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  1. I’d probably push Mullins up a little over some of the guys who have accumulated more WAR over more seasons (like Givens).
  2. You’re Kris Bryant. The Orioles offer you 6/180. The Giants offer you 6/174. You’re going to the Orioles deal over the Giants?
  3. Rice would have played if he was younger and more effective at the time of the assault. Kareem Hunt was on camera kicking a woman and he’s still playing.
  4. Now I’m a little more clear on what you mean. Wasn’t sure if you meant lead FAs will come here at market rates or they won’t have payroll flexibility. Putting the idea that those guys would be willing to come here to the side, I do think it’s year 3-6 that would hurt this team. Do you see them carrying multiple $100M deals when they (hopefully) are on the verge of extending R&R? I think they could be capable, but I believe they’ll use it as an excuse for half-measures instead of going all-in if the core develops. I always felt that the Davis deal didn’t have to affect a Mach
  5. Agreed. 130-140 games is appropriate if he’s up day 1.
  6. I mean, Heimlich pled guilty. He is, in fact, a criminal.
  7. Harrison is guy you may be able to get if they overpay a little. I’m talking 1yr/4-5M. He has more value to a competitive team that can use him in a utility role, IMO. If we offered him $1M and other teams offer him spring invites, I can see him going for a Spring invite. If he’s offered $1M from competitive clubs, and we offer him $4M, he may consider us. These other guys being discussed (Correa, Bryant, Seager, Baez, etc) aren’t coming here unless we massively overbid. Why would they want to come here? They’ll have other offers. And if we do overbid, then we won’t have the payrol
  8. Imagine the homeruns they’ll give up on that little field.
  9. Story, Seager, Baez, Correa. Which one will be the best when they are in their 30s?
  10. This year’s free agent crops will absolutely love a $100M floor. At first glance, the reduction of cap and increase of tax actually seems like that would help deep pocket teams like NYY and LAD. I think SG mentioned it before, but MLB should really look into what the NBA does in terms of Bird rights and such to help keep stars in town.
  11. He does not have a no trade clause according to 2019 articles before he was traded. Evidently they were close with Cincinnati on a deal.
  12. I’ve seen no indication that they are looking to shed salary. Hell, they paid Cole Hamels $1M to not pitch for them while trading for Scherzer and Turner. Their pitching has been plagued by injuries. Price helps them win which they are trying to do. Next year, May is out for a large chunk of the season and Scherzer could end up leaving. I just don’t see them eager to get rid of Price for nothing.
  13. What would the Dodgers want/need from us for them to give us Price? Who do we have that would make them better that they couldn’t just go out and get in FA?
  14. I’ll bite. Besides Rutschman and Rodriguez, what assets do they have to trade to make the MLB product better? Someone may want Mullins, but would the return outweigh his production in any meaningful way?
  15. Ryu was also coming off an injury plagued year and a bit older. But, yeah, his resume is better that Ray’s. I’m not taking into consideration that the owners may do some “lite-collusion” and keep FA prices down prior to a labor fight.
  16. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets 5/100. This isn’t an outstanding FA crop for SP. You don’t have Cole/Strasburg blowing up the top end of the market so bigger pocket teams will be in play. Ryu got 4/80 as a 32 year old. Wheeler 115M.
  17. They are not going to give Robby Ray the 9 figure contract needed to land him.
  18. Appears to be a pattern with this guy. A woman in Ohio is making similar claims.
  19. After the trades, the Nationals have added 10 players to their top 30. They’ve gone from the worst farm system to a middle of the road one in 24-48 hours.
  20. Edwin Jackson will pitch for team USA in Tokyo. Wished Adam Jones and Matt Wieters joined him.
  21. The league is in the wrong, too. I definitely agree with that. But I still believe that Roberts is being weak here (and I generally like Roberts). Bauer is the one with the most blame for putting everyone in this situation.
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