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  1. Chad Curtis is who I was thinking of when I was looking up Chuck Knoblauch. Both scumbags.
  2. Post career. Not too good. I do remember him hitting a bomb and taking a looongg trip around the bases. When questioned about it, he quipped “what the hell do you want me to do? Sprint?” Always found that comical.
  3. Thanks for sharing. Eugene Freedman is a great lawyer name, btw.
  4. backwardsk

    Roy Halladay Died

  5. I listened to Nick Sundberg on a podcast. He is the player rep for the Redskins. He shared a detail of the negotiations for the NFL. He said that the owners proposed that if a player tests positive for COVID-19 they would go on a non football related injury list for a minimum of 14 days. The problem is that, unlike injured reserve, the player doesn’t get paid when on the non football related injury list. I’m curious as to how the MLB proposal handles this.
  6. I just came across this. And the line, Let’s go steal some beer, inspired me to reach out to an ole high school buddy.
  7. You heard The Banjo Story?
  8. The players, according to Clark, agreed to that back in March. The owners came back and said they wanted them to take less. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mlb-player-salary-an-increasing-concern-for-league-union-ahead-of-potential-2020-season-report-says/amp/
  9. That’s what I thought. Yet, the players are framed as the greedy ones. Have GMs salaries been halved for this season?
  10. Were the players vocal about not agreeing to the prorated salaries on games played when things were first delayed in March?. Or did they (led by the Tampa pitcher) start publicly complaining when the owners said they should get a prorated salary minus a share of lost revenue? I honestly don’t remember people complaining in March, but I admit I wasn’t paying too much attention to that.
  11. I think I came across that link in another forum last week. Yes, it’s quite informative and gives the reader good guidance. I’m glad I read it.
  12. Instead of being a hitting coach, perhaps he could be private tutor. That way you avoid the 162 game grind with the travel. He could give back to the game that way. Jomboy Media is putting out great content.
  13. Did she go out with you afterwards? I broke a 2nd base girls arm in intramurals in college. I hit left handed and smoked a one hopper of her harm. She puked. She did not go out with me afterwards.
  14. I posted it in the former O’s thread on the MLB page.
  15. So they want the players to haver their salaries cut in half, I can see that. But then cut it again to split revenue, so you are then cut another 30-40%. Sign a $10M contract and get paid $3M. That’s tough. But then on top of that, you are telling them they can’t have groupies at the hotel????? And they can’t spit? Rough times.
  16. It’s retroactive to 2020 hires and it affects the first round. With the first pick of the 2021 draft, the Redskins select Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson.
  17. https://apple.news/ALF3_Jc7lRAakIeT9C4VSug Warm story about the late Jerry Stiller.
  18. Just as long as Bobby Bonilla gets his $1M, then I’m good. Chen might be one of the highest paid players this season along with Prince Fielder and Jacoby Ellsbury. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/.amp/extra-mustard/2020/05/14/rangers-prince-fielder-contract-2020-salary
  19. The Quinton Dunbar trade is looking much better this morning. 😳
  20. If there aren’t going to be fans, what’s the motivation to play in a home park? Why not just have it at the Spring Training facilities and cut down on travel? I know there won’t be the East coast to LA to Sea to Bal type travel in this arrangement, but why bother playing games in late September in Michigan, Minnesota, Massachusetts, etc?
  21. Former O Andrew Miller representing the MLBPA https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2890959-andrew-miller-says-mlb-players-up-for-anything-thats-safe-in-covid-19-return.amp.html
  22. Does this talk about Toronto in particular? I’ve read that traveling across the border could be an issue. And when I say “read”, I mean I saw a headline. lol.
  23. A cloth mask doesn’t really help protect you as an N95 mask, but it does a good job of preventing you from spreading it. For example, if I don’t have it and wear a cloth mask and you have it and don’t wear a mask, I’m not really that safe. Safer than not wearing anything, but not really safe. However, if you are wearing a cloth mask, and I’m wearing a cloth mask, we have a significantly less chance of passing it to each other. The messaging about masks has been pretty poor from the beginning. I believe this stems from a fear of a run on N95 masks which should be prioritized for hospital staff and first responders. You and I don’t need wear them. But if we each wear a cloth mask when we are around each other then we can protect both of us. Unlike the flu, this virus can be and is passed prior to showing symptoms. Wearing masks is a simple way to decrease/slow the spread. There’s a pretty good diagram that shows how effective wearing masks is, but I can’t find it. This article explains it better than I have. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sciencenewsforstudents.org/article/covid-19-face-masks-help-stop-spread/amp
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