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  1. I'm assuming the Orioles could get around his opt out by adding him to the 40 man roster and DFAing someone. Might have a cheap bullpen option if he doesn't have a starting role! Edit: never mind just read a post I missed he is out of options, I don't see a spot this year for him.
  2. If anyone wants to trade game 2 for game 5 (home game 3). I'll pay you the money up front and /or pay if game 5 is not necessary? I've got 4 upper deck row 16...really only need 2 unless you want to trade all 4
  3. I definitely want to go to some playoff games, but I'm probably not going to be able to afford. On one hand glad the Os are doing so well, but it is one downside to a great season! Anyone that is not using their code, I'd love to be able to go!
  4. I say just tweet Stroman how you think about it @MStrooo7
  5. phattybeers

    Ryan Ripken

    He wants around $125,000 to sign.... Will they give it to them
  6. With the new collective bargaining agreement in place and stiffer penalties on overslot signings, I have been thinking what will teams (hopefully the Orioles) do to add as much talent as possible. All the rumors (days after the agreement) was to not sign your top guy and spend that money throughout the rest of the draft. Source - Jonathon Mayo http://minors.mlblogs.com/2011/11/28/more-cba-goodies/ One of my first thoughts would be to utilize a signability pick. Especially if there is not much of a difference in the talent of two or three players. However, when you pick in the top 5 like the Orioles, it would be difficult to go signability. Although teams in the 6 - 15 range in some drafts may be able to utilize this strategy. I assume MLB has thought about this and is why they gave "value" to the top picks. Mayo had the breakdown: How will teams change their draft strategy? We may not know some of the stipulations (in the CBA) for several weeks. It will be interesting to see in the next 5 years how teams were successful and whether they utilized a specific strategy, or did they just scout and develop better?
  7. For Discussion - As the Orioles draft is usually compared to the Red Sox Draft, mainly due to the reason they normally draft well and sign overslotters. The Red Sox spent approximately 9.5 million on their top picks (does not include overslotters after round 10), while the Orioles spent approximately 8.07 million (also not including players signed after round 10). Now for my point: While some argue talent, dollars, and other areas between the Orioles and Red Sox, one thing is for certain. I feel 80-90% of the time, it may hinder the Orioles in their overall draft by having a top pick. Why do I say this? Simply for the reason that their draft budget is spent more than 50% on one player. While I love to have high ceiling players, the concern is are they going to pan out. Experts will say you must have a surplus of talent, but when you pick as high as the Orioles, you cannot get some of the larger upsided players who drop in the draft. Take for example (and I only took the top 10 rounds - both teams had some overslotters later) the Red Sox top picks: By having a later pick in Rd 1 - the Red Sox were able to sign their player to a slot deal of 1.359 mill. The extra 4 million (difference between Machado and Vitek) was able to be spread out on picks in round 3 and 4 and later (not comparing the extra supplemental picks). While the Red Sox did have a 2nd round pick, I personally have an issue with our strategy. The Orioles say they want to be able to compete in the Rule 4 (Amateur Draft), but yet I don't feel this is competing. By placing "all of our eggs in one basket" boy do I hope Machado pans out. As many of us have expressed, we need to allot more money to the draft if we are not going to spend internationally! Your thoughts?
  8. Between the Baseball America guys and the MASN guys (which is coming from Andy and/or Joe), I would assume our draft budget is between 8 and 10 million. Steve Melewski is reporting (from BA) the dollar amounts for the current (overslot) drafts picks at: Total: 2,851,000 Now, I realize this is only the overslot picks and Steve is suggesting we will sign Machado (round 1), Matt Bywater (round 7), Alexander Gonzalez (round 11) and Austin Urban (round 27). Does this eliminate the chance for others being signed, as this will probably take us up to our budget max? Machado is going to get his 5 - 6 million, Bywater if signed will probably not get much over slot (??? less than a million - 400K?), Gonzalez (???), and Urban (???) Without getting an idea of Gonzalez or Urban's price tag, the budget is likely to be over 8 million already, so that should be all the picks that get (may)signed.
  9. Link - http://www.masnsports.com/steve_melewski/2010/08/erbe-headed-for-surgery.html Does this sound similiar to Spoone's?
  10. Just what I was told from others in the county - I wasn't sure, but are there any local guys worth watching.
  11. I was wondering if anyone had any information on any local kids that have a chance to be drafted in the first 10 rounds? I'm from Harford County and have seen a C. Milton Wright kid with potential, anyone heard (his name is Bobby Ruse or Brad Markey - whichever one is a senior). They both throw in the low 90's.
  12. We have heard this before, but to re-iterate the teams interested in Sherrill... From Ken Rosenthal http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/9827802 Didn't see a good thread to put this is, so if you wanna merge?
  13. I was going to go to the game Friday anyway, but I couldn't wait. Instead of buying student tix, I went for the right field bleachers, hoping to catch the first homerun ball against Willis, opposite field shot, batting right handed!
  14. http://hotstove.mlblogs.com/archives/2008/12/is_a_peavy_deal_close.html Peavy deal could be closer than originally thought with O's and Phil's possibly involved!
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