them with the application of “sticky” stuff? I’m as baffled as most here but if that is the thought it is not a bad idea to hold off on selecting pitching with data that may produce invalid outcomes.
  9. Can only hope not injury related with Harvey. Only thing I can think of why Hyde would go to umpires in case he needed more time to warmup.
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