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  1. Cal Ripken Statue game. I was there. One of the loudest regular season games I’ve been to.
  2. Yeah, he should be. He’s more of an interior guy than the ones I listed. He may drop some because of his injuries, but he could be an answer for guard.
  3. Arizona had the slowest growth of reported cases among the states this week according to JHU.
  4. I think Jackson has some potential, but I don’t think he’s a good fit for a team like the Ravens who is ready to win now. Isaiah Wilson, Niang, and Hunt would be the guys I’d consider for day 2.
  5. Reynolds, Zimmerman, and Doolittle all played in the same IF at UVA. He also played with the Upton brothers and David Wright in AAU. Now somebody post the sunflower gif.
  6. Of his top 10, maybe one or two will be there in the second round. Since you guys have Brown, I’d complement him more with a possession type guy as opposed to Ruggs, Hamler, and Reager. I’m confident Jeudy and Lamb will be gone by 28. Jefferson is the only guy left that I’d take in the first if they go WR. Mims or Pittman in the 2nd would be really solid. This is such a deep class for WR, they could get a contributor late.
  7. I don’t think you would need to trade up to get Jackson. He may not be there in the second, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him fall. He’s losing momentum as guys like Ezra Cleveland and Isaiah Wilson are rising. I heard on some podcast that the Browns are hot for Cleveland and may move back to get him later in the first. Pittman in the second would be a good pick. He may fall back to the third, but he’d fit nicely with a late second.
  8. How much you willing to give up to move to get to 10-15? Browns, Jets, and Bucs (10, 11, 14) will be interested in OT. I do like Hunt a lot.
  9. This class is so freaking deep at receiver. I really Jeudy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the best WR ends up coming out of the third through fifth rounds like Michael Thomas. Guys I like who could still be around in the third or later are Bryan Edwards (South Carolina); KJ Hamler (PSU); Michael Pittman (USC); KJ Hill (OSU); Isaiah Hodgkins (Oregon St) and Isaiah Coulter (Rhode Island) — could get this guy in the seventh.
  10. Look at those complete games! 17 combined. Only two AL guys had as many as three in 2019.
  11. Queen was available then and it gave me an A- for the selection there. Ruiz is likely to be gone there, but he was available and I had to take him. There are other guards in the third to fifth round range that I like. Gibson would thrive with OC, IMO. He’s not a receiver as much as a “weapon.” Puts a ton of speed on the field with him, Jackson, and Brown.
  12. I did a simulation on first-pick without trades and came away with this: Queen ILB LSU Ruiz C/OG Michigan Davis-Gaither - OLB App St Davis - DT/DE Alabama Gandy-Golden WR Liberty Driscoll - OT Auburn McFarland - RB Maryland Gibson - WR Memphis Robinson CB - Tulsa
  13. Riley was one of the first ones that jumped out to me. The ones mentioned before make a lot sense nationally. Locally, to the OH, I remember a ton of buzz with Val Majewski. As in on the same plane as Markakis.
  14. Bengals - Burrow Redskins - Young Lions - Derrick Brown Giants - Simmons Dolphins - Tagovailoa Chargers - Becton Panthers - Kinlaw Cardinals - Willis Jags - Jeudy Browns - McKinney Jets - Okudah Raiders - Ruggs Vikings - Thomas Bucs - Wirfs Broncos - Lamb Falcons - Fulton Cowboys - Henderson Dolphins - Chaisson Raiders - Murray Jags - Delpit Eagles - Epenesa 49ers - Terrell Patriots - Gross-Matos 49ers - Ruiz Dolphins - Josh Jones Seahawks - Baun Ravens - Shenault Titans - Uche Packers - Cleveland 49ers - Swift Chiefs - Diggs
  15. Agreed. I just haven’t seen him mocked past the 4th. Guys can slide though. That would be tremendous value in the 5th or later.
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