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  1. After the trades, the Nationals have added 10 players to their top 30. They’ve gone from the worst farm system to a middle of the road one in 24-48 hours.
  2. Edwin Jackson will pitch for team USA in Tokyo. Wished Adam Jones and Matt Wieters joined him.
  3. The league is in the wrong, too. I definitely agree with that. But I still believe that Roberts is being weak here (and I generally like Roberts). Bauer is the one with the most blame for putting everyone in this situation.
  4. One can interpret that as the league is mandating that they start him. Or that the Dodgers went to the league and asked “what do we do here.” And the league said you can start him while we investigate. The latter is more realistic to me. Doesn’t prevent Roberts from being able to say, you know, these allegations are horrific. Perhaps I have Bauer sit out a start or two while we get more information.
  5. The league gets to dictate who manager plays?
  6. But it’s not out of Roberts’ hands. He can still make the choice not to start him. And he should, imo. Pretty pedestrian move by Roberts.
  7. 🤣 Pretty sure SD hates having their best team this century. Jealousy is a poor look. Sad.
  8. You can’t pitch him on Sunday if you are Roberts and the Dodgers.
  9. It was over 1M more than 2019 attendance…and like 2.46M more than 2020 attendance. 😳
  10. Girardi is a “con man”. — Mike Rizzo. Shots fired.
  11. Average WAR for a HOF 3B is 69. Nice. Manny is a tick below 43 at 28 years old. Not too difficult to see him get well into the 70s.
  12. Severino was actually going over to back up first as the run down was between first and second. The pitcher, who was not involved in the rundown, should have been covering third. This video has a good overhead look. https://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=31647796 Galvis does a poor job of giving the ball up too early. Franco didn’t get to second in time, though there really isn’t too much he could do about that. Actually, in a rundown, you should follow your throw so Mancini should have been going to second while Galvis was chasing Ramirez back to first. He instead went to first
  13. I guess Nate James left for Austin Peay one season too early.
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