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  1. Encouraging, but also depressing on how/what the industry thinks of what the O’s got out of the Britton, Gausman, Machado, Britton trades.
  2. Don’t mind the Orioles stringent physical at all. Actually hope they keep it up. Just me.
  3. I like this a lot. He's still at a decent age and it's a low risk, short contract. He's averaged 1.7 WAR over the last 5 years. He's an above average defender that won't embarrass you with the bat. The defense is what matters here especially if we're going to have some groundball pitchers and/or really any pitcher that is developing. Smart pickup.
  4. Came across as a salary dump as Bundy wasn’t going to be here nor effective when/if the O’s are good again. The returning was meh. Nobody really stands out as anything remotely resembling a sure thing, so it’s a dice game.
  5. Generally speaking if the only name you got projects as a fringe bullpen arm, the other 3 are going to be organizational depth.
  6. I don’t disagree with this. I will say it’s going to turn off more people. And that’s not a good thing. It feels cold. That’s pretty much it. And I don’t feel that the organization is trying to retain as many fans as possible. It’s one thing to cut the payroll of the team. It’s another to, say, cut FanFest without giving a meaningful plan of what they intend to do to stay relevant to what remaining loyal fans are left. I’m just frustrated. I’ll probably re-up if for nothing else for my 6 year old son, because it’s a formidable time for kids to get interested (and remain) in the sport. But I can’t say the same for other families that might take all of the above as reason to not invest in the club. And, I don’t really blame them. It’s cold. And it feels like it’ll get worse. I have faith in the plan. It just sucks as of the moment.
  7. The O’s are still going to lose at least 95 games next year. I just hate how they’re not even trying to make the 2020 club better for the fans. I’m not asking them to try and contend. But don’t make it unbearable. Why should I re-up my season tickets? I agree with Tony. I hate how cold and soulless organizations become when they’re rebuilding. It is the sheer definition of tanking. And people wonder why attendance is down and apathy is king. And I like Elias, btw. It just sucks.
  8. A damn shame. That said, can people stop with the idiocy that thinks Elias doesn’t have the control he needs because of Angelos?
  9. I wouldn't expect them to say any differently. But also I thought the Tennessee rumour was unsubstantiated nonsense that should have never been propagated in the first place. But hey, here we are. Good for Angelos to stomp that rumour out to put to bed it catching any momentum. But, alas, conspiracy theorists are never known for their logic. They'll come up with some other excuse.
  10. Yes, a million times, yes. But Maddon isn't going to want to come here with the way the O's are currently constructed. Maybe in a couple years when they're on the cusp of being competitive. Maddon would be a huge upgrade over Hyde.
  11. lol. In what world is Nunez or DJ Stewart a prospect? I mean, come on. Nunez was talked about being DFA'd in the middle of this year. He put up a 1.2 WAR. He put up a .773 OPS in a juiced ball year in a bandbox of a stadium. He'll be 26 in 2020. DJ Stewart is not good. Mountcastle needs more work. Trey Mancini received a ton of AB in 2019. And finally...Davis had 336 PA in 2019. It'll go down in 2020 if he even makes it out of ST. My goodness.
  12. It tells me that Elias didn't have the staff or processes in place when he took the position after 2018's season, so he's giving Davis 1 last go. It also tells me that whatever agreement/plan that Davis and Elias discussed must be results/outcome based now that Elias will have had a full regular season and a full offseason to drill home what the expectations are. I mean, Elias just literally cleaned house with what equates with nearly an entire organization. That tells me that the sons have given Elias control and I don't think an overpaid, aged star player matters much to them in the grand scheme of things. And he's not blocking anybody. This club is still going to stink in 2020. Maybe I'm being optimistic here, but unless Davis has definitively put in the work, has shown markedly better results in the offseason and at spring training, I don't think he's long for the organization in 2020. He's not really blocking anybody in 2020. They can afford to take it slow. He's cooked. Elias has control. Davis isn't with this club past 2020. :shrug:
  13. I like Villar. I don't like Villar on a team that barely wins 50 games. Trade him if the right return is there. Otherwise hold on to him through 2020. No extensions needed. He'll be 29 in 2020. A lot of his value is from his legs. That will decline.
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