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  1. Think I’d rather have Freddy Bynum.
  2. The team that won the World Series carried 12 position players for the majority of the season. I was wondering if teams had that roster flexibility, especially if one group was heavy with non-option able players. Thanks for answering the question.
  3. Since this guy has positional flexibility, I’ll pose my question here. Does the new 26 man roster have conditions on it? In other words, is a team limited in the number of pitchers it can carry? I believe I read something about that, but wasn’t sure if that was the final rule.
  4. I would think he would be on the higher end of the nontender group. But I can’t figure out this 2B market.
  5. This post would have been gold if you ended it with “than I’m doing ok”
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/dodgersway.com/2019/12/03/dodgers-rumors-kevin-gausman/amp/ Dodgers are looking at him.
  7. This is a great article that shows the nuances of the calculation and its limitations, especially on the defense and base running side. But the best part is that it discusses Drungo’s All-American JR House.
  8. The White Sox no attendance game. Good examples mentioned above.
  9. Aaron Sanchez was part of a package that brought back Derek Fisher at the deadline last year.
  10. Minor quibble, but you have him as a top 3 for Washington. I don’t think they would place him above Sanchez, Corbin, and Scherzer. Or at least give up assets to acquire him. They also have Ross, Voth, and Fedde who are out of options. Maybe at the deadline, but I just don’t see the interest there this offseason.
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