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  1. I sit down the line so it's hard to tell. Plus I was there with a friend of mine and his kid. 1st inning was tough with fours hits including a triple. Settled down after that. DP in the 3rd saved him from what could have been a big inning with men on first and second and 1 out. He only walked one and gave up 10 hits so I'm thinking he was getting to much of the plate.
  2. Unfortunately I attended the Tides game last night. Light rain for most of the night. As we all no by now it was a tough night for Penn. Lets hope it was the weather because he looked awful. It also didn't help that the Bison startred 22 year old Aaron Laffey who is probably next in line for a starting rotation spot in Cleveland. He mowed down 5 in 5 innings. Better luck today Norfolk.
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