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  1. Meanwhile, I'm over here in Salisbury like 👀... Seriously though, Salisbury is the only Orioles presence on the shore. Strategically, I would think it is smart to keep that presence here. There is a very solid fanbase here. Many people from all over like to catch a game here when they vacation in OC. Arthur W. Perdue is also a nice facility and they have been investing into it over the years. They added a boardwalk two years ago that goes from pole to pole, meaning you can grab a beer or two and catch the game from center at a single A game. Not many minor league teams have that type of facility. Salisbury was a good choice to keep.
  2. That second shot landed at Nick Tahou’s in Rochester.
  3. I am a supervisor at a 911 center and a paid part-time and volunteer firefighter/EMT. I understand the feelings that Tony has regarding his son. I work very closely with law enforcement and they have saved my ass more times than I care to recollect. What I can't relate to is being a person of color. A few months ago I was hurt on an EMS call when I was attempting to transfer a very large COVID positive patient to our stretcher. I may never be able to perform in that capacity ever again. 17 years on the job and now I cant feel most of my right foot because of a spinal injury. I'm an active person, so I've been driving for Uber while I'm going through physical therapy. It was that or drive my wife crazy being home so much. In the short time I've been driving, I have met so many people from so many different walks of life. Sure, I met the same people that I met through the fire service, but that was under very different circumstances. This is real conversation from people who aren't in distress. The main thing that I've learned is that every single one of us want the same thing. If Tony decides to shut down, I will miss Moose's mom most of all. Be safe. Take care of yourselves and your neighbors.
  4. The line has gotten me. I just got a positive strep test. At least that's ALL it is and I can stay home until Friday night, and right back out there.
  5. I'm a county employee and have a 25 year retirement. I was very fortunate to start my career at 24. I can walk away at 49, fully vested, with healthcare. I've got 11 years and some change left. In addition to that, I have 17+ years of service in a volunteer fire department that offers a 25 year retirement. Seven and some change and I am fully vested in that and can start collecting at 65 along with SS. I've worked the streets for a long time, but hopefully I wont miss it too bad. I'll take a year or so off and find something else to do until I can start collecting on my other retirements.
  6. MLB hasn't even suspended the Astros players involved in the scandal.
  7. Let's all focus on the quality reports that @Eric-OH is bringing us. I am locking this until another mod overrides me or if there is some type of verified news/update on Trey.
  8. Right?? I wanna know what his favorite flavor of Cap'n Crunch is and why it's peanut butter.
  9. We shall see in 2 or 3 years I guess. And in all years it was the last of his playing career.
  10. I think that Carlos Beltran is going to have a hard time getting into the HoF now.
  11. Cora will be banned for life.
  12. I could totally be the Emergency Operations Consultant for emergencies within the confines of the stadium. I already run a county 911 system 48 hours a week. A stadium 81 times a year would be a different ballgame that I'd like to take on.
  13. Yep. I was right behind you. I was sitting with Scott and LA2. We went absolutely nuts after that play. That was my moment. That's when I realized just how good the Orioles really were. I let myself really believe after that.
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