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  1. Improved sound system, TVs in the terrace boxes, improved internet connectivity, get rid of the lag between the game on TVs and the game on the field, also would like to see more areas like the Flight Deck. Finally, maybe another area for kids. Right now there's just 1 area, but it's just in one area of the stadium, would like to see another on the other side.
  2. Yup. This is a two way street, and it doesn't make sense for either party to give in to any demands for longer than 2 years at this time.
  3. I don't think the Orioles relocating is realistic. At all. All of these problems: MASN, the pandemic, losing seasons are all leading people to worry that a relocation happens. That's understandable from a psychological standpoint, but it doesn't pass any form of the logical test. First and foremost, every single franchise is facing some sort of economic hardship because of the pandemic. Put quite frankly, losing turnstile revenue (which includes: ticket sales, food, merchandise, parking) is a major hit. The fact that we're in 2021 and this pandemic is still raging and we're lagging as all get-out (Maryland is #44 out of 50 states, which is an embarrassment), means there's going to be more economic hardship for these ballclubs. Season ticket sales are now at a much larger standstill in back to back years, after already being hit hard because season ticket purchasers don't want to see a losing team. So, my point in all of this: this is an issue everywhere. Clubs are finding ways to cut costs. Some of them have been more exorbitant in spending, and those are most likely teams that are *winning*. But small and mid-market teams? Not so much. And I don't anticipate this to get any better, any time soon. Certainly not until we start seeing stadiums open up for 75%+ capacity. To that end, why on Earth would *any* ballclub lock in much longer extension than 2 years? 2 years gives a club time to evaluate the economic landscape due to pandemic. It doesn't mean that they're using these 2 years to eventually setup a relocation package. Nashville isn't a particular exciting place for a ball club. They have a slightly larger population than Baltimore, but they don't have nearly the same metro population as Baltimore does. And the other thing: a ball club that relocates in the middle of losing seasons, under new management, during a pandemic is going to hemorrhage fans. There's no ifs, ands or buts around it. You can kiss a significant portion of the Baltimore Orioles fanbase goodbye. And they're also contending against other metro areas: Braves, Cardinals, White Sox, Reds, Indians, etc. You think contending with the Nationals is bad, just wait until you end up dealing with the south and the midwest. That is not a particularly sexy place or circumstance to deal with. At all. Furthermore, clubs don't relocate in MLB. They just build new stadiums or rename themselves (minor). This isn't the NFL where it's a common occurrence. To me, it's this. Any reasonable business would be evaluating *all* leases. I'll just say, my business (which is located out of California) has paid significant lease costs for our office space, but we've only went with 6 month lease extensions while we evaluate better options. But, we are also negotiating costs with our existing landlord. It's 100% in the Orioles best interest to get the best deal with the MSA, and if that means going with a temporary 2 year extension while they work out grander plans for the next 5 years or beyond, that makes more sense than sticking themselves with a 7 year extension (or whatever it'd be). Also, why on Earth would any club be building a new stadium, especially in an unknown location with there being severe unknowns on how this pandemic impacts fan behaviour (going vs. watching). It's incredibly risky. It just doesn't make any sense. My gut is that in 2023, the Orioles and the MSA worked out a longer extension with plans to renovate Camden Yards infrastructure. They're not relocating anywhere. Now, if you ask me whether or not the Orioles would *sell* their team, that I'm still bearish on. But that is probable. Relocating isn't. I'd bet against both happening, personally. But I'd be comfortable putting money down (significant amounts) that the Orioles don't relocate. Certainly not to Nashville. One last thing, winning fixes everything. We've seen the Orioles do well with fans when they win. That's the biggest determinant (outside of a pandemic). Win, make it sustainable, do well with the community, and you'll do great. That's it.
  4. Encouraging, but also depressing on how/what the industry thinks of what the O’s got out of the Britton, Gausman, Machado, Britton trades.
  5. Don’t mind the Orioles stringent physical at all. Actually hope they keep it up. Just me.
  6. I like this a lot. He's still at a decent age and it's a low risk, short contract. He's averaged 1.7 WAR over the last 5 years. He's an above average defender that won't embarrass you with the bat. The defense is what matters here especially if we're going to have some groundball pitchers and/or really any pitcher that is developing. Smart pickup.
  7. Came across as a salary dump as Bundy wasn’t going to be here nor effective when/if the O’s are good again. The returning was meh. Nobody really stands out as anything remotely resembling a sure thing, so it’s a dice game.
  8. Generally speaking if the only name you got projects as a fringe bullpen arm, the other 3 are going to be organizational depth.
  9. I don’t disagree with this. I will say it’s going to turn off more people. And that’s not a good thing. It feels cold. That’s pretty much it. And I don’t feel that the organization is trying to retain as many fans as possible. It’s one thing to cut the payroll of the team. It’s another to, say, cut FanFest without giving a meaningful plan of what they intend to do to stay relevant to what remaining loyal fans are left. I’m just frustrated. I’ll probably re-up if for nothing else for my 6 year old son, because it’s a formidable time for kids to get interested (and remain) in the sport. But I can’t say the same for other families that might take all of the above as reason to not invest in the club. And, I don’t really blame them. It’s cold. And it feels like it’ll get worse. I have faith in the plan. It just sucks as of the moment.
  10. The O’s are still going to lose at least 95 games next year. I just hate how they’re not even trying to make the 2020 club better for the fans. I’m not asking them to try and contend. But don’t make it unbearable. Why should I re-up my season tickets? I agree with Tony. I hate how cold and soulless organizations become when they’re rebuilding. It is the sheer definition of tanking. And people wonder why attendance is down and apathy is king. And I like Elias, btw. It just sucks.
  11. A damn shame. That said, can people stop with the idiocy that thinks Elias doesn’t have the control he needs because of Angelos?
  12. I wouldn't expect them to say any differently. But also I thought the Tennessee rumour was unsubstantiated nonsense that should have never been propagated in the first place. But hey, here we are. Good for Angelos to stomp that rumour out to put to bed it catching any momentum. But, alas, conspiracy theorists are never known for their logic. They'll come up with some other excuse.
  13. Yes, a million times, yes. But Maddon isn't going to want to come here with the way the O's are currently constructed. Maybe in a couple years when they're on the cusp of being competitive. Maddon would be a huge upgrade over Hyde.
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