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  1. John Means is good. Hig change and FB have the same release point. He is a solid #3 who will be our OD starter next year.
  2. I've wondered a few times this year what Ryan Minor would have been able to do with the 2019 roster in Salisbury. He only had two winning years here, but never won more than 73. I've met him a few times and had some good conversations with him. He has always been approachable and nice. Even gave me the lineup card after a game one night. Ryan, if you're reading this, I wish you the best, and thank you for 1997. You and Pick straight raked that year. It was a treat to watch that clinic night after night.
  3. Maybe you're right? You're always right. I literally just turned the game on to see that. I have no clue what happened beforehand.
  4. Maybe this is a reaction to Hyde throwing the team under the bus?
  5. I turned the TV on just to see it go down. No idea what happened before.
  6. You need to be told exactly how well you're doing your job. Good, medium good, or terrible, it should be handled in private. I don't like reprimanding anyone on my shift, but I do what I have to do to make sure they do the job right. I would never do it in public unless I had to correct an immediate action that would endanger the public or themselves.
  7. I wasn't in the game thread, but I watched it until the end. I was at work last night, so I especially love west coast trips when I'm on nights.
  8. The first time EVER that a position player recorded a save. Crazy.
  9. The poster was "bumping" the thread back up to the front. You cant enter a blank reply, so he typed "letters."
  10. Bowie's website has him listed as temporarily inactive.
  11. I don't either as long as it stays on topic.
  12. Okay, it's time to get this thread back on topic. This is a good thread that is about to be locked.
  13. I'll tell you why I like and enjoy the Hangout: The actual friendships that I've made through this place. I joined on this very day TWELVE years ago. In that twelve years I've made some pretty cool friends that transitioned offline and met a bunch of folks. I've had countless conversations with @RevOlution that helped me get through an awful breakup in the past. I've since gotten married and have 3 amazing daughters. Rev helped me get through that. I've taken my family to meet @weams and @justD for breakfast on our way to Rochester. I've pounded brewskies with @Dipper9 in Pittsburgh and we keep up with each other. @ScottieBaseball and I trade Mike Tyson memes on Facebook and we keep up with each other. Tony and I will banter on Facebook. He will never admit when I'm right. He's worse than my wife. Doesn't get any better than that if you ask me. I will always appreciate OH for what it is.
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