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  1. Let me see if I have this correct. You're criticizing someone else for taking Hyde's side when he has no idea what was said. Yet you are taking Davis's side when you have no idea what was said. Seems logical.
  2. You set an example, no matter how it's done. Dave Roberts/the Dodgers have benched guys at least twice his year for not running out ground balls to first. There is no mystery, every player and fan knows why he was benched and after the game, the player admitted Roberts was right and he needs to do a better job hustling. Why should this be any different?
  3. LAOSfan

    Austin Hays

    I apologize if this has recently been discussed (I didn't say any topics on the board's first few pages), but what can we expect from Austin Hays this year? Is he being given a shot to win a job in spring training? I'm hoping last year was a fluke and completely related to his injury. And, based on where we are as an organization, I wouldn't mind seeing him being given every chance to win the RF job this spring. Perhaps I'm in the minority, but I'd rather see him and Stewart getting most of the time in RF and LF over Rickard (or even Mancini).
  4. "Once in a lifetime?" He has already been to the playoffs three times in the past six years. He played in the ALCS in 2014. There are no guarantees he will be traded to a team that would make it any farther, especially if he was traded to Philly or Cleveland. He's angry because he earned the right to veto a trade and now has people like you questioning his motivation. I assure you no GM will hold his decision against him this offseason. If they don't show interest, it's because they don't think he's worth the money he wants due to his play on the field, not his decision to remain an Oriole for two more months.
  5. these trades? And where will it likely rank assuming we sign VVM and draft Witt or Ruschman next June?
  6. When has Rosenthal ever made up anything about the Orioles? I am aware of fans blasting him for being biased against Angelos but I can't remember at any point in time when it was proven that he was wrong or made things up in any of his reports/stories.
  7. I was in LA last week and listening to the Dodgers' affiliate and this is exactly what they were saying: Buehler is untouchable but Verdugo is available for a top line starter or reliever.
  8. Exactly! There were a few times last night when he got the K, but still missed the target by over a foot. The one to Encarnacion in the 4th comes to mind. There is just no confidence that he can throw his offspeed pitches for strikes or to even look like they will be strikes so hitters can't layoff.
  9. I would also hope this is a sign that Buck and DD know we aren't contenders and need to be sellers rather than buyers in July. Now whether they believe that and whether they can convince Angelos of that may be different stories.
  10. Completely disagree re Machado. No one thinks this two months is a sign of regression. I think we would get a huge haul for him.
  11. Of course he should be welcomed back. He provided the Orioles with one of the best 5 year runs from any player in history and was vital to the 96 and 97 playoff teams. As for the PED's, we've signed and played numerous players who have admitted or who have proven PED use in their past (Cruz, Roberts, Asher, recently Montero). Why should those players who had done nothing for the O's previously be welcomed with open arms and Palmeiro, who did quite a bit, shunned?
  12. I agree with this. I think Brady will be the next GM or will choose the next GM to work under him in some role. I know Brady irritated some coaches and at least one player (Wieters) but how is his relationship with Buck? Believing that Brady's elevation into a personnel role is inevitable, I have been encouraged with some of his responses in interviews regarding analytics and his belief in locking up our own young players before they get close to free agency. If memory serves, he was openly critical that there were not more aggressive attempts to lock up Manny a few years ago.
  13. Not sure if it's the open stance causing this, but I have noticed his eyes are looking into left field on an awful lot of his swings. It was easily noticeable on a few of the swings last night.
  14. I have this same sentiment, but about Davis. I think his hand injury bothered him more than he or anyone else let on. It's always a concern when hitters injure their hands or wrists, and I'm guessing his hand was hurt all year long and it greatly affected his swing.
  15. Buck, McDowell....now we need to hire Paul O'Neill, Danny Tartabull and Keith Hernandez and we'll have all the Seinfeld stars.
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