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  1. Really, really good work here. I love the level of detail and the regular updates. Please keep it up! I just had a couple of minor questions. Could you please recheck the options remaining for Andrew Velazquez and Paul Fry? You have them both down as having three options remaining. It looks like Velazquez was optioned on 3/10/2019 and didn't come back up until 4/21/2019. He was again option on 5/30 last year until 7/3. Shouldn't those count as one option used for 2019? Similarly, Paul Fry was optioned by the Orioles on 4/26/2017, he was then outrighted but not until 6/4 of that year. He finally had his contract purchased on 6/29/2018. I think that counts as one option used for Fry. Again, overall, awesome work!
  2. Enjoy Terror - thanks for the feedback, it's always welcomed. RZNJ - I think we are of the same mind. We love putting together this stuff, it's fun to guess. I really enjoyed going through your list. I'm sure there will be spring training injuries, etc., that we can't anticipate but I enjoy comparing my list to yours. It's a fun exercise each spring.
  3. POS BALTIMORE NORFOLK BOWIE FREDERICK DELMARVA ABERDEEN SP Means Akin Jannis GrayRod Stauffer Lyons SP Cobb Baumann Sedlock Wilson L. Rodriguez Peek SP Wojo Wells Hall Fenter Magee Brnovich SP LeBlanc Lowther Bradish Vespi Lucas Prizina SP Bailey Kermer Hanifee Rom Litscher Elliott Zimmermann Peralta Conroy Zebron RP Harvey Tate Naughton Bautista Strowd Montgomery RP Rucker Mattson Matson Hammonds McCarty Farmer RP Carroll Alvarado Hayes Echevarria H. Roth N. Roth RP Armstrong Lakins Perez Joyner Constante McSweeney RP Fry Phillips Burke Knight Perkins Emund RP Castro Stewart Jimenez Bishop Hammer McGinness RP Bleier Cervenka Gonzalez Almengo Gillespie Stambaugh RP Givens Sulser Erwin Nolasco RP Scott Pendergast Comments: Really stacked, especially starters - so I think there will be some 6-man rotations. Bleier has to be in there, I'm guessing both Rule 5's make it. Not sure what to do about Hess, but I don;'t see any room for him barring injuries. Scott has to be in AAA until he can control the incredible speed he has. Jannis has to be included. They just converted Vespi to a starter last year and he did well, I think he'll be in a rotation and not the pen. Peek and Brnovih haven't played a professional game yes, so I have them at Aberdeen...plus, Delmarva's rotation is full.
  4. POS BALTIMORE NORFOLK BOWIE FREDERICK DELMARVA ABERDEEN C Severino Wynns Cervenka Rutschman Handley Yett 1B Mancini Valaika Palmeiro Escarra Daschbach Herrera 2B Alberto Herrera Santiago Hall Fregia Hernaiz SS Iglesias Martin McCoy Grenier Ortiz Henderson 3B Ruiz Bannon Dorrian Reyes Welk Putzig RF Santander Diaz Jarrett Neustrom Stowers Tavarez CF Hays Mullins McKenna Rizer Watson Fontana LF Smith Jr. Mountcastle Nichting Thornburn Turchin Lewis DH Nunez Stewart Cumberland Curran Encarnacion Janvirn Bench Sisco Rondon Valentin Ferguson Cespedes Carmona Davis Holaday Ripken Ogren Torres Burgess Williams Billingsley Roberts Cannon Kehe Urena RZNJ - really good summary, here are some minor differences I have: Norfolk roster needs to include Valaika, so I guess 1B, even though that's not his natural position. Cervenka should share C with Cumberland at Bowie. Not sure what to do about Canelo, but I like Santiago at 2B in Bowie. Have to have McCoy as a regular somewhere. I think Dorrian beats out Reyes, who's kind of been spinning his wheels. Welk won't make the big jump, unfortunately, to start the season. Can't see Watson at Frederick yet until he makes more contact, so Thorburn (ugh) gets one more chance. Curran is your DH at Frederick, he was born to DH. Henderson and Hernaiz won't make the big jump either, so look for Fregia and Joey Ortiz at Delmarva.
  5. I don't think Vespi and Wilson are going to the pen. Both were effective left handed starters last year after being converted by the new regime. Why would they put them back in the bullpen, where they were in 2018 after having great years (and being more valuable) as starters in 2019? I agree that there's a glut of pitchers (especially starters) here, but that's a good kind of problem to have. If I had to guess, I would say they'll go with a six-man rotation of Rodriguez, Wilson, Fenter, Vespi, Rom, and Ofelky. Not sure what happens to Knight and Bishop, who had subpar seasons at Frederick last year (especially Knight).
  6. I've never answered my own post before, but I just saw hes now listed on the GCL roster, and they start games tomorrow. Not sure why he's there but at least he has been found.
  7. Any word on JJ Montgomery? I saw he was originally listed in the Opening Day Program for Aberdeen (along with Jimmy Murphy). I thought they may start him this year like they've done with some of the Ironbird relievers from last year (e.g. Ryan Conroy and Kevin Magee). He is no longer listed on the roster and I haven't seen him involved in any other transactions? Is he hurt? Is he in Ext Spring Training still? Anyone know? Thanks.
  8. I continue to root for Lowther (first syllable rhymes with 'cow', often mistakenly pronounced like opposite of 'high'). He's a perfect example of being able to have success without a blazing fastball. I was able to talk to him on multiple occasions at Aberdeen when he was charting pitches on his offdays. He's incredibly cerebral. He knows what he wants to do on the mound, and it's very much a game of wits for him....which he usually wins. Amazing makeup for his age. When he was drafted, I remember many folks saying he stuff won't play at the higher levels because fastball rarely registers above 90 MPH. He really maximizes the tools that he does have. I couldn't be happier for him and I expect him to have continued success at Bowie and beyond.
  9. Oldorioles

    JC Escarra

    I went to almost every Ironbirds home game last year and JC is definitely someone to watch who can hit for average and power. He's a leader on the field and a very athletic first basemen. In high school, he mainly played third base. When he got to college, they had him switch to catcher. After attending Florida International, the O's moved him to first base, so he's quite versatile. BTW - couldn't be a nicer guy as well, great attitude. Unfortunately, for JC, when he was drafted the O's went with Seamus Curran and Ryan Ripken to man first base at Aberdeen (in 2017), so he had to play in the GCL. Last year, he was promoted to Aberdeen and tore it up - winning the club MVP award. He was old for the league (23 yo), but that's not his fault. You can only do your best where they put you...and he did. Thankfully, the new regime realized his potential and leapfrogged him right to Frederick, where he's already hit two homers in the first five games. I expect his power to show through this year (especially playing half his games at Nymeo field). More and more people are starting to pay attention to this previously underrated gem. Just my $.02.
  10. Brandon Bonilla is on Demarva's IL.
  11. Thanks! Hadn't seen that, but thought it was likely. I imagine Keaton may have the same fate.
  12. So between the guys that weren't invited (because they'll be on a short-season team), the injured, the suspended and the bullpen catchers, I believe that leaves just a few unexplained (or maybe cut): - Love - Woody (possibly transitioning to pitcher) - Putzig (still hurt?) - Keaton - Juvier (I don't remember him being cut, released, or leaving via free agency in the offseason. Did I miss it?)
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