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  1. This is Angelos to a tee. That is how he works. Ask anyone who has worked with him. AM will find out the hard way.
  2. bomp

    JR House

    The real question here is will he be brought back???
  3. A baseball fan? I find no evidence of this at all. It's like calling him a labor union supporter. You will find little evidence of this anymore as well. I went to Detroit last season in an O's jersey. Fans were very supportive there. They were more interested in finding out what happened to the O's rather than getting on me. Classy fans there IMHO.
  4. The station is owned by CBS and they don't like their stations to stream. It is finally changing but WJFK ESPN 1300 is one that still doesn't I think. I really can't stand CBS/Infinity. Sorry.
  5. I have no idea what is going on. Anyone???
  6. Give MacPhail a chance! He just got here! he might be able to right the ship. Up till now it's been rearranging the deck chairs on the Titantic. Give the guy a chance!
  7. Teixeira the star most likely to be traded "Baseball’s trade deadline without waivers is July 31, and the star player most likely to break free from Rumorville and land with another team is Texas Rangers first baseman Mark Teixeira. He wants out and recent criticism of management all but guarantees that he’ll get his wish. "Teixeira ranks fourth all-time in most home runs in his first four MLB seasons (140 HRs 2003 through 2006; behind only Ralph Kiner 168, Albert Pujols 160 and Eddie Mathews 153) and at age 27, he should have lots more HRs left in him. He’s also won two Gold Gloves for fielding excellence. He’s a switch-hitter, another reason he’s so valuable. It has been said that the New York Yankees very seldom lose out on a player owner George Steinbrenner really wants, and he has to want Teixeira. The Yankees would have to give up some young pitching but he’d be worth it. Other teams reportedly interested in Teixeira include the Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers, Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Braves, hometown Baltimore Orioles and San Francisco Giants."
  8. bomp


    There is ZERO chance that he gets to be manager. There's a better chance that Eddie becomes the manager and that ain't happening. What's Baylor doing??
  9. I don't think it was intended that they would know that they were out. They have enemies. No surprise. They have tough jobs and make unpopular decisions. I'm sure it was leaked because of that. Pete doesn't normally OK blow it up. He likes establishing relationships...think Syd and Flanny. Mora and Gibbons. I take no offense. I'm not sure I'd believe me either. Take it with a grain of salt. I believe my source was given that info to leak. He didn't say that but I got his 'message'. I'm going back to work now before I lose my job!
  10. Thery want you to believe that. They are trying to orchestrate this but remember with this team, they seldom do anything right. Why would they leave the dualing GMs in place? Why was Maz forced to keep the coaches? Why? Why? Why? Because they are Pete's Orioles! My question is when do we get OUR Orioles back??? Does Pete finally get it or will be back at this point next season?? Does this get you back in the ball park later this season? I want to believe and have the faith that some of you have. I really do.
  11. Trembly will be interim manager. Sammy is gone. Flanigan and Duke out at end of the season. My contact in Angelos office says this. Blow it up is ok'ed by Pete if the new leadership makes its case. I pray that this is all true.
  12. BINGO! Angelos would like an African American manager as well.
  13. Maybe Dave Johnson! He's Pete's kinda guy!
  14. And he may not. Pete is big on loyalty and let's face it, Sammy has been very loyal. Knowing how this organization operates, Baker is their guy. I haven't heard about replacements!
  15. I actually liked the Horace Clark Yankees. Tom Tresh? Andy Kosco? Yeah, they were a blue collar team in those CBS-owned days. The team was really bad but that made them ALMOST ok. Almost! I always loved the stadium. Too bad it's in the freakin' Bronx!! When I was a kid, you knew when the Yankees were playing because Phil Rizzuto voice was very distinctive and their games could be found all over the radio in upstate NY. George has really ruined them. It has made alot of my NYC friends Met fans and that's a good thing IMHO.
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