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  1. Part of baseball not appealing to more young kids is likely due to the fact that it's nearly impossible, unlike football or basketball to get drafted and become an impact player right away. The roll of the dice is pretty huge, and some guys would rather try for the millions and play time right away rather than toiling around in the MiL for years.
  2. I prefer those to the Often-Beaten topics.
  3. I'll probably catch flack, but I barely post anymore anyway. You'd barely even know that there were other people who died on that helicopter with all of the coverage going to Kobe and his family. There are a lot of people who looked up to the folks on that helicopter as much as NBA fans did to Kobe. Any loss of life is sad, and I am one of those people that hold all of that loss equally. Kobe's life was no more important than my father's, or the homeless vet who died on the streets last week due to the cold. He was good at basketball. Lots of people are really good at other things and die every day and are equally as important. This is why I refuse to deify any athlete. They are no more important than us Common Joe's.
  4. Bill Burr does a bit on this and every time this happens all I can think of his standup about this very issue.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving. 

    1. Malike


      Thank you my friend. Happy thanks giving to you and D!

  6. I'm no rocket surgeon, but I'm having trouble trying to reconcile how a 21 year old will be 25 if he plays 2 full seasons in the minors. I mean, I understand almost everything about the O's is stressful but it would add two full years to his age?
  7. Because exceptional talent is rare and is more often rewarded?
  8. Sorry kids, Daddy can't hug you or tuck you in tonight because you might get me sick. That would go over well in most households.
  9. There was nothing to spend the money on. I feel like you are shouting to be heard for some reason. This is the biggest non move of the entire off-season and you are implying that Elias does not have control because of your weird agenda that gets forced down our throats. a lot.
  10. The Yankees have some premium talent, though. For Tate to be ranked 10th in a fat system and 17th in a pretty skinny one says something to me.
  11. Tate was 10th in the Yankees system. Our system is much deeper than people thought.
  12. You don't know his title yet, or do you know something the rest of us don't?
  13. Maybe the hold up in announcing it is Elias ensuring that he's going to have final say. I suspect he's not coming here to be a puppet and that's not what they expect of him. Hell, maybe Brady had something to do with the hire. We'll find out soon enough.
  14. If the sons were like the dad, Elias wouldn't have been hired.
  15. Malike

    Hideo Nomo

    I was at the game in Colorado in 96 when he no-hit them.
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