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  1. I was a big fan of Randy Rhodes, and when he died, I kind of lost interest in Ozzy. I didn’t appreciate Jake E. Lee at the time (though I should’ve - love him now), and I had never heard of Zakk when he signed on with Ozzy. So, last minute I get a call, ”Want to go see Ozzy tonight? Free ticket.” I went just for the heck of it, but I wasn’t really into it. After the first song, I Exchanged glances with my buddy. Holy crap. That boy was awesome. Zakk is the real deal.
  2. TheBee

    Ben Revere?

    Mrs. Lough called and said that was a "lough" blow
  3. TheBee

    Sun Next?

    Without money from The Sun, could he live off his Twitter.
  4. TheBee

    Sun Next?

    Though the internet has replaced my need to actually subscribe to a newspaper, I still read many of them on the internet. With large media conglomerates only covering the same top teams and the stars, and that poorly, I would think fans of smaller and mid market teams SHOULD be scared by this story. Though our local writers are far from perfect, I think we get more info from them than we might think. For me, they are often a first source of injury news.
  5. I agree on Davis, and I will root for the guy. At least his defense is always great. What worries me is (I have seen very little of his abs this spring - especially with his injury), how lost he was approach-wise and physically at the plate last year. He would work the count to a FB situation, get an average fastball, have it be in a hittable location, and still be behind it. He often looked stuck in the middle to me. Remember how hitters used to look against Schilling. Too slow on the fastball because the splitter was in their head but ahead of the splitter in case it was a fastball.
  6. I thought he was very good out of the bullpen and see him back there in the future.
  7. Well. Except I have ten inches of snow on the ground here. So, back to Flaherty...
  8. Time for real games for sure.
  9. That looks remarkably like the arguments people used to make for how Reimold had once been worth having around, I see your point, but I hope we are done with him.
  10. IMO- Many of these players say it isn't about money, and what they mean is it is about respect - which they invariably tie to the amount of money. So, really, it is about money.
  11. This. It took long enough to let the SS Reimold float away. I was hoping the Flaherty ship had sailed as well.
  12. I haven't done that, but I have refreshed MLBTR that many times...
  13. TheBee

    Ryan Grant is next

  14. I have no idea what the future holds, but I think Weams is right in his assessment of J Angelos, and I can tell you for a fact that he has respected Brady's insights for years now. Nothing new there. Weams, I thought you abandoned us to join the Red Sox bullpen, but then I realized that the jersey said WeEms.
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