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  1. Struck out a guy who reached on WP. Then he got caught stealing.
  2. It’s an A+. No numbers necessary!
  3. Oooo, hell yeah! First individual one of my life. Congrats Means!
  4. Fight the good fight. Get well soon.
  5. Had he gone longer than 73 pitches all season? Only 11 times including every start in the playoffs. It’s very reasonable to think he could have given them 8 innings of scoreless ball without going over his season pitch count high.
  6. I don’t know too much about hockey. But on the radio, they indicated that there was a rift between Ovi and Reirden and that he wants a more accomplished coach as he closes out his career.
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/warriors/should-warriors-ponder-bradley-beal-trade-andrew-wiggins-no-2-pick%3famp This talks about Beal for Wiggins and the number 2 overall. The article indicates that it is lopsided to GS. But they do hold Minnesota’s 2021 pick. Add that in there and I’d be tempted.
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29723620/sources-ravens-cut-trade-earl-thomas-dispute%3fplatform=amp He’s going.
  9. How do you see that playing out? Who do you think GS can land with that pick?
  10. I didn’t realize Heyward’s contract is up this soon. I thought it was a longer deal. So make a proposal from Boston that would be enticing to the Wizards for Beal. I dont think I’d get excited about the 14th and two picks at the end of round 1. Tatum is a stud. You could make an argument that he is top 10 now. I don’t think he is yet either, but he and Brown are a good tandem. I haven’t followed the NBA closely in a long time. So I don’t know what the labor arrangement is now. But isn’t the salary cap expected to decrease next year? So would that make Beal more valuable to the Wizards than the rest of the league? Bird rights and all?
  11. Who do you like on the Celtics outside their top 4? Theis and Smart are good role players. Smart is a good piece on a playoff team. I think they are actually better off with him getting more minutes with Heyward out. Though they lose a scorer. But who else? I like Grant Williams as a guy they can bring along slowly. But their reserves as a group aren’t better than Robinson, Bonga, Brown, and Smith, IMO.
  12. Man, if Giannis went to Dallas. Good night. That would be an unbelievable trio. i just don’t see it in the East. Boston has a good PG, and two/three exciting wings. But not much else. Do they beat OKC, Dallas, Portland, Memphis in a best of 7? I don’t know. Does Toronto? I like Miami and Indiana. But I believe Washington competes with those teams with a healthy Wall, a developing Rui, Beal, and a top 10 pick.
  13. The East is not strong. Brooklyn will be good. Giannis May be out west after a year. I’m open to trading anyone, but I don’t see how collecting multiple high 20s picks makes the team better. Throw out a scenario, and I’ll take a look. How did the Celtics end up with high draft picks in back to back years to get Brown and Tatum?
  14. I think a lot depends on Rui’s development. How many team’s are “in contention” at a given time? This year, are any teams in contention besides LAL, LAC, and Milwaukee?
  15. I like Rui’s potential. If they can get a starter that can compliment him, Beal, and Wall that would be a win. Someone who doesn’t have to have the ball in his hands. With Bryant showing 3-point capability, he doesn’t necessarily have to be a stretch big.
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