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  1. We shall see in 2 or 3 years I guess. And in all years it was the last of his playing career.
  2. I think that Carlos Beltran is going to have a hard time getting into the HoF now.
  3. Cora will be banned for life.
  4. I could totally be the Emergency Operations Consultant for emergencies within the confines of the stadium. I already run a county 911 system 48 hours a week. A stadium 81 times a year would be a different ballgame that I'd like to take on.
  5. Yep. I was right behind you. I was sitting with Scott and LA2. We went absolutely nuts after that play. That was my moment. That's when I realized just how good the Orioles really were. I let myself really believe after that.
  6. AND it was a Hangout game. We went nuts. Orioles came up in the bottom half and walked off on a double off of the scoreboard. Electric.
  7. I think that OC and the Perdue family keep the Orioles in Salisbury. I bet there are plenty of scouts and folks in the FO that love to take a ride to the beach and check up on some prospects.
  8. Umm... I'm gonna need everyone to leave Salisbury out of their negativity.
  9. Somebody FINALLY got it! 😂
  10. Doctors and Denny's management hate him because of this one simple trick...
  11. So you're a kinda sorta Bundy fan then?
  12. Why would they even run that kind of investment back out there then? He might be hiding it, but not them.
  13. Have you seen Hays celebrate every time he does something? No. I know you don't mean to come across as harsh as you are right now, but you kinda are. He's a kid who was caught in the moment.
  14. Maybe we were seeing it with Cashner? Funny how the wheels fell off as soon as he left. Maybe we're seeing it with Means? Mancini? And Salisbury? Bowie?
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