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  1. I'm glad the D'backs played hard in the last game of the season and didn't mail it in. Was nice to see both they and the O's playing to win and not tanking for the pick. Glad we got it, though.
  2. Was having the exact same thought. I feel like these guys double clutch too much and to my eyes, they look like they don't have particularly strong arms.
  3. 40 something win teams aren't playing with high leverage. 😉
  4. Tony posted his scouting report (defense included) on the first page. I'm not sure if that info has changed much since last month to be honest, I've never seen him play.
  5. If we truly believe Mullins is this guy, I would probably hold on to him unless I was really freaking blown away. He's not a FA until 2026, right? He's young enough to be a part of a winning team if they do it right.
  6. Astro's will probably go on a tear now. They had to show they can be beaten by a bad team before the magic returns. *sarcasm*
  7. Agreed, but it does help people recover stolen jewelry which is always nice.
  8. Do you have to report every transaction to the PD in MD? Some places in NY you have to and they have to denote if it's a buyback. 99% of the transactions are not, they are items new in boxes that after a 10 day period they are sold on eBay. Sorry for the derail, but it might be for the best lol. I do agree some people are just down on their luck and that's sad, but the vast majority are repeat sellers here. It's amazing how many TV's and tools they have lying around new in boxes.
  9. It's still funny to me that people will sell a 1-3k TV for 50 bucks.
  10. He'd make a decent opener if teams are still doing that type of things. He's okay 1 time through the order.
  11. The ones in my city here in NY pay about 10% of the value of the gold they buy. They do that to mitigate the probably that the item is going to be taken by the police because it was stolen and they don't want to lose their shirts. It's funny watching them buy 80" flatscreen TV's for 50 bucks too.
  12. Part of baseball not appealing to more young kids is likely due to the fact that it's nearly impossible, unlike football or basketball to get drafted and become an impact player right away. The roll of the dice is pretty huge, and some guys would rather try for the millions and play time right away rather than toiling around in the MiL for years.
  13. I prefer those to the Often-Beaten topics.
  14. Bill Burr does a bit on this and every time this happens all I can think of his standup about this very issue.
  15. Happy Thanksgiving. 

    1. Malike


      Thank you my friend. Happy thanks giving to you and D!

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