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  1. Looking at the USA report on what they think sensible proposals are that it seems we can get some material pieces back for Manny. If the NYY trade is even close, the O's have to jump all over that deal despite ownership's preferences. I kind of ranked what I thought was best to last. Any opinions or thoughts? 1) NYY Proposal: 3B Miguel Andujar, LHP Jordan Montgomery and LHP Justus Sheffield (minors) 2) LAD Proposal: OF Alex Verdugo, RHP Brock Stewart and RHP Dennis Santana (minors) 3) ATL Proposal: LHP Max Fried and 3B Austin Riley (minors) 4) AZ Proposal: RHP Jon Duplanti
  2. Way to many negative reactions. Folks, Tillman has been great for the O's in the AL East 5 out of 6 years. Just because someone has a bad year doesn't mean they will be awful for the rest of their careers. The same logic goes for Trumbo off a career year getting a nice contract doesn't assure he will lead the league in HRs. This is a real solid deal for $3 million+. Ideally, it would be great to get Lance Lynn but this is an independent decision to sign Tillman. You accumulate as many good players within budget and let's see where the chips fall.
  3. Good signing. no real risk. may be able to contribute.
  4. Good signing. $3 million for Tillman and his track record in the AL East outside of last year is a good deal. I think Tillman will bounce back and be a solid #4 for us. my predictions of a 11-8 record 4.18 ERA. 180 innings. Everyone overreacts to someone who has 1 bad season. It's the same as a player with a career year and expecting a massive contract for one year.
  5. A lot of Mixed feelings out there.
  6. If you had to pick 2.5 years of Sonny Gray or 1.5 years of Zach Britton, which one would you choose? I would probably take Sonny Gray. I was initially disappointed that the O's didn't trade Britton but looking at what the A's got for Sonny (which I really wasn't impressed with) and what they Dodgers gave up for Yu...I don't think anyone offered a TOP TOP guy and if its a #4-10 guys (even with 2)...most likely they won't pan out. I rather keep Britton for 1 more year and either go for it next year or get at least one of those #4-10 guys or better next year.
  7. Personally, as an Orioles fan I don't like the guy. I am sure O'day and others may feel the same way. Without a true #1 leadoff batter - I rather consider Bautista (lifetime .370 OBP) versus Trumbo. Would you give Bautista the same 4 Year $55 Million offer as Trumbo? I think I rather have Bautista than Trumbo for the same deal. Yes, we move down a few picks but we still get to keep a #1. We get same potential power as Trumbo but so much more upside with OBP, Def, and etc. Ii think both Machado, Jones, Davis and Schoop will easily get over 100 RBI's. Also, really helps when your to
  8. joew

    Buck Stuff

    The biggest issue is how can you let your CY pitcher sit?
  9. In do or die, you go with ur best pitcher. If someone holds a gun to your head you worry about him and not the next gunmen. Buck says Britton was fine. No excuses! BAd bad
  10. joew

    Buck Stuff

    You worry about closing the game after you actually get a lead. In do or die, especially as the road team you must use your best pitcher first
  11. joew

    Buck Stuff

    I hate to over react on Buck. But, every place he leaves they win a WS. Buck is great for creating a winning culture but fails to win it being too stubborn.
  12. This makes no sense unless Britton is hurt. You have to pitch him 2 innings. Why would you let him watch someone else blow the game?
  13. Seems like the Nats can't get Miller for Giolito. If this is the case, I think the Orioles should offer O'Day first and see if they bite. If not, I wouldn't mind giving up Brach. The plan would be for Giolito to be in the bullpen to learn. So, yes we may lose some strength in the bullpen but we would gain a potentially huge SP at a relatively low price for years to come that you can't ever get. We can always sign good RPs but we will probably never sign an ace so I think this keeps us contending this year but improves our chances of contending for several more years
  14. So much for Fowler. I hope the O's make the call and see what it would take to bring Nick back. Essentially the same Offer to fowler
  15. Was just debating with a friend ... Dexter for 3 years $35 million + losing a pick or should we have signed Nick to the 4 years $44 million deal Nick's splits: .291 (AVG) .359 (OBP) 14.4 (HR/162 games)) 71.1 (RBIs) 62.3 (BB) 85.7 (SO) 6.3 (SB) 2.6(CS) Dexter's splits: .267 (AVG) .363 (OBP) 8.1 (HR) 36.4 (RBI) 59.4 (BB) 106.3 (SO) 14.3 (SB) 6.6 (CS) I'm starting to agree with my buddy after looking at Nick's stats that we should have resigned him last year. Cost us a pick, 2-3 wins last year, money is a wash since the 's saved last year.
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