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  1. backwardsk

    2019 Atlanta Braves

    Didn’t they go into the offseason with Acuna, Inciarte, Nick, and Duvall? This move puts two of those last three on the bench. Riley can also play LF. Third base is still uncertain.
  2. They weren’t really stopping Henry in the first half. He had 60+ yards and a TD with about 6 minutes left. They went up 17-7. The key for KC was they had a quick three and out late in the first half and got the ball back to take the lead. Tennessee only had the ball for one possession which stalled on that holding penalty that was thrown as soon as the ball was snapped. KC went up two scores in the 4th and Tennessee couldn’t run. I haven’t seen anyone criticize Reid for going for it on 4th down trailing by 10.
  3. Is she a teacher? Just curious as there are not too many places that offer pensions anymore. And those that do teach, the structure of those pensions have changed from when my mother taught.
  4. Been a good first half so far. KC is going to need a quick stop if they want to take the lead.
  5. I’m not sure where I’m coming down on this cheating scandal, but I love the run that Jomboy is getting. https://apple.news/Ajlbv7BIOTkO0Ek35HjpfDQ
  6. Anyone check this out yet?
  7. He has become a sad, pathetic caricature.
  8. Brosius’ son was saying yesterday that Trout does have an exemption.
  9. Tried to find it. Couldn’t. What did he say about Trout? Was it similar to what Brosius was claiming yesterday?
  10. The NFL wants a repeat of SB I for its 100th season. Chiefs and Packers —————————-/————- Chiefs -7.5 Packers + 7.5 Chiefs under 51.5
  11. This has been a wild day. Dirty laundry is being aired. Heavy accusations. Burner accounts. Check out what Scott Brosius’ son is claiming.
  12. That’s pretty strong to have that 50% (if it was just you), the IRA, and SS. You seem to be set up well. Congrats. As you mentioned, pensions are scarce these days with more reliance on individual accounts. I’m trying to use real estate as the third rung of my plan: 401k, RE, and SS.
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