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  1. Freddie Freeman reported to camp and tested negative. Now he has it and is “not doing great” and “will be out for some time” according to his manager.
  2. Too soon. Too soon. If they don’t do a Prince-like symbol, they should look into: D.C Lakers - No lakes in L.A. No lakes in D.C. D.C. Jazz - Makes more sense than Utah being the hometown of Duke Ellington D.C. Patriots - why should New England have a monopoly on loving America Washington SuperSonics - eat it, Seattle.
  3. Well, it’s happening. Don’t like it. But it’s inevitable now. There are 1 or 2 suggestions that I don’t mind/kind of like. Might end up buying the Super Bowl DVDs before they get pulled from streaming.
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/FabianArdaya/status/1279074288478244864 Trout is not a definite to play.
  5. Four guys, so far. Three of them, yeah. Joe Ross, not so much. So he hasn’t really made much relatively. He’s made around $2M in his career. Made a $1M last year. Was supposed to make $1.5M this year, but with the proration, he’s only giving up $556k.
  6. You’re correct. It was Stargell. I played a game on Sporcle last week and I thought that Aaron had done it. Not true. He led the NL in the 60s. Going back and looking at it, Aaron had the most homers over the course of the 60 and 70s, but not the 70s alone. 20s Ruth 30s Foxx 40s Williams 50s Snider 60s Killebrew 70s Stargell 80s Schmidt 90s McGwire 00s Rodriguez 10s Cruz
  7. If you are looking for live sports, The Basketball Tournament starts this weekend and the games are on ESPN. I was checking out the website (which is only partially updated as far as I can tell). From scanning the rosters, it looks like Diamond Stone, Dez Wells, and Damonte Dodd are playing.
  8. Did Aaron do it twice? I’m pretty sure he led the NL in the 60s and 70s, but am not sure if he led the majors both times.
  9. The deal evens out in 2035. His 5.9M invested in 2000 equals the sum of his payments plus interest. What I didn’t know is that he gets an additional $500k through 2029. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29388441/bobby-bonilla-day-why-mets-pay-119-million-today-every-july-1%3fplatform=amp
  10. If you could create a line up of your favorite players as a kid, how would it look? Henderson 7 Gwynn 9 Ripken 6 Murray DH Mattingly 3 Sandberg 4 Brett 5 Santiago 2 Eric Davis 8 Maddux, R Johnson, Smoltz Favorite pre-childhood lineup (after listening to my grandfather) Mays 8 Morgan 4 Musial 7 Gehrig 3 Robinson 9 Robinson 5 Bench 2 Banks 6 Feller/Spahn/Gibson
  11. I guess late July to late September is only two months and not three. My brain has atrophied during this lockdown.
  12. Why would it have to be every third day? Aren’t they trying to play 60 games in 100ish days? Or are they starting the playoffs earlier?
  13. I was confirming your point about players withdrawing. I read that they (Leake) are not getting paid. However, they should have received a partial advance in March. Don’t know if teams will try to claw that back.
  14. He should be getting his pro rated salary (60/162) of his salary.
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