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  1. Probably not. Most, if not all, of those guys are dead. They sure as hell are not in a position to throw games today.
  2. So, for those who didn’t want to lose Flacco, would you be willing to trade Denver a 4th rounder to get him back?
  3. Cut the cord. But then stagger your free trials of Sling and YouTube tv to watch the playoffs before the World Series. Or pay one month of sling for $25
  4. Why was the new stadium built in NJ if the city is doing well?
  5. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But think about how much better off the team would have been if they traded away Rendon and Scherzer in June.
  6. Corbin was dealing last night. He got squeezed in the fourth. Martinez and Molina were the only ones that had really good swings. He made Goldschmidt look like Chris Davis. I’d set it up as Scherzer, Sanchez, Strasburg, Corbin. — so Strasburg is there for game 7. Corbin can be a Loogy in games 1, 2, 6, or 7. Scherzer could also give an inning in game 7.
  7. Loooonnnng first inning for Severino, but he escapes with 1 run on 36 pitches.
  8. Could get dicey if Houston knocks out Severino early.
  9. I read that Della Donne was supposed to throw out the first pitch, but it was Parker Staples, a Make-a-Wish child. Maybe she throws it out tomorrow night.
  10. Different stadium. Different effect.
  11. Obviously, we’ll stay away from politics. Trump declined an invitation to throw out the first pitch in the home opener in 2017, citing scheduling conflicts. For this postseason, Aaron Barrett threw out the first pitch for the WC game. Medal of Honor recipient David Bellavia did it for game 3 NLDS. Alex Ovechken game 4. WNBA star Elena Delle Donne will throw out game 3 of the NLCS. I would not expect to see Trump or Pence do it.
  12. The shadows really affected game 2 of the Nationals/Cardinals game. That’s an extremely tough situation to hit in.
  13. They remind me a little of the early 90s Braves. They have some really exciting young talent and you know they have the ability to spend.
  14. Is there a chapter about the time when he beat Tech in Blacksburg?
  15. People like to point to high first round picks - Strasburg, Rendon, and Harper as reasons why the Nationals are good. But they also had big successes with international FAs -Soto, Robles, Suero. They’ve kept the homegrown star- Zimmerman instead of letting him walk like Markakis. He doesn’t live up to his contract, but that doesn’t prevent them from going after 9 figure free agents like Corbin. They make trades on both sides of the equation—pitching prospects for Eaton, Souza for Turner, and they swap a late arbitration number 4 starter for Sanchez and move Roark for a young BP arm who got two big outs last night. They lose trade after trade on relievers, but don’t quit trying and end up with Doolittle and Hudson. They match youth with “old” FAs on short deals-Adams, Kendrick, and Dozier. Rizzo uses all avenues to acquire talent to make his team better. His moves don’t always work out, but it doesn’t discourage him from trying them again to get better results. They’ve also stayed competitive with guys entering FAs and don’t panic about trading them early. They let them walk, collect the pick, and replace them.
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