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  1. So if he’s not in jail does Houston pick him up? Or would he not be eligible for the postseason? Horrible situation for Pittsburgh and MLB.
  2. There are too many pieces on defense for it to be this bad. Just very vanilla giving the QB a clean pocket to make the deep throw. I am surprised that Dallas didn’t attack Rodgers-Cromartie more often. If they don’t make the playoffs (insert joke here), then Gruden is likely out. Todd Bowles is the guy I want.
  3. Three teams still involved with two weeks left. The Cardinals are losing their grip on the lead. One WC team will likely come from the division with an outside possibility that two make it.
  4. Just noticed O’Day is pitching again. Think it’s his third appearance. Love that guy.
  5. Elias is the unnamed ex-Astro in the first article, right? If I was an owner, I would invest in a complex for my minor leaguers. Set up a dorm-like environment with a cafeteria and let them live there year round. If they aren’t going to get paid, provide their food and shelter so they can develop without the stress of trying to figure out how to live or eat.
  6. Max was really good in Atlanta this weekend. If he does similar tomorrow and his next turn, he should be the guy. But you’re right that they’ll likely clinch a WC spot without a chance to catch Atlanta with about a week to go. I’d actually pair Corbin with Scherzer to have a lefty/righty effect. As unreliable as their bullpen has been, I wonder if Martinez will lean on his starters in a one-game playoff. I see that they didn’t use Doolittle to close last night.
  7. Seconded. i think the only Prime originals we got into were this and Maisel. We tried Man in the High Castle, but lost interest in the second season.
  8. You’re correct. Thomas was inactive on Sunday. They also have Dorsett who scored 2 TDS and an UDFA Meyers that they are high on. So not the name brand all-stars from mid-decade, but a capable group.
  9. Devastating loss for the Brewers as Yelich is out for the year.
  10. McGregor is staying with the team in an alumni relations capacity. Sad to see Maduro and Minor go. Hope they land somewhere soon.
  11. I wouldn’t want to put my two point plays on tape. Harmon had a pair of catches and Moreland did well getting a lot of Morneau’s snaps. You’re right, Sweat didn’t make any impact plays. He did have one good play where he set the edge on a run, funneled the rb back inside and made the tackle. Other than that he didn’t do much. Scherff and Ioannidis were underwhelming too.
  12. Manusky leaves a lot to be desired. No pass rush. Wentz had a crowhop on that second DJax touchdown. I’ve been a Jay guy because I believe he’s done a good job with the talent he has. But he has to make the playoffs or he’s gone. Despite all that, there was some good things. They look like they may get a lot out this draft class. And Flowers and Penn look somewhat passable.
  13. Wild that they trade for Rosen, while tanking for Tua at the same time. Must be frustrating to be a Dolphins fan.
  14. I was just reading between lines of a Peterson interview I heard. He said something to the effect that it’s not uncommon for guys in his stage of his career to play for multiple teams in a season. He’s proven that he can’t stand being a backup. I do agree that he can still play. But his strength is through a volume of carries to wear down a defense.
  15. Gruden has basically said as much. I would not be surprised to see Peterson leave during the season. I’m excited to see what they have in Guice.
  16. I see a win total line at 6 (+121). I’ll take the over on that. The beginning of the season is tough, the middle is pretty soft. They could start off 0-5, and still end up with 7 wins, IMO. i wouldn’t be afraid of playing Haskins if the line is holding up.
  17. backwardsk

    2019 New York Mets

    Last night was a dagger for them.
  18. This guy used to post here, right? That’s awesome.
  19. How are her kickoffs? Do they have enough distance and hangtime?
  20. Chris Davis not too far behind on the HR list at 255 if the math in my head is correct.
  21. Just finished Sound and the Fury. Then read some more about it. Yeah...I’m not smart enough to understand Faulkner. I’m going to try All the King’s Men this fall.
  22. Good points and comments. A couple questions: What would the likely farm ranking be if we had a 5-10 pick instead of the number 1 overall? And will the new regime get the credit with Santander, or will Duquette? I know that he battled injuries since the Rule V.
  23. The area has really changed in the past three or four years and is getting really nice. Transportation has a really nice office around the corner that has attracted other offices. Then you have the Wharf development nearby and that area has done a 180. Wish I had invested there.
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