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  1. The line has gotten me. I just got a positive strep test. At least that's ALL it is and I can stay home until Friday night, and right back out there.
  2. I'm a county employee and have a 25 year retirement. I was very fortunate to start my career at 24. I can walk away at 49, fully vested, with healthcare. I've got 11 years and some change left. In addition to that, I have 17+ years of service in a volunteer fire department that offers a 25 year retirement. Seven and some change and I am fully vested in that and can start collecting at 65 along with SS. I've worked the streets for a long time, but hopefully I wont miss it too bad. I'll take a year or so off and find something else to do until I can start collecting on my other retirements.
  3. MLB hasn't even suspended the Astros players involved in the scandal.
  4. Let's all focus on the quality reports that @Eric-OH is bringing us. I am locking this until another mod overrides me or if there is some type of verified news/update on Trey.
  5. Right?? I wanna know what his favorite flavor of Cap'n Crunch is and why it's peanut butter.
  6. We shall see in 2 or 3 years I guess. And in all years it was the last of his playing career.
  7. I think that Carlos Beltran is going to have a hard time getting into the HoF now.
  8. Cora will be banned for life.
  9. I could totally be the Emergency Operations Consultant for emergencies within the confines of the stadium. I already run a county 911 system 48 hours a week. A stadium 81 times a year would be a different ballgame that I'd like to take on.
  10. Yep. I was right behind you. I was sitting with Scott and LA2. We went absolutely nuts after that play. That was my moment. That's when I realized just how good the Orioles really were. I let myself really believe after that.
  11. AND it was a Hangout game. We went nuts. Orioles came up in the bottom half and walked off on a double off of the scoreboard. Electric.
  12. I think that OC and the Perdue family keep the Orioles in Salisbury. I bet there are plenty of scouts and folks in the FO that love to take a ride to the beach and check up on some prospects.
  13. Umm... I'm gonna need everyone to leave Salisbury out of their negativity.
  14. Somebody FINALLY got it! 😂
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